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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Sunday, 24th May, 2020)

Wigan sense of humour

Wigan sense of humour
Wigan sense of humour still survives in pandemic.

Photo: Roger Whistlecroft  (Nikon COOLPIX S6200)
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Comment by: Cyril on 24th May 2020 at 00:21

Gone to Paul's for a poo eh, bet he feels as clean as a squid with that Andrex clean pack, wonder how long that will be there.

Comment by: Philip G. on 24th May 2020 at 05:40

Like the blue of his shirt.

Comment by: DTease on 24th May 2020 at 09:40

"Wot! no toilet paper?"

Comment by: irene roberts on 24th May 2020 at 09:51

Wiganers will ALWAYS see the funny side of things and will always try to cheer others up as well, and that's why I'm so proud to be a Wiganer. We had an "outside toilet" when I was a little girl...I bet a lot of you did.... but at least we had a door on it! All our neighbours had newspaper cut into neat squares and hung on a string on the back of the lavvy door. Not my Dad! We had an ENORMOUS nail in the back of the door with the News of the World rammed whole onto it. Consequently I used to read all the juicy gossip at an age when I wasn't quite old enough to understand it. I can remember reading about The Profumo Affair in there amongst the spiders, and I've often thought since that the glamorous ladies involved wouldn't be very impressed to know I'd read of them whilst sitting on the toilet!

Comment by: Veronica on 24th May 2020 at 10:29

Could be liable for a queue forming, need to keep to the two metres. Probably be a long wait though .. ;o)

Comment by: Veronica on 24th May 2020 at 11:12

He looks like he's straining at the bit with his arms extended!

Comment by: Mick on 24th May 2020 at 11:34

Im from Wigan and cant see anything funny about this photo

Comment by: Maureen on 24th May 2020 at 12:50

Irene,the same thing in our outside "Lavvy",I used to hate going there in the dark when I was a little girl for the fear of spiders..but there was a gap in our back yard door and I could see everyone that went up and down the 'Ropewalk'..my Mam used to say "You're posh when you have a catalogue page on that nail'..I used to love donkey stoning the floor though,it made it look a lot brighter..together with a lighted candle..thank God for progress in that respect.
P.S.Im almost sure the newspaper that hung on our nail was The News of the World as well.

Comment by: irene roberts on 24th May 2020 at 14:04

My point, Mick, is that someone is trying to cheer us up with this figure outside his/her home. Whether people find it funny or not is irrelevant....the person who placed it there was hoping it would bring a smile in the difficult days we are living through at the moment, and I, for one, am grateful to him/her, as I am to the photographer. Humour, as well as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and I would hate to be incapable of seeing the humour in things or the kindnesses that people are trying to do to keep our spirits up at the moment.

Comment by: DTease on 24th May 2020 at 14:11

Don't worry about it Mick.

Comment by: Mick on 24th May 2020 at 15:04

Im not worrying Teasy, Irene it might be funny but its low level, some might say toilet humor
Anyhow Im just glad its not in our street.
The late great comedian Harry Pem used to live in my street, and I was talking to our neighbour the other day what might Harry have come up with to celebrate this lockdown,because he was always organizing get togethers and street games

Comment by: Veronica on 24th May 2020 at 15:34

It's not 'toilet' humour it's 'lavatorial' humour . 'he' is sat on a lavatory , the only thing missing is a newspaper on his lap, because he has no hands! I would have stuck some gloves on the ends of his 'arms'...Let your hair down Mick. It's just a bit of fun..

Comment by: irene roberts on 24th May 2020 at 15:47

I remember Harry Pemberton well. He appeared a number times at a labour club where I used to work and was a lovely man to talk to and I think he would have had a laugh at the figure and appreciated what the householder was doing.

Comment by: Maureen on 24th May 2020 at 16:06

Lighten up Mick..there's more to life than taking videos.

Comment by: Dave (Oy) on 24th May 2020 at 16:30

I see this most days as it's close to home. A welcome bit of fun :D

Comment by: Lynne on 11th June 2020 at 02:12

You can't see anything funny about that photo, Mick? Only someone who suffers from Asperger's wouldn't find that funny. If what I say is true, I apologise for not realising you were handicapped in that way and I retract all my previous comments I've made about you.

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