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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Wednesday, 10th July, 2019)

Under the bridge

Under the bridge
View from under the new A49 Link Road bridge over Poolstock Lane.

Photo: Dave (Oy)  (Nikon D850)
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Comment by: Mick on 10th July 2019 at 06:47

This will be a nice spot for the Poolstock pigeons

Comment by: Poet on 10th July 2019 at 09:01

Change happens inevitably but all that means really is a alteration from one condition into another one.
It doesn't necessarily follow that this altered state is progress.
It's usually called progress if money can be made from it and by those who have a blind unthinking faith in the future.
Cars are like flood water. No matter how many ditches we dig they'll all fill up very soon until the very field isn't there anymore. It's less rain we need .
I see the next phase of 'project progress' involves the ruination of Britain's loveliest bay at Morecambe by a road bridge across it.
I also hear that the new electric cars are to be fitted with artificial noise emitters to simulate the sound of petrol engines. I was rather hoping progress would solve the problem of traffic din.
Aye, we need to take care when it comes to change. After all , Chernobyl was once considered Progress.

Comment by: DTease on 10th July 2019 at 09:03

Looking at that wall I bet the budding Banksies amongst us are rattling their tins and licking their lips in anticipation already.

Comment by: dave johnson on 10th July 2019 at 10:13

Where will they perch?

Comment by: Anne on 10th July 2019 at 11:56

Is there nothing to coat walls with to prevent paint sticking? It would probably run down onto the pavement creating a mess but would frustrate the "artists"

Comment by: Veronica on 10th July 2019 at 12:51

I'm surprised roads / railways like the tube underground haven't been thought of,stretching miles and miles - from one end of the country to the other. Perhaps that is what could happen in the future.....who knows! I wouldn't want to travel in them that's for sure.

Comment by: Jimmy H on 21st July 2019 at 16:52

A bust stop under a bridge?

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