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Perfidious Albion?
Photo: DTease
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This structure is across the canal from Top Lock. It is on the site of the old Albion Ironworks.
I can't imagine what practical purpose it served. Is it, as Alan says, something to do with a Pit Shaft?, or was it connected with the Ironworks?

Comment by: Arthur on 9th April 2020 at 13:01

Now I'm torn between pit shaft and Ironworks.

Comment by: AP on 9th April 2020 at 15:06

Surely if it was protecting an old pit shaft, you would not expect to see an archway covered entrance. Sort of defeats the purpose.

Comment by: Rev David Long on 9th April 2020 at 16:59

I've seen elsewhere that the site was used as a munitions store at some stage. Another view I've seen was taken from the other side - showing the back left-hand corner more clearly - and it looks to me as if it could have had a defensive purpose too - with loopholes set in the corner to make a make-shift pill-box

Comment by: TommyT on 9th April 2020 at 19:53

Albion colliery was on this site but that photo is what's left of the ironworks.

Comment by: Phil Taylor on 10th April 2020 at 00:05

AP, the old brick structure was what was left of the Albion Iron Works engine house.

Comment by: Dennis Miller on 10th April 2020 at 06:29

I was told these are ventilation shafts... and this is only one of about four in a line.

Comment by: jack on 10th April 2020 at 23:16

play round there loads of times as a kid from toplock in the fifties.Kestrel was a regular nester not a pit shaft more like a engine block inside

Comment by: Sir Bob on 11th April 2020 at 09:35

Some interesting information here

And here

Comment by: DTease on 11th April 2020 at 12:16

Very interesting Sir Bob, particularly the map of the site. Certainly put my curiosity to rest.

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