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Photo-a-Day  (Tuesday, 8th May, 2012)

The Iron Bridge

The Iron Bridge
Connecting Wigan North Western and King Street.

Photo: Thomas Walsh  (Canon PowerShot A1200)
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Comment by: Ken R on 8th May 2012 at 00:07

Been there, walked that. Nice to see again.

Comment by: peterp on 8th May 2012 at 07:06

NOT a pretty site ,modern design made ugly

Comment by: Garry on 8th May 2012 at 08:18

Not too good for people at night, only one lamp.
peterp the foot bridge as been there for years.

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 8th May 2012 at 08:59

Thomas, this photo has had me searching a long time for one showing the old iron bridge, without much success.
Garry, this bridge has not been there very long. The bridge before it spanned right across to the station. Refer :-
Have tried to get a better photo. Has anyone else tried?
Access to this bridge is down by the side of the County Playhouse shown on 8th Jan.2012 Photo-a-Day.

Comment by: Bill Eatock on 8th May 2012 at 09:35

There's a couple of photo's of the bridge on here, Ernest.

Comment by: Tom Walsh on 8th May 2012 at 10:10

The bridge that preceded this one was a much different affair,an attractive design,arched and lattice sides and on two levels. This replacement is quite ugly I agree ,but if you live on that side of Wigan ,it can save precious seconds,if like me on the last minute when going to catch a train. When we were children it was exciting to stand on the bridge as the steam trains went by and be enveloped in steam,happy days!

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 8th May 2012 at 11:05

Thanks Bill Eatock, there`s a photo of the Coop, which I mentioned in last Sunday`s comment, above them !

Comment by: Cyril on 8th May 2012 at 11:42

Tom, my brother, sister and I also spent many happy times stood on the old latticed bridge watching the steam trains toing and froing below.

Yes Gary, sadly now a place to avoid at night.

Comment by: dave marsh on 8th May 2012 at 12:08

Remember being enveloped in smoke when the engines went under the old iron bridge,Cyril.

Comment by: Tom waterhouse on 8th May 2012 at 12:15

A long time ago I used to travel by train into Wigan every day, and walked over the old bridge twice a day. I'm puzzled by the concrete footpath at right angles to the new bridge. Can somebody explain?

Comment by: David on 8th May 2012 at 13:29

I Googled 'oocities wigan ironbridge' and got a very interesting page with two pictures of the old iron bridge.

Comment by: Jimmy on 8th May 2012 at 13:52

Tom, they have built a multi storey car park, and diverted the original path, it use to go straight to the station.

Comment by: Jean F (Wales) on 9th May 2012 at 15:03

Remember walking along a bridge near the railway station and dropping my new little doll throgh one of the holes on the floor !

Comment by: marie yates on 13th May 2012 at 22:13

God!!! is that bridge still there , not seen it for ages ,are you still allowed to cross it ?

Comment by: Phil Whitehead on 13th May 2012 at 23:58

I wonder how many people have been Mugged on that bridge.

Comment by: Ernest Pyke on 14th May 2012 at 02:15

Hi marie yates, as I explained above, this bridge is not very old. It is much shorter than the bridge it replaced.

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