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Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Monday, 26th August, 2019)

Nice weather for them

Nice weather for them
Mallards - Leeds Liverpool canal, Haigh.

Photo: David  (Sony DSC-RX100)
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Comment by: Veronica on 26th August 2019 at 14:13

Nobody seems to be bothering, so here goes

"Raindrops keep falling on my head,
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high,
It's Summertime and the livin' is easy,
It's a Wonderful,wonderful day,"

Courtesy of a chap called Burt and one or two others....

Comment by: Maureen on 26th August 2019 at 15:49

You tell em Veronica.

Comment by: Alan on 26th August 2019 at 16:37

YAWN I wouldn't have bothered.

Comment by: Philip G. on 26th August 2019 at 19:37

VB sails some lines in time -
I like the third the most,
And wait until she sees what's hers -
She'll get it soon by post.

Comment by: fw on 26th August 2019 at 22:34

I love the pouring rain,
never quite the same,
specially without a brolly,
plastic cap and trolley.
Supermarkets full ,
bus is packed and dripping ,
My wellies leaked and slipping.
I'm sure I brought a brolly ,
or maybe I'm off me trolley,
I didn't get me bread,
I bought some cake instead,
I'll have with a tea,
rest my doggy knee,
doctor said its healing ,
said try at church on kneeling.
It happened on second Hail Mary,
really was quiet scary.
I thought at first its cramp,
Or sitting on buses that's damp.
My other leg is fine,
It does a job that's mine,
doing me step its willing
its tuther one that's killing,

A duck I could never be....

Comment by: Veronica on 26th August 2019 at 22:54

Does Alan ever bother to say anything worthwhile or original - not likely!
David your photo deserves every accolade - my use of various lines of songs is a small tribute.... Thanks! ( for the memories!) ;@))

Comment by: David on 28th August 2019 at 00:08

Thanks all for commenting and thanks for your support Veronica.

Alan if you think you can do better I'll lend you a camera :)

Comment by: Veronica on 28th August 2019 at 09:11

You deserve to have positive comments David - I know I couldn't take a good photo. I think the comment Alan made was aimed at my comment. He takes a delight in 'rubbishing' fellow poster's comments instead of mentioning the photo! Why I know not...

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