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Johnny Morris's shop.
Photo: Philip Confrey
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Johnny Morris's shop which was on the corner of Bryn St and Garswood St. He was a well known character in Ashton. The shop was full of all sorts from bikes to tin cars, the stuff would be worth a fortune now.

Comment by: fred foster on 28th March 2008 at 08:23

I was told that when the Yanks were in Ashton, Johnny sold them bikes and when they were drafted out, would buy them back and sell them on to the next batch that came along. He used to sell pit tools and was known as Ha'penny Jack, because if something started to sell well, he would up the price by another ha'penny!I recall a piece in the paper when the shop closed about finding a whitewalled tyre for a 1935 Rolls Royce.

Comment by: KENEE on 15th August 2010 at 11:08

From the age of about 9, my parents used to send me to ‘Johnny Moggies’ for paraffin in winter. It was very intimidating, I can only describe it as the nearest thing to Steptoe’s house, only more packed. Once you crossed the threshold you didn’t know if you would ever get out alive.

Comment by: AP on 20th January 2013 at 10:37

Obviously gone by the time of this photo, but did not there used to be an old fashioned hand operated (vehicle) fuel pump at the corner which is occupied by that metal construction in this photo?

Comment by: Kenee on 29th January 2013 at 18:55

Yes, there was an old fuel pump, Fina Petrol. I think it might just be out of shot in this photo, a little further round the corner. There was a little cobbled 'drive in' for re-fueling vehicles. Judging by the shadows the photo was taken about tea time.

Comment by: Sandra on 20th November 2013 at 14:31

Ah memories! When my dad needed a tool or parts for our bikes or just a rummage,he would nip into Johnnys while mum went around the market. Like Johnny Morris that market sold everything.

Comment by: John59 on 9th August 2020 at 13:00

looks very sparsly stocked inside on this photo, was it just before it was redeveloped maybe ? by A. Smallshaw (sign onfirst floor) ?
Opportunity wasted imo to get Ashton back to its former glory imo.
they cocked up the Palace re-work marvelously
oh alas the joy of 70's/80's 'modernist' acchitecture !

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