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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

Photo-a-Day Archive
Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Saturday, 9th May, 2020)

Bluebells at the stream

Bluebells at the stream
Glead Wood, Winstanley

Photo: Dave (Oy)  (Fuji X-T4 : 56mm F/1.2)
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Comment by: Garry on 9th May 2020 at 01:05

A proper woodland photo with Bluebells, great.

Comment by: Mick on 9th May 2020 at 06:25

I would have named this photo, The Broken Fence

Comment by: Philip G. on 9th May 2020 at 08:01

Desirous of a tree's dappled shade and rotted leaves, are the bluebells. Can't help feeling that Glead could get away with being pronounced Glad, instead … there's something Welsh about it all.

Comment by: irene roberts on 9th May 2020 at 10:12

I have a film called The Family Way in which Ezra, played by John Mills, remembers his boyhood friend saying to him, "You can't beat Nature for beauty, Ezra", and that came straight into my mind as I opened photo-a-day this morning. Beautiful.

Comment by: Veronica on 9th May 2020 at 11:53

Not seen many Bluebells this year, I must be going to the wrong places! I have a few English Bluebells in the garden though. A nice rustic scene -
' Blubells by a Babbling Brook'... Sounds better Mick..:o)

Comment by: Maureen on 9th May 2020 at 12:29

Beauty will always shine through...well caught Dave.

Comment by: Garry on 9th May 2020 at 13:58

Try Borsdane Woods Veronica, it's always full of Spring flowers, and a great walk too.

Comment by: Elizabeth on 9th May 2020 at 18:23

Yes Garry,it's packed with them,was on path near there today.

Comment by: Garry on 9th May 2020 at 18:46

Great news Elizabeth, hope you enjoyed it.

Comment by: Veronica on 9th May 2020 at 19:49

It's a bit too far for me Garry, I have never been to Borsdane Woods even though we are on the boundary. There's lots of other wild flowers in Hall Lee Bank where I go and usually its crammed with Bluebells - but not this year...

Comment by: XPat on 9th May 2020 at 21:27

I think everyone on WW can recognise the quality of a Dave Oy.

Mick, Thanks for the many videos of Wigan you post online. They are a godsend for xpats like me.

Comment by: Garry on 10th May 2020 at 09:43

Hall Lee Bank in Westhoughton, lovely, you know there are some beautiful parks and woodlands for us the visit when this lockdown is over.

Comment by: Veronica on 10th May 2020 at 13:17

There certainly is Garry, thank God for them lately..

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