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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Monday, 16th November, 2020)

Bridge 61

Bridge 61
Sennicar Lane Haigh on 7th November 2020

Photo: Dave (Oy)  (Fuji X-T4 : 16-55mm F/2.8 )
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Comment by: Mick on 16th November 2020 at 06:49

This Sennicar lane bridge was sand blasted and painted up a few years ago, I dont know why they never did the rusty Seven Stars bridge on Wallgate at the same times because its looking even worse now with the pier area being redeveloped.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 16th November 2020 at 10:34

It looks like Springtime on that photo....very cheering!

Comment by: Edna on 16th November 2020 at 18:17

We walked this path many times, on our walks.Happy memories.

Comment by: James Hanson on 16th November 2020 at 19:52

Mick, the reason why Sennicar Lane bridge was sand blasted and painted is due to it being on the Lancaster Canal, which received a large grant for it's bi-centenery. The Seven Stars bridge is on the Leeds Liverpool, which did not.

Comment by: Fred Mason on 16th November 2020 at 20:18

Another great photo, Dave...well done....!!!

Comment by: Mick on 16th November 2020 at 22:06

James the Lancaster canal I know runs from the river Ribble to north of Lancaster.

Comment by: James Hanson on 16th November 2020 at 22:22

That's because you don't know much.

Comment by: Veronica on 16th November 2020 at 22:42

Mick knows enough to take a good photo - most of the time ... carry on Mick.

Comment by: Pablo on 16th November 2020 at 22:43

This is 100 % the Leeds Liverpool canal. Goes past Chorley up through east Lancs and over the pennines into Yorkshire

Comment by: John on 16th November 2020 at 23:12

James Hanson, thats not much of a comeback - "That's because you don't know much."

Please can you elaborate? Would love to know why Bridge 61 at Sennicar Lane is part of the Lancaster Canal.

It is, and has always been the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Comment by: Long Boat on 16th November 2020 at 23:47

In 1792 the Lancaster Canal Navigation Company obtained an act to link Kendal with Westhoughton. They also petitioned to make an extension from Westhoughton to the Bridgewater Canal near Worsley but stopped when the occupant of Atherton Hall objected.[12]

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal having reached Blackburn by 1810, a decision was made to link with the Lancaster Canal's southern end to avoid constructing a parallel waterway. The Lancaster Canal built two short branches to connect with the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, from Johnson's Hillock including seven locks, and from Bark Hill to Wigan Top Lock – the Act authorising this construction also authorised additional tolls to make it worthwhile for the Lancaster Canal to co-operate with the Leeds and Liverpool.[13]

In 1851 the Lancaster Canal leased the tolls on the southern end to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in return for an annual rent, and this agreement was made permanent in 1864.[6]

The tramroad was closed from Bamber Bridge to Preston in 1864, and the remainder to Walton Summit in 1879. The canal between Walton Summit and the Leeds and Liverpool link at Johnson's Hillock was last used in 1932 (although a party in canoes managed to navigate the branch as late as 1969 with only two portages)[14] This section was closed in the 1960s, as a result of the M61 motorway proposal which would have required three bridges over the canal. The Ministry of Transport and British Waterways Board decided that the cost of constructing the bridges was not justified, particularly as the canal was in poor condition, and promoted a bill in Parliament for closure of the canal.[15] As a result, much is now buried under the M61 motorway, and in the Clayton-le-Woods area housing estates have been built on the route in the 1990s. The remainder of the southern end, between Johnson's Hillock and Wigan Top Lock, is now considered as part of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and remains well used by leisure traffic.

Comment by: George (Hindley) on 17th November 2020 at 00:13

Leeds & Liverpool Canal facts.

The canal was measured at 127¼ miles in 1894, when the cast iron mileposts, half, and quarter mileposts were
Prior to that, milestones were used (a couple may survive), with the canal measured from Liverpool to the top of Wigan Locks, and from Leeds to the top of Johnsons Hillock Locks.
The canal between Johnsons Hillock and
Wigan Locks, 10¾ miles, was built by the Lancaster Canal Company, and was only taken over by the L&L in 1863.
This could give a length as constructed for the L&LC of 116½ miles, with the authorised section from Johnsons Hillock to Wigan
Locks, via Horwich, never built, the Lancaster Canal used instead.

Comment by: Margaret Gordon on 17th November 2020 at 09:51

Although I've followed Wigan World for a long time, I rarely comment, but I have to say I'm getting fed up of James Hanson's spiteful little comments.
He is clearly an unhappy little man with much to be unhappy about.

Comment by: Veronica on 17th November 2020 at 12:43

I wholeheartedly agree Margaret Gordon. Another poster has already suggested he is another poster with an alias. Perhaps this is how he gets his kicks! Pathetic really.

Comment by: James Hanson on 17th November 2020 at 17:08

Maggie and Ronnie, isn't it good that Mick now knows what he didn't know before. Also, it would appear that both Pablo and John hadn't a clue either. Well done Long Boat and George for your explanatory posts.

Comment by: Edna on 17th November 2020 at 17:57

I also agree with Margaret Gordon.Sad really!!!!

Comment by: Veronica on 17th November 2020 at 18:56

Jim lad there's a more polite way of imparting a bit of knowledge, sadly you don't have it!

Comment by: George (Hindley) on 17th November 2020 at 21:03

Every mon to his own. I certainly don't mind James' posts, he seems quite a knowledgeable chap.
(he reminds me a bit of tonker. lol.)

Comment by: Veronica on 17th November 2020 at 21:42

Probably because it is him!

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