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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Thursday, 18th March, 2021)

Hindley Shop

Hindley Shop

Photo: Mick Byrne  (Panasonic DMC-TZ100)
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Comment by: Wiganer on 18th March 2021 at 04:45

Cheap junk that doesn't last long, you get what you pay for.

Comment by: Walt ( North Yorkshire) on 18th March 2021 at 05:58

Open all hours. Do they have a Gr,Gr,Granville bike as well Mick.

Comment by: DTease on 18th March 2021 at 06:24

Have you got a special pass out of lockdown Mick?

Comment by: Pw on 18th March 2021 at 06:32


Comment by: Irene Roberts on 18th March 2021 at 08:06

It's like Arkwright's, isn't it, in Open All Hours? "Fetch all that stuff in, G-g-g-granville;...we're c-c-c-closing"!
I can almost hear the theme-tune, "Alice, where art thou?"! It reminds me of Hesketh's Ironmongers shop in Ince when I was a little girl. but the buckets and mop-buckets would have been metal back then, and the laundry baskets would have been wicker.

Comment by: Anne on 18th March 2021 at 08:19

If I had one of each of those items I wouldn't have room to store them let alone have a use for each of them.

Comment by: j j on 18th March 2021 at 08:34

You seem to be out and about a lot when there is a pandemic going on, seems to me unnecessary.

Comment by: Edna on 18th March 2021 at 08:42

He must have a special pass out of lockdown.What is he doing in Hindley, when he lives in Shevington, unless the photo is a year old.Whats happend to stay home, save lives.

Comment by: Veronica on 18th March 2021 at 08:57

It reminds me of McAdams shop in Scholes years ago,although there's far too much plastic. As Irene says, Arkwright comes to mind, his eyes swizzling at Nurse Gladys over the road hoisting her skirt up, black stockings on show!
" Just wait till I get me hands on that when her mother's gone to bed!"...... "It's been a funny old day!"

Comment by: Arthur on 18th March 2021 at 09:16

MICK , Corvid not over, stay at home, protect the NHS.
SHEVY TO HINDLEY is a fair distance.

Comment by: Mick on 18th March 2021 at 09:56

Peter Pudding  I've  been informed by one of my lady friends that you have started a thread off on the messagboards about Photo a Day  I'm afraid can't comment on the thread you have started because I requested that I be removed from that section of WW
But I will attempt to show you what I actually said on Oys photo
I said, your average Joe contributors to WW Pads have to send in there photos, and then have to wait a few weeks to see if they are chosen for Pads, but not Oy, because he can jump the queue which doesn't seem fair to some viewers of WW that I have have spoken to when I'm out and about. you can see from Oys comments that he already knows what's coming tomorrow.
Peter if you go back to bed and then try getting out the other side, then go back and read what and who said this and that, you find it wasn't me, but it was your anonymous multinamed rejects friends.

Comment by: Veronica on 18th March 2021 at 10:44

I have to say it should be obvious that the photo is not a recent one... most shops are closed anyway, ( not sure about these shops because you can buy these items in the supermarket) that's apart from not being able to travel outside your own area. The same applies to all the contributors. There must be an archive of photos or there wouldn't be a PaD.

Comment by: j j on 18th March 2021 at 11:16

All none essential shops are open like the one on the photo I have seen them myself, on the way to the supermarket to buy my weekly shop, which I go out neccesarily to buy food, which I only go out once a week like you have been told to do, when you need food, and to collect my prescription.

Comment by: Veronica on 18th March 2021 at 12:19

You can also go out for exercise - I try to do an hour every day. Otherwise you would go mad. My point was there must be an archive of photos especially whilst the pandemic is still with us. I would rather see all 'old' photo than none at all whoever has sent it in. As Bette Davis quoted in one of the many old films I have watched in the last twelve months
" Why ask for the moon - when we can have the stars!" ;o))

Comment by: Arthur on 18th March 2021 at 13:27

I for one I'm quite pleased Mr Oy jumps the que with his brilliant photos, but not too sure if it's his fault that happens.

Comment by: Alan on 18th March 2021 at 13:35

Agree Irene, but with Hesketh brother ironmongers on Ince bar they sold quality . It was indeed a proper DIY not Chinese or Korean rubbish that many sell today and like you say galvanized buckets made to last.
Good memories of

Comment by: Cyril on 18th March 2021 at 14:39

Nothing now seems to be built to last, same with those galvanised garden incinerators, when you come to burn your leaves and twiggy branches on a spring clear up all the zinc burns off - then the rust sets in with it falling apart; then you end having to buy another a year later. The Chinese will say it's good for business.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 18th March 2021 at 15:37

Alan, Hesketh's fascinated me as a child. You could buy nails by weight and they brothers used to weigh them from cardboard boxes onto little scales and put them in paper bags, like sweets! Packaging has always fascinated me. When The Bug, (Doric Cinema to give it its proper name) closed down, Hesketh's used it as their store-room and I remember going with my brother around 1961 to pick up some hardboard. I was only nine and found it quite strange. There is something very eerie about a closed-down cinema or theatre and I was glad to get back out amongst the Saturday morning shoppers on Ince Bar. Isn't it odd the memories that a photo can trigger?

Comment by: Veronica on 18th March 2021 at 15:58

I loved Adam's hardware shop in Scholes. I bought a lot things from there every week for my bottom drawer, from cutlery to pegs! Tin bakeware and tea towels, all the things I thought I would need. I loved 'mooching' in the shop. The plastic pegs bought now don't last two minutes. Bring back the old wooden pegs!

Comment by: Mick on 18th March 2021 at 16:01

One of my lady friends as just pointed out, that if bright clear photo would have been taken of some old tin buckets on a damp miserable day 30 years ago it would be being praised. and with some folk saying keep um coming Mick

Comment by: Alex on 18th March 2021 at 16:28

Aw Hesketh Bros DIY great memories, always smell of parafin inside, and yes nails in a bag . Use to serve with their brown overalls and always very pleasant, coal fire in the back room. Very special place.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 18th March 2021 at 17:02

Mick, I LIKE the colourful photo. I was just pointing out how the things would have been a sedate metal or wicker or wooden when I was a young child, rather than colourful plastic. Veronica, you can still get wooden dolly-pegs, (They named them after you, Dolly dear! ). I've just got a new book which I think you might enjoy....I'll email you. xx

Comment by: PeterP on 18th March 2021 at 18:54

Mick you called Dave Oy for knowing that two photos would be published one after the other. He must have sorted this out with ADMIN who sort the photos out and publish them. Also I am NOT a member of WRejects so do not know to my knowledge any members on that site(except TOMPLUM). If you have an issue with these members report them to ADMIN

Comment by: geoff on 18th March 2021 at 20:43

Oy's cow photo was taken on the 20th February. He did not jump the queue. https://flic.kr/p/2kDnaRr

Comment by: Mick on 18th March 2021 at 21:38

A very wise Tonkers says

Back to the original subject, photographs, and my opinion is that a photograph should be a photograph, a true reproduction of something as taken with a camera. NOT a computer enhanced image, as that only shows skills with a computer not with a camera.
And I think, that was exactly the opinion expressed on p.a.d. and not only by Mick.
Dave Oy's photos are generally good, but that birds fighting one was laughable!

There's a difference between 'bullies' and 'crytics'.

No No No Peter Pudding I didn't call Dave Oy for knowing that two photos would be published one after the other., I just pointed this out as being wrong, because nobody should be able to jump the queue.

Comment by: Arthur on 19th March 2021 at 07:34

Mick your digging that hole.

Comment by: Arthur on 19th March 2021 at 08:21

Mick you call everything as long it's not Shevy and yourself.
Lets have it right.

Comment by: Malc on 20th March 2021 at 10:51

What a state this photo a day section is becoming with all the infantile remarks by so called adults. Do you realise you are causing untold damage to Wigan World with your silly squabbling, it's becoming a farce. Please just comment on the photos without the acid remarks or else in plain Wigan speyk bugger off.

Comment by: andyshaz on 6th April 2021 at 18:15

another one of market streets shops taken over by our ethnic freinds also bonkers owned by the same man we are sadly in the minority now in hindley

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