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Photos of Wigan
Photos of Wigan

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Photo-a-Day Archive

Photo-a-Day  (Sunday, 5th August, 2012)

Narrow boat

Narrow boat
Narrow boat on LL canal nr Scotsmans

Photo: Jeff Haydock  (Nikon D40 Tokina 12-24 mm)
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Comment by: Dave (Oy) on 5th August 2012 at 00:04

Oooooh nice shot!

Comment by: Ken R on 5th August 2012 at 00:08

Nice colourful photo. Walked along there a few times, also boated and canoed on Scotsmans when I was in the Wigan Sea Cadets.

Comment by: David Barker on 5th August 2012 at 00:36

Crystal clear photo Jeff,nice bright day for photo's for a change.

Comment by: Peter Johnson on 5th August 2012 at 00:38

Nice shot good light, and one man and his dog works well.

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 5th August 2012 at 03:53

A pleasing colourful scene, Jeff. When was it taken?
It`s time we had a bit of culture:-

I Love a Little Narrowboat - by Pam Ayres

I love a little narrowboat, I love the old canal,
Imagining the tales these ancient waterways could tell,
I love to work the lock, those oaken gates so firm and strong,
With know-alls up above to tell you what you're doing wrong.

I love to see the native creatures busy at the bank,
The otter and the water vole, the terrapin and mink,
And peering in the water, into shallows green and still,
To see somebody's goldfish from the kitchen window-sill.

I love to moor along the bank and hear the gentle rain,
To cook a meal and watch the world beyond the window-pane,
Little bobbing moorhen chicks, the mallard and the coot,
Exhausted lovers hoping that their effort's bearing fruit.

I love the ancient bridges, every keystone, every corbel,
The singing of the little birds, the chirrup and the warble,
To feed a lonely swan, so perfect, white as alabaster,
Who struck me with his wing; observe my collar-bone in plaster.

I love to meet the other folk who use the waterways,
The walkers and the fishermen on sunny languid days,
We drift beside the towpath and we breathe the summer's breath,
Till roaring motor-bikers come and frighten us to death.

I love the inland waterways and if it's in my power,
I'll just keep on a-sailing at about three miles an hour,
And when I see that final tunnel, into it I'll glide,
I'll raise my yachting cap and see you on the other side.

Comment by: peterp on 5th August 2012 at 08:21

Thats the life just up sticks and move on

Comment by: jeff haydock on 5th August 2012 at 10:05

Ernest. The photo was taken at 8.17 pm on the 7th of July this year. I have never read the poem before, but it's a classic of Pam Ayres sense of humour.

Comment by: Thomas(Tom)Walsh. on 5th August 2012 at 10:19

Jeff,realy nice photogragh ,Ive walked this bank many times,but not for quite a long time,this shot has wetted my appetite,and I hope,weather permitting ,to walk this week,from St,James Church to Platt bridge ,it's a particular nice walk early evening,when the birds are coming home to roost.The nicest part of the walk is the area between the canal and Scotsmans.

Comment by: Colin Harlow on 5th August 2012 at 10:36

Just beautiful and peaceful, well done Jeff.

Comment by: Jenny on 5th August 2012 at 11:04

Very nice photo. Lovely.

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 5th August 2012 at 11:36

Jeff, I`m glad you liked the poem. There are a lot of poems by Pam Ayres on You Tube, but not this one unfortunately

Comment by: Janice on 5th August 2012 at 11:46

This is a great photograph Jeff. Love the way you have caught the movement of the boat with the gentle wake and terrific reflections. Ernest, well done once again. I love Pam Eyres and what a great poem. Wouldn't the photo and the poem make a great card to send to someone!

Comment by: Dave Marsh on 5th August 2012 at 11:54

I have known this area for more than 60 years.Today is a vast improvement on what once was,well done everyone who had a hand in it.

Comment by: Catherine on 6th August 2012 at 04:28

I try to take my children down this path whenever we go home. It's quite close to my Mum's and it's a lovely walk. Great photo.

Comment by: David on 6th August 2012 at 09:14

Great photograph - who needs a D800?

Comment by: jeff haydock on 6th August 2012 at 16:32

I wish I had a D800.

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