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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Tuesday, 17th May, 2016)

St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's Church

Photo: David  (Canon PowerShot SX240 HS)
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Comment by: alan on 17th May 2016 at 00:47

why did relatively poor people in ancient times spend so much money and time and effort on building these these large buildings, beautiful they may be ?

Comment by: Johnny on 17th May 2016 at 09:20

For the glorification of God and his son, Our Lord Jesus Christ!
This must be one of the loveliest churches in Wigan!
Great pic David!

Comment by: Rev David Long on 17th May 2016 at 09:26

It's not ancient - in fact this end of the church is only 86 years old, and the other end is 78 years old. It's still Grade 2 Listed, though.
alan - although the churches built as towns like Wigan expanded were for 'relatively poor' - and very poor people - to worship in, they were usually built by local landowners, coal-owners and mill-owners, not the locals themselves. Often the hope was the Church would keep their workers sober, God-fearing, and fit for work on Mondays. Lord Crawford gave the land for St Stephen's, for instance. The locals have been landed with the job of keeping them going, though, as the original benefactors died or moved away.
Sometimes daughter churches (i.e. of the old Parish Church) were set up as 'missions' (sometimes corrugated iron buildings) in new areas so that the newcomers had a place to worship and wouldn't need to come and bother the 'natives' in their old church.
There's nothing new in the resentment of immigrants!

Comment by: John Morris on 17th May 2016 at 11:39

Lovely, spring, photograph.

Comment by: alan on 17th May 2016 at 16:53

Thank you Rev. An interesting lesson.

Comment by: Mick on 17th May 2016 at 19:23

Thanks Rev theres a lot of knowledge in your post.

Comment by: Bod on 18th May 2016 at 10:39

Rev,there's only so many sardines you can put in a tin, then you have to put a lid on it,and no I do not resent immigrants.

Comment by: Lynne on 19th May 2016 at 14:43

Johnny...Fairy stories...

Comment by: Johnny on 20th May 2016 at 08:53

Fairy stories?

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