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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Saturday, 2nd June, 2018)


This was taken at 23:30 on Thursday evening (24th May) from Winstanley, appearing to pass above the Moon! A 40 second exposure.

Photo: John Barton  (Fujifilm X-H1)
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Comment by: David Barker on 2nd June 2018 at 01:20

Excellent shot John ,I was watching it the same night with 20-50 binocs,
traveling at approx 18000mph,well done.

Comment by: Pauline on 2nd June 2018 at 06:06

Now that is different!

Comment by: Maureen on 2nd June 2018 at 07:03

What a brilliant shot,beautiful and at the same time very dramatic.

Comment by: Fred Mason on 2nd June 2018 at 08:29

Terrific shot, John.

It really is a large, bright object in the night sky. Wouldn't it be great to be on it...!!

Comment by: Veronica on 2nd June 2018 at 08:50

All kinds of things going on in the night sky that most of us are unaware of! The moon looks like a giant star - it's a great photo!

Comment by: Ron D on 2nd June 2018 at 10:31

Nice one,John.

Comment by: Alan on 2nd June 2018 at 13:08

The Moon IS a giant Star.

Comment by: Philip Gormley. on 2nd June 2018 at 14:04

Thanks for your encouraging photo John.
I have Spot the Station on my list of Favourites, but haven't given the ISS's journey much attention this year.
I'd previously latched-on to the 'Station, WSW, - just to the right of Stephanie's chimney pot -, and then watched it brighten up as it glided towards the direction of The Simms Road Inn in Garswood - my use of WSW now looking smart.

Comment by: Maurice on 2nd June 2018 at 15:02

Alan,the Moon is a satellite,even the Sun is just a tiny star.a great shot John.

Comment by: Alan on 2nd June 2018 at 17:03


Comment by: Veronica on 2nd June 2018 at 19:31

Read up on the Moon on Google Alan - its a natural satellite.

Comment by: ivor biggun on 2nd June 2018 at 20:37

Taxi for Alan.....or a book on astronomy.

Comment by: Astro on 2nd June 2018 at 20:56

Alan, the Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth. You can use the internet, so educate yourself while appreciating this splendid photo!

Comment by: . Ozymandias . on 2nd June 2018 at 22:01

Whaaaat ?...... , the moon is a sky satellite?.............enough said....' I suspect'.

Comment by: Phil on 2nd June 2018 at 22:12

Go home Alan you're drunk!

Comment by: Veronica on 2nd June 2018 at 23:07

Fly Alan to the moon
Let him play amongst the stars,
Let him see what Spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars...in other words
Keep him there.. In other Worlds.....! ;0))

Comment by: Dave (Oy) on 3rd June 2018 at 18:20

Fab shot John!

Comment by: Tracey on 12th June 2018 at 14:25

The Moons a star, Alan? If it were, we would all be instantly cooked to a crisp. In fact... we would never have existed in the first place!

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