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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Monday, 2nd June, 2014)

On their way to Appleby.

On their way to Appleby.
Having a tea break, Wigan Lane.

Photo: Edward Porter  (Canon 550d DSLR)
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Comment by: Ken R on 2nd June 2014 at 00:06

Last time I saw some of these they were at Tesco Central Park, stocking up. Very colourful.

Comment by: Alan on 2nd June 2014 at 04:48

I was behind these the other day, caused knowt but traffic jams. Whats the point in them.

Comment by: Helen on 2nd June 2014 at 08:15

They add a bit of colour to life Alan & can't cause traffic jams all year round...Appleby Fair is only once a year. We saw some at Barnard Castle on their way to Appleby last year.

Comment by: Mick on 2nd June 2014 at 08:29

There should be a law saying that this type of transport is not allowed on A road

If they want to be old fashioned they should stick to the B roads, they could also take them on the back of lorrys to just outside of Appleby and ride them in from there.

Comment by: kath on 2nd June 2014 at 08:31

I'd love to have a toot inside.

Comment by: B.R on 2nd June 2014 at 09:30

beautiful, and they were on the roads before yu mr Allen show some respect !!!!

Comment by: christine bishop on 2nd June 2014 at 10:57

i tellyou what shouldnt be allowed those mobility scooters with out a crash helmet .lovely photo ,cheers

Comment by: barry on 2nd June 2014 at 11:36

nice and colourful a credit to these travellers at least they clean up after themselves

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 2nd June 2014 at 12:33

Edward; Thomas Walsh`s 1st July 2012 Photo-a-Day shows 3 caravans going towards Wigan in Wigan Lane and there are 33 comments.
Tom`s photo was taken on a Sunday - when did you take this?
August, 2014 will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens only once every 823 years.

Comment by: jo jo on 2nd June 2014 at 12:39

Ye I agree with B R show some respect for others we dont all want to be iiving life at a fast pace if we dont have to.

Comment by: Jack on 2nd June 2014 at 13:04

Boring Ernest!

Comment by: car tax payer on 2nd June 2014 at 13:09

They should be band from out roads.

Comment by: Eddie on 2nd June 2014 at 13:10

Ernest. This was taken on Sun. the 25th May, around 1pm.

Comment by: Alan on 2nd June 2014 at 13:18

YOU Lot won't say that if your late for a meeting or work.

Comment by: John on 2nd June 2014 at 14:40

It must have been 823 years already. March 2013 and now this August seems a lot less than 823 years. lol

Comment by: Mick on 2nd June 2014 at 16:43

Jack. there nothing boring about Ernest.

Alan. Most of the folk on this forum wouldn't know what a days work was.

Comment by: HENRY7 on 2nd June 2014 at 17:52

Fantastic photo. What a wonderful site, great that they keep their traditions alive. Long may they last.

Comment by: irene roberts on 2nd June 2014 at 18:22

And some of us know what a day's work is only too well.

Comment by: spectre on 2nd June 2014 at 19:01

These come from the Stoke area and always spend the night on Landgate lane. They will be there again on their way way home.

Comment by: Ken R on 2nd June 2014 at 20:26

Ernest. Re; 1st July 2012 photo. I also posted on July 12th much the same as to-day, you asked me what colour they were, I could not remember, but now I do they were the same with the exception of the one with the square covering.

Comment by: jathbee on 2nd June 2014 at 20:53

These lot should be in a field, not clogging the roads up.

It's the poor horses I feel sorry for.

They should take the horses off them.

Comment by: Car tax payer 2 on 2nd June 2014 at 21:30

I wouldn't stop at this lot either. Cyclists pay nowt, and should stay clear of roads they don't pay for. When they get knocked off their contraptions because they're not looking where they are going or haven't bothered to learn the highway code, they can hold up the traffic for ages whilst they wait for an ambulance to sweep them up and take them to hospital. And that just delays car tax payers as well. Then there's pedestrians, with crossings that just hold up my progress. they haven't paid for the roads so should just stay off them.

Great photo by the way ;-)

Comment by: Lizziedownunder on 2nd June 2014 at 21:45

Very nice photo Edward.....lovely horses and lovely colours...what a cheery sight....live and let live is my motto....cheers!!!

Comment by: Mick on 2nd June 2014 at 22:21

Car tax payer 2. My new environmentally friendly car is tax free and I can also drive into the centre of London free.

My bike is also tax free.

Comment by: Car tax payer 2 on 2nd June 2014 at 22:40

Mick. Exactly, youv'e pay'd nowt. Get off the roads. It would be easier for folk who have payed to use em.

Comment by: Mick on 2nd June 2014 at 22:44

Reason it free for me is because Im not polluting our earth

Comment by: Maureen on 2nd June 2014 at 23:05

For Gods sake lighten up..it makes a lovely change from speeding cars..traffic fumes and road rage..

Comment by: Jemmy on 3rd June 2014 at 00:11

Mick...I bet your new tax free car is IMPORTED...nothing to brag about or be proud about.

Comment by: Ken R on 3rd June 2014 at 00:11

Maureen. Perhaps we should coin a phrase. WIGAN WORLD RAGE GRRRRRRR.

Comment by: Maxine on 3rd June 2014 at 01:48

Car tax payer 2, you assume that Travellers, pedestrians, cyclists etc. are not also car owners themselves. " Car Tax" is a tax on cars, not roads, and it goes straight into the general Treasury fund, infact it might be classified as a pollution tax, since it's now based on the size of engine and emissions. Roads are paid for via general and local taxation.

Comment by: Garry on 3rd June 2014 at 07:16

Micks been brainwashed by the government about going green...in the last 10 years cars, vans and HGV are cleaner than ever, they are just ripping people like Mick off who are easily conned into going green.

Comment by: Mick on 3rd June 2014 at 07:32

Jemmy Its a foreign make but its made in the factory in Derbyshire

Comment by: Jean F (Wales) on 3rd June 2014 at 10:52


Comment by: Colin Harlow on 3rd June 2014 at 11:02

A Toyota Mick?

Comment by: David on 3rd June 2014 at 11:09

There is no such thing as an environmentally friendly car. Precious natural resource are used in manufacture. Energy is used and pollution is created during manufacture, more so with "hybrid" cars because they have two engines. All cars pollute the air to some degree. When a car is old it needs to be recycle which uses more energy thus creating more pollution. Again "hybrid" cars are worse than normal cars because of the extra motor.
Ironically the only truely environmentally friendly mode of transport is the horse. Horse even produce free plant food.

Nice photo Edward.

Comment by: Maureen on 3rd June 2014 at 11:10

Jack,Ernest has never been boring..don't be so damn rude.

Comment by: Lizziiedownunder on 3rd June 2014 at 12:01

Well I don't know what all this has to do with the picture at hand fellas......our Maureen and Jean have you got any idea what they are on about.... Cheers!!!

Comment by: Maureen on 3rd June 2014 at 13:06

Our Lizzie,some folk get out of bed each day and see just how unpleasant they can be to their fellow man,why..I'll never know,do they feel inadequate in themselves,if so I feel sorry for them,but to hurl insults from sat behind a screen to me also
speaks cowardice.

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 3rd June 2014 at 16:33

Eddie; Never thought you`d get so many comments! - 38 as I type this.

Comment by: Car tax payer 2 on 3rd June 2014 at 23:46

Maxine, only 25% of road tax is spent on the roads - the rest goes into general taxation.

Garry - your right about being brainwashed by the Gvt - they have still no idea about how to green - so called green cars are more polluting in there production than normal cars! So, with me in my 4.2 V8 i am subsidising daft ideas like going green which costs the earth a lot more.

Comment by: Garry on 4th June 2014 at 06:43

We Wiganers care!

Comment by: Geoff on 24th July 2014 at 21:34

Great Photo Eddie.
Note to Car Tax Payer."Learn to Spell"

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