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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Tuesday, 7th September, 2021)

Chippy Tay

Chippy Tay
Market Street, Wigan. The New Chippery.

Photo: Dennis Seddon  (Sony DSC-WX500)
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Comment by: Derek Platt on 7th September 2021 at 02:03

Good photo as usual Dennis. Now if that's the chippie that had the fire, I've been in there a couple of times when visiting family. It's a great chippie.

Comment by: walt (nth Yorkshire) on 7th September 2021 at 07:45

Dennis, there was no better chippy than Doris Eck's on a Friday night, chippy tae, I can remember fish n chips wrapped in Lancashire evening post, cost 1/6d, last week I was in Whitby, it cost £8 for fish n chips take away. Grand photo is that Dennis.

Comment by: Veronica on 7th September 2021 at 08:17

Nobody does fish and chips like the British. This one is very popular. Reminds me of years ago when 'chip shops' were on nearly every street built in the front room of terraced houses. The main one for my family was Isaac's on Vauxhall Rd. the building is still there but is a house again. I can see it in my mind's eye if I walk past these days with its bench along one wall and Mr and Mrs Isaac serving behind the high counter dressed in spotless white overalls. " A sixpenny mixture please."

Comment by: Linma on 7th September 2021 at 09:09

Went in there a few weeks ago, very good.

Comment by: Dennis Seddon on 7th September 2021 at 09:10

Walt, my grandma lived next door to Doris Eck's on Scot Lane, Aspull.
When me and my brothers went to visit, grandma would send me next door for a 10d bag of chips for our dinner (a normal bag was 6 old pence and a large bag was 10 old pence). A big bag was more than enough to feed me and my brothers.
Trouble was I was very small and the counter was very tall! So Doris couldn't see me and I couldn't see Doris. Fortunately, there was a Del Boy flap at the end of the counter that was lower down, so I jumped up and down there to make my presence felt.
Doris Eck's chips and fresh bread and real butter! I can taste them now as I write.

Comment by: Veronica on 7th September 2021 at 09:37

I'd forgotten about the "Del boyflap " Dennis at the end of the counter. I remember the tall tin salt pots as well , all the little 'uns were served at the low down flap. ;o))

Comment by: Edna on 7th September 2021 at 09:40

I remember Isaac's, Veronica. Been in there a few times.The one near to us when I was growing up, was Winstanley's in Caunce St. Ruth and Ellen.Nice photo Dennis, good chippy.

Comment by: irene robertsI on 7th September 2021 at 09:55

Good photo, Dennis. That is a really good chippy and very reasonably priced. We sometimes go and sit in for a treat rather than a take-away. I can remember Maggie Sott's chippy in Ince when I was a little girl; the chippy-lady used to fashion a little paper bag out of a piece of newspaper to hold a "six" (sixpennyworth), of chips. What a silly fuss there has been since about chips having to be wrapped in plain white paper.....has anyone on Wigan World ever caught any harm through eating them out of newspaper? We are all still here so it can't have dome much harm! Like Veronica, I can recall sitting on a long wooden bench awaiting my turn....the chippy people often lent out the bench if someone was having a children's birthday party and didn't have enough chairs! People used to queue up carrying their own basin to hold a "mixture" , or two plates covered with a tea-towel to carry home a fish. We are going to Green Lane Chippy Cafe in Leigh for our dinner today as a treat after my appointment at Leigh Infirmary. I will enjoy every calorie!

Comment by: Pat McC on 7th September 2021 at 10:35

I remember my son and his friend, whilst on a school trip to London, going into a fish and chip shop asking for 'pea wet'. The chap serving didn't know what they were talking about.

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 7th September 2021 at 10:40

Good photo Dennis. My go-to was Farrimond's in Church St, Standish, Mary and Bill had them queueing past the doctors. Hope all goes well today Irene :) Enjoy your lunch.

Comment by: Veronica on 7th September 2021 at 11:28

Carney's on Scholefield Lane was another Edna, but she was a bit skinny with the chips!

Comment by: Basil Brush on 7th September 2021 at 12:52

it is a good chippy me and Mrs Brush are never out of there, good food at good prices and easy to get to daily.

Comment by: PeterP on 7th September 2021 at 13:14

Notice that ALL the footpath is used either by tables or the sign? We know the area is a pedestrian zone from 10-00 till 4-00 but people should not have to walk in the road to get past the chippy.

Comment by: Maureen on 7th September 2021 at 13:33

'Meehans' was our chippie down Great George Street,and remember people bringing white bowls for chips and peas,but fish and chips and 'smacks' we're always served in newspaper with a piece of white paper to separate them from the newspaper..and yes there was a bench there.
And just as an aside I used to play with their daughter Maureen,her dog Paddy went everywhere with us..it was only when I met her when we were adults that I realized just how disfigured her face was due to having a kettle of boiling water being spilled over her when she was a baby..isn't that strange,I never saw it when we were children.

Comment by: Linma on 7th September 2021 at 15:37

WN1 Standisher, Friday night tea, Farrimond’s Chippy, queued there many a time. Good chippy.

Comment by: irene robertsI on 7th September 2021 at 16:59

Thankyou WN1 Standisher....I remember Farrimond's Chippy in Standish too. I went regularly when I worked at Richardson's Chemists in the early 1970s. I enjoyed my dinner at Green Lane Chippy very much. All was well at the hospital thankyou. It was just a routine three-yearly mammogram. I almost chickened out as I hate them and it will probably be my last as they only do them between ages 50 and 70 but I saw a photo on facebook of the beautiful young lady from Girls Aloud who has died of breast cancer at 39 and I realised how lucky I am to be offered the test. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Comment by: Gary on 7th September 2021 at 17:33

Walt - I well remember Doris Eckersley's fish and chips. Do you remember Shallikers, corner of Brinsop Street, Bolton Road , Aspull (diagonally opposite the Gerrard Arms) - no fish there, you got "feesh" !
We suffer from Whitby prices here in Whitley Bay. A Whitby firm got the license for the Dome. £16.50 to sit down in the restaurant.

Comment by: Mick on 7th September 2021 at 19:00

That great news for you Irene, Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud dying so young will encourage a lot of people to go and get a mammogram
Ive also dined at the Green lane chippy and its a very good one, I was also impressed with the pot of tea and a little bottles of milk, and the bread and butter which is only buttered on one side, unlike the way they serve it in the New Chippy

Comment by: walt (nth Yorkshire) on 7th September 2021 at 19:11

Yes Garry, I remember Shallickers, also the one on Ratcliffe Road, but ey-up Marra, nowt could beet Mrs Eck's, By the way, been to Whitley Bay many a time, grand place to live. But yo like me must miss wom naeu un agen !!

Comment by: Pat McC on 7th September 2021 at 20:17

Irene - my last mammogram was when I was 69, but thank goodness I made a note to request one when I was 72 because I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So far so good. Have been passing the message on to all my over 70s friends - don't forget to book an appointment, as they don't send for you after you turn 70. I know this isn't to do with photo a day Dennis and my apologies, but I feel strongly about passing this possibly life-saving message on. Best wishes to you Irene. X

Comment by: Fred Mason on 7th September 2021 at 20:41

I found this very interesting.

Comment by: Dennis Seddon on 7th September 2021 at 21:07

Pat, I’m just glad that my photo gave you the opportunity to get the message out again. It can’t be repeated too many times.

Comment by: irene robertsI on 7th September 2021 at 21:17

Thankyou Mick for your kind words and thankyou Pat McC for yours too, and for your advice to carry on with mammograms.......I hope all is well with you. I know Dennis won't mind this change of subject. I think he's used to us all by now!

Comment by: DTease on 7th September 2021 at 21:44

Glad to hear that all is well with you Irene, Keep smiling lass!

Comment by: irene robertsI on 7th September 2021 at 22:01

Thanks DTease....a two-week wait for results but glad I went. Goodnight everyone.

Comment by: Edna on 8th September 2021 at 07:55

I know what your saying Veronica, about Carny's chippy. My auntie used to say Mrs Carny counted the chips as she put them out...All my good wishes Irene, and thank you Pat, I hope you continue in good health.I was unaware that you good book your own app.after you turned 70.Because I've had a lump removed once, fortunately it was benign.

Comment by: Pat McC on 8th September 2021 at 08:00

Thank you Dennis for your consideration and thanks Irene - best wishes. Xx

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