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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Thursday, 25th December, 2014)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
House on Baclaw Close, bottom of Platt Lane, Scholes. Merry Christmas to all on wiganworld and thank you for your continued contributions.

Photo: Brian  (iPhone 6)
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Comment by: Ken R on 25th December 2014 at 01:04

Lots of lights to heck with the cost.
Another year has passed. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.

Comment by: Fred Mason on 25th December 2014 at 02:58

Merry Christmas to you too, Brian, and to all.

Great photo.

Comment by: Hindleyite on 25th December 2014 at 06:14

A very merry Christmas Brian,and to all Wigan Worlders.

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 25th December 2014 at 06:47

Just looked at all the Christmas Day P-a-D`s. The one for 2007 is interesting to compare with today`s. As eric commented " wouldn`t like to pay the electric bill."
Thanks, Brian, this site must be one of the best.

Comment by: peterp on 25th December 2014 at 07:00

Merry Christmas to you Brian + Your Family

Comment by: Catherine on 25th December 2014 at 08:22

Brilliant Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all xx

Comment by: Colin Harlow on 25th December 2014 at 08:29

Christmas spirit at that house, lovely. Merry Christmas.

Comment by: Maureen on 25th December 2014 at 08:44

Merry Christmas to you and yours
Brian,and to everyone on Wigan World.

Comment by: Aubrey on 25th December 2014 at 08:48

We'll done Brian, not just for the photo, but for all you do. Merry Christmas everyone.

Comment by: Garry on 25th December 2014 at 08:54

Ernest, these are modern LED light, they use very little electricity.
From me to you, all the best.
(Ex spark)

Comment by: Ron D on 25th December 2014 at 09:00

All the best , all the time ,all over the place, Cheers

Comment by: Alan on 25th December 2014 at 09:06

Merry Christmas. Ernest it's the same house as in 2007.
Thank you Brian.

Comment by: brian d. on 25th December 2014 at 09:31

we expect the best
we get better.

Comment by: Pat on 25th December 2014 at 10:48

Children love this magical display, well captured Brian. Have a happy Christmas, and all the best to you and your family for 2015.

Comment by: sydneylass on 25th December 2014 at 10:58

Merry Christmas and thank you to all the wonderful photographers that have taken me down memory lane and delighted me with your amazing photos through out the year.Thanks again take care God Bless Mary xx

Comment by: DotM on 25th December 2014 at 11:41

Happy Christmas Brian and thank you for all you you have done this year.

Comment by: Daveb on 25th December 2014 at 12:40

Merry Christmas to all,great photo Brian.

Comment by: Neil Cain on 25th December 2014 at 14:17

Thank you Brian for bringing us P.A.D.throughout the year. Merry Christmas, and to all.

Comment by: A.W. on 25th December 2014 at 14:44

It certainly looks spectacular though I would feel as if I was lining on Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Merry Xmas to all and a happ New Year!

Comment by: irene roberts on 25th December 2014 at 15:36

Thanks, Brian, and all the best to all Wigan Worlders. x.

Comment by: Derek Platt on 25th December 2014 at 19:31

Merry Christmas to you Brian, and to all the people who make this web page the best ever

Comment by: Al on 25th December 2014 at 21:47

I think people can look at this two ways: just someone who loves Christmas pure and simple, or someone who is wanting too much attention and trying to show off. When I see houses almost covered from top to botton with decks and lights like this it just screams attention seeking, and I know I'm a gonna be called a xmas hater but I'm not because Christmas is a great time for families to get together, but this takes the biscuit. I doubt many struggling families or the elderley who can just barely afford to put the electric fire or central heating on this festive season will be thinking of lighting up their home like the illuminations. I wonder how long the electric would last with one of those top-up meters. I haven't seen anything on this scale in my area, although there is a house that's not far off. There's also that bungalow on Lily Lane near Bryn Hall (adjacent to Viridor Wood) that is lit up just like this every year.

Comment by: Thomas(Tom)Walsh. on 25th December 2014 at 21:49

Thank you Brian for all your hard work throughout the year.
I take my Grandchildren to see this house every year, it's become a tradition,as much as mice pies. The people who own the house deserve a thnk you for all their hard work too.

Comment by: David on 25th December 2014 at 22:08

Thanks Brian.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Comment by: Hugh Wilson on 26th December 2014 at 01:05


Mice pies??? Surely not. Good picture though.

Christmas is a normal working day here in Nantong, but we do get a holiday for Lunar New Year/Spring Festival in February.

Comment by: Ellen on 26th December 2014 at 07:01

This is a lovely display.-it made me remember my first Christmas Eve in Canada, in 1966. On a clear cold evening we were walking along the street a little way to visit family.The houses were all lit (no great displays,just strings of lights at the rooflines and doorways),someone had carols playing
on a record player on their porch.(remember those,anyone?)Suddenly,it began to snow,just lightly. It was all so beautiful,then suddenly I was intensely homesick for the first time and started to cry!
---Oh the memories!

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 26th December 2014 at 07:18

Tom. Wouldn`t like to eat those pies!!
Friends of mine have mice in their house and have paid £200 for professional help to have them exterminated.

Comment by: Lizziedownunder on 27th December 2014 at 02:08

Hope it was a lovely day for all...a little late here...but better late than never I say...all the very best to all for the New Year...Cheers!! xx

Comment by: Giovanni on 27th December 2014 at 10:39

BUON NATALE everyone on WW. Sorry the salutation is late...been chasing a turkey around the garden. Plucked and stuffed it and the wife killed and cooked it!

Comment by: Ellen on 27th December 2014 at 18:19

Giovanni; Hope your wife killed before you plucked and stuffed the poor bird!!(LOL).
---and a very Buon Natale to you and everyone else on Wiganworld!!

Comment by: Tony Haslam on 30th December 2014 at 16:11

Merry Christmas Brian and all the best for 2015

Comment by: farrie50 on 30th December 2014 at 23:38

i know the lad whose house that is great bloke does it every year .there is a charity collection box attached .

Comment by: baz on 3rd August 2015 at 14:13

this house is same pic from 25 th December 2010 if you go back and look .great pic

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