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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Thursday, 5th March, 2020)

Kirkless Canal Bridge

Kirkless Canal Bridge

Photo: Mick Byrne  (Panasonic DMC-TZ100)
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Comment by: Veronica on 5th March 2020 at 09:30

I knew it I am going colour blind! It's almost black and white ... Must book an appointment at the first opportunity!!!

Comment by: Garry on 5th March 2020 at 10:35

I remember that bridge in good nick when buses used to go over it, it's a far cry from that now.

Comment by: DTease on 5th March 2020 at 11:17

I'll have to go back on the Anti-Depressants again.

Comment by: Poet on 5th March 2020 at 12:08

Well it's no wonder DTease is it!
Corona virus hysteria, falling stock markets and monochromatic ruin. But,

Walled in the woe of wintry prison,
Fettered with fret and pessimism,
Tasting meagre half empty cups,
Hope yet, that something may turn up.

Make haste O Swallows!

Flood the sky with summer
In your Mr.Micawber jackets.

Comment by: Philip G. on 5th March 2020 at 13:26

That's right, Garry: It's in a terrible state.

Empty, then, was Kirkless Bridge,
No more the Suffolk', led,
Yet tribal houses everywhere,
In shades of Indian Red.

Comment by: DTease on 5th March 2020 at 13:43

That first line says it all, Poet "Walled in the woe of wintery prison"
This must be the most miserable winter I've seen in a long time. An endless round of long,cold nights and short soggy days.
But, we aren't downhearted are we? We're British, stiff upper lip and all that what? We will fight those coronavirus bugs and we will never surrender. We'll fight them on the Buses, we'll fight them on the Trains. What's that? how? you say? How? well, er, well we'll wash our hands a lot, that'll show 'em. They don't like it up 'em you know, they don't like it up 'em.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 5th March 2020 at 15:01

Might look a lot better if someone took a broom to it & picked up the rubbish....but they won't because its not their job.

Comment by: Xpat on 5th March 2020 at 15:42

DTease, A few goes on your rope swings in
Haigh and you’ll be as right as rain in no time. Off after to the chippy in your mud face pack and suit , you’ll be able throw your happy pills far away ....
I’m going where the sun keeps shining through the pouring rain, going where.....

Comment by: Mick on 5th March 2020 at 16:38

Helen up here in Shevy we have a small group of locals volunteers who regularly go out on litter picks, and you see the odd individual just bend down to pick somethings up.
The Wigan flight crew, volunteers who help boaters up the flight also do a very good job of cleaning up the canal bank.

Comment by: Poet on 5th March 2020 at 16:46

Aye, the 'expert advice' we're getting at the moment is indispensable. Wash your hands and use a tissue! Who'd a thowt a that.
The best one was, 'Dont drive in flooded rivers '. Brilliant!

Comment by: Veronica on 5th March 2020 at 18:08

I usually pick some litter up most days - but I am a bit apprehensive with the Corona Virus scare if I haven't got gloves on... Usually drink cans or plastic bottles! I hate seeing them on grass verges.

Comment by: Philip G. on 5th March 2020 at 23:20

You might like to consider biting your tongue as you 'leave others litter where it lies', from now on, Veronica. You never know. Better still, I feel, would be for you to smack your lips, instead, and then consider the cleaner path that leads towards 'the shop that saves your book', - a more-pleasant day. Make haste, as Poet says.

Comment by: Helen of Troy on 6th March 2020 at 07:41

Mick, we have a beach clean several times a year here in Norfolk, especially in the holiday season & a local group who keep the town looking good with plants & flowers. There are plenty of volunteering jobs going if you want to help the community you live in...not everyone is bothered unfortunately.

Comment by: Mick on 6th March 2020 at 16:03

Helen I think most Wiganers dont care anymore,. you can tell that by some of the comments you get on Wiganworld

Comment by: Xpat on 6th March 2020 at 16:57

Hi Helen, in London it’s completely out of control. Every other day you see rubbish where someone has arrived in car or van , dumped their rubbish and driven off. Councils are so under pressure with other issues , it becomes a constant issue . Communities in London are linked together but divided by knife crime . Travellers are
a constant problem , and the mess they leave after they are removed is horrendous .
They just pack up and move to the next place . I can’t see how you can change people with that mentality. If they can park their cars and empty their rubbish onto the pavement and drive off , what do we do , shoot them on sight ? The link is those who care about and those who don’t . Are we creating a more defiant form of human being ? Has basic common decency disappeared ? How do we deal with those who wish to be a part of our society , and more importantly those who don’t ? I welcome your solutions . In London , the battle is clearly being lost as Council's struggle to cope with so many issues .

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