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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Thursday, 22nd April, 2021)

Grouting old mine workings, Standish

Grouting old mine workings, Standish
On Monday (April 12th) a crew from the North-East began work on this site on Almond Brook Road. A pair of Council houses here had to be demolished as a result of mining subsidence. Flats are now to be built there - so work is being done to stabilise the ground. The crew began by sinking pipes into an area to the rear of the site - down which the fly-ash grout will be poured to fill any voids below.

Photo: David Long  (Sony DSC-RX10M3)
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Comment by: Cyril on 22nd April 2021 at 00:43

Hope they leave the mature tree and the other trees in situation, be a shame if they were cut down or lopped.

Doesn't seem all that long ago when Farmer Bob Ball's field collapsed down mine tunnels, not a stones throw from there at Robin Hill Farm, with all the weight of housing expect they'll soon be having more problems with mining subsidence around there too, didn't the school on Almond Brook Road across from here disappear down a hole at one time.

Comment by: Mick on 22nd April 2021 at 07:05

Who ever is lucky to get one of the flats will have a lovely view from them of the setting sun and our house.
Never heard of Fly Ash grout, so Ive looked it up on Google,

Comment by: WN1 Standisher on 22nd April 2021 at 07:53

I remember those houses being knocked down and wondered at the time why they weren't rebuilt. Probably cheaper just to level and make safe. How many flats are planned for the site Rev David ? There's not going to be a lot left of Standish after all this building has finished. I doubt they'll be able to see your house Mick, I once had a look at the view from the flats across the road from the Penthouse suite, you could just about make out Shevvy High School

Comment by: Edna on 22nd April 2021 at 08:35

This happend a couple of years ago, in Wallace Lane Whelley.Two houses had to be demolished in the middle of a row, for the same reason.The land is just empty now..

Comment by: Veronica on 22nd April 2021 at 08:39

I would be a bit worried living nearby. I think it would put people off buying property hearing about the mining subsidence. It's happened where I live with new property and the residents having to evacuate.

Comment by: DTease on 22nd April 2021 at 08:55

Wow! What a selling point. Look through your window and see Mick wandering round his house in his undercrackers by the light of the setting sun!
They’ll be queueing up down the street to buy one of those flats!

Comment by: Veronica on 22nd April 2021 at 10:10

But would Mick like to live just across the road from the modern apartments, blocking his view - same with the building yesterday, or is he a NIMBY ?

Comment by: janet on 22nd April 2021 at 13:01

this photo needs aframe

Comment by: James Hanson on 22nd April 2021 at 19:41

There's not a chocolate fireguard's chance of seeing Mick's semi-detached dorma-bungalow from Almond Brook Road !

Comment by: Rev David Long on 22nd April 2021 at 19:51

Standisher - the Planning Notice on a nearby lamp-post says 4 flats to be built there.
What do you mean, 'There won't be a lot left of Standish'? None of it is being moved anywhere, as far as I know.
With all this building, it seems to me there'll be a lot more of Standish than there was....

Comment by: Cyril on 22nd April 2021 at 20:00

I've had a read about fly ash on the net too Mick, see there's arguments on there about the bricks made from it being called cinder blocks or breeze blocks. I've always known them as breeze blocks, I'd never heard of cinder blocks before I'd read the article.

I remember reading about those houses Edna, wonder how the residents felt on learning they'd been living above a mine shaft, thankfully they were got out before anything collapsed. This is interesting info on mining in Wigan and other areas: http://www.healeyhero.co.uk/rescue/pits/Wigan/Wigan-2.htm

Comment by: Roy on 23rd April 2021 at 12:48

Cyril, no, the school didn't disappear down a hole, it was demolished, the land is still vacant.

Comment by: Edna on 23rd April 2021 at 21:52

Roy, which school was this?

Comment by: Roy on 25th April 2021 at 10:42

Edna, St Marie's RC school which was on the left going down Almond Brook Rd, that will be the school Cyril was referring to, it was situated about two hundred yards before where The Charnley Arms now stands.

Comment by: Roy on 25th April 2021 at 10:55

Edna, there are a couple of photos on WW, Schools, St Marie's Standish.

Comment by: Edna on 25th April 2021 at 11:51

Thank you Roy.

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