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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Wednesday, 25th September, 2019)


Bradley Lane, Standish.

Photo: Poet  (Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F)
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Comment by: Roy on 25th September 2019 at 00:40

Most of what you can see on the top row are Porches.
Poet, the church clock's still correct, I checked it at midnight.

Comment by: Mick on 25th September 2019 at 06:09

A lot of spare parts in that pile of scrap.

Comment by: Alan on 25th September 2019 at 08:50

Driver's who can't handle powerful cars end up here.

Comment by: Howard P on 25th September 2019 at 08:57

Some cars are too powerful for some
I suspect. But it's all about image and whose looking at me when I drive past.

Comment by: Veronica on 25th September 2019 at 09:01

No words needed, a picture that speaks volumes sadly.

Comment by: David Barker on 25th September 2019 at 09:42

Nice and tidy racking system ,shame about the overgrown kerbside, cut backs i expect ,excuse the pun.
Good photo Poet.

Comment by: Roy on 25th September 2019 at 10:10

Poet, the church clock is correct, unfortunately my post midnight spelling isn't, the cars are Porsches, and, as you will know, porches are located in front of a building not at the top of 20 feet of steel racking.
VERONICA, you aint seen the half of it, what you can see on the photo is just 10/15% of the true picture.

Comment by: Veronica on 25th September 2019 at 13:09

I expect so Roy... But I wonder how many where involved with a cyclist to end up there.
Not many, or any I suspect..Every car will have a story attached.

Comment by: Arthur on 25th September 2019 at 13:27

Veronic sums it up perfectly.
No wonder insurance is sky-high.

Comment by: Anne on 25th September 2019 at 17:05

Hopeful they do get crushed and not welded together.

Comment by: Poet on 25th September 2019 at 18:55

Well done Roy. I'm sure you'll check it again tonight. You're quite an Owl , which is proper for a Standisher.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 25th September 2019 at 20:13

Howard P,..., nice to see you back on here mate. No....Seriousky,....err!....Apologies, as It appears that I may have momentarily and inadvertently reverted back to the language of my Eastern European heritage......but it's genuinely nice to see you back again pal.

All the best.... Ozky.....Oh bugger!

Comment by: DTease on 25th September 2019 at 20:30

Scrapyards seem to be a lot better organized than they were in my youth.
In those days they just piled them on top of one another and you had to risk life and limb to get the bit that you needed.
It always seemed that the bit you wanted was on the wreck at the top of the pile.
I suppose this yard would be a bit more upmarket than the ones that I used to frequent. There doesn’t seem to be many Mini’s or Cortina's in there.

Comment by: Angela on 25th September 2019 at 20:32

Verges are left uncut for the bees, not cut backs.

Comment by: . Ozy . on 25th September 2019 at 20:44

Tut! Tut!, Veebs, I despair, I really do. You haven't been taking English lessons from the Shevvy Thunderbolt by any chance have you?
I'll mark it down as a typo on this occasion, but be aware,.... I've got my eye on you, and if it happens again you'll be standing in the corner facing the wall until playtime.

Comment by: Derek Platt on 25th September 2019 at 21:25

Well Poet CARnage is the appropriate description

Comment by: . Ozy . on 25th September 2019 at 21:39

Blimey DTease, Minis and Cortinas?, where were you living..........Chelsea?....
I used to get the bits for my old Austin Somerset from Gypsy Wade's scrapyard by the side of the old Sankey navigation at Winwick Quay.
The parts weren't that expensive either.
In fact, on occasions, I'd shove the bits through the gaps in the railings, then go back for them later, when everyone had gone home. They don't come much cheaper than that do they ?
Happy days eh?.... Strewth, but we didn't have a bloody penny did we?

Comment by: DTease on 26th September 2019 at 00:45

I loved Mini’s Ozy. Me and my brother (Or is it my brother and I? ( I’m trying to get it right cos I don’t want to stand in the corner facing the wall) used to buy them from people who were (or is it where?) selling up before the MOT was due.
We did them up with parts from Bill Taylor’s Scrapyard which was situated over by the Wutchie and got a ticket for them.
I used mine for getting to work and back. It was almost as cheap as getting the bus and even better, it meant I got an extra hour in bed every morning.
Only problem was they tended to be a tad unreliable, especially in winter.
Many’s the morning I had to set the thing rolling down the hill were I live and pray that the beggar fired up before I reached the bottom.
Happy days....not.

Comment by: Veronica on 26th September 2019 at 08:27

It must be the Michael effect! Where,were,wear, and we're!

Comment by: . Ozy . on 26th September 2019 at 08:37

I remember that scrapyard DTease, although I never went in there at that time.
I sometimes walk past the place but rarely see any signs of life, although I did speak to a lad in a Land Rover a while back who lives locally and reckons to keep an eye on things.

I don't know who owns it now, but the place appears to be well maintained with the grass always tidily mown and the fencing well creosoted.
The interesting thing for me though, is the fact that there's still an old Ruston Bucyrus crane lying there, probably used when the scrapyard was operational.
It could well be an RB18 but it's difficult to tell as it's partially sheeted over.
I wouldn't mind seeing a photo of yon thing.
Maybe with your extensive local influence you could wangle an access all areas one day pass, take a photo, then stick it on here?What do you reckon Cobber?

Comment by: DTease on 26th September 2019 at 14:40

Ozy, I don't get over that way much these days but I seem to remember taking a few pictures of the yard and the area around, although I wouldn't know if your crane would be on any of them.
If I come across them I will certainly put them on here.

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