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Peter and Irene in 1940s Wigan
Photo: irene roberts
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My daughter did this for my birthday. Peter and I in our 1940s clothes which we wear to 1940s events. My son-in-law made a beautiful 1940s-style frame for it. The background photo may actually be 1950s Wigan, but you get the idea!

Comment by: kam on 17th March 2012 at 18:58

hello irene, you and peter time travelling again, pick me some bargains up at 1950s prices, sort it out when i see you

Comment by: Margaret Wall on 17th March 2012 at 20:39

Irene this is lovely and I bet you and Peter are thrilled to bits with it. What a wonderful and thoughtful birthday present from your daughter and son-in-law. It looks like you're really there.

Comment by: colin Harlow on 17th March 2012 at 21:10

Well worth the time and effort Irene, you and Peter blend in nicely with the background. Your daughter deserves a great deal of gredit, well done

Comment by: irene roberts on 17th March 2012 at 21:42

Thankyou all, but the star of the show is Tony Cunningham, with that fabulous pic of his ancestors all around the pub in Wigan. That must have taken so much time and patience, and just gave me the idea to put Our Ashley's photo of Peter and I on The Album. The hat I am wearing is original, but I have since got one that isn't original but is much more "forties" to look at, and I am itching for the new season of forties events to start!

Comment by: irene roberts on 17th March 2012 at 21:51

Thanks, Kath and Margaret. Colin, she will be ringing me tomorrow for Mothering Sunday, and I will pass on you compliment and tell her to have a look at the comments. She lives on The Isle of Lewis now, and we only see her once a year. Did you used to go in The Platt Bride Inn, Colin?

Comment by: Colin Harlow on 18th March 2012 at 07:21

Yes I did use to go in the Platt Bridge inn Irene, and the Queens, the King William and the Vic. I always finished off the evening in Hindley, then catch the last LUT bus home to the depot (for free) That was up to 1986 when I moved to Hindley Green where I presently reside. Some great nights out then.
Sorry for the spelling mistake in Credit, hope you could still read through it.

Comment by: Janet on 18th March 2012 at 12:35

Irene what a lovely picture.. Very thoughtful of your daughter and son-in-law..

Comment by: Maureen Andrews nee McGovern on 18th March 2012 at 13:24

Irene and Peter.. no wonder you stopped the traffic,you both look great.

Comment by: irene roberts on 18th March 2012 at 17:43

Thanks, Janet and Maureen. Ashley rang me today and she was so pleased about all the lovely comments.

Comment by: owd incer on 18th March 2012 at 19:08

How are you colin , not seen thee for ages hope tha well lad.

Comment by: josie on 18th March 2012 at 20:07

aww thats lovely irene bet you love it x

Comment by: moodysue on 19th March 2012 at 13:57

You look fantastic both of you.

Comment by: irene roberts on 20th March 2012 at 10:30

Thanks Josie and moodysue. We are in glorious technicolour on Photo-a-Day September 2011. Apologies if this comment appears twice, as I put it on last night but it doesn't seen to have registered.

Comment by: josie on 20th March 2012 at 23:10

id'e love to know where the bus is going iv'e magnified it but still blared can anyone help.

Comment by: irene roberts on 21st March 2012 at 21:32

Josie, I imagine it would have been going to Beech Hill/Springfield. I seem to recall Beech Hill buses picking up near Lowe's. The buses for Ince,Hindley, Abram, Platt Bridge would have gone down Library Street, Standish buses went up Standishgate/ Wigan Lane, (I used to work in Standish), and Pemberton/Orrell buses would have gone down Wallgate.

Comment by: Art on 22nd March 2012 at 00:56

The stop after the Beech Hill stop on Market St was Martland Mill via Evan House Farm, opposite the Fleece Hotel.
This is obviously a made up pic (bus casts a shadow, whereas the couple are shadow free)Not a factual pic of old Wigan.....Nice as a present tho'..;o)

Comment by: irene roberts on 22nd March 2012 at 12:09

Art, the photo (minus Peter and myself) is somewhere on The Album. That's where Ashley got it from.

Comment by: irene roberts on 22nd March 2012 at 12:17

It is under "Street Scenes", then "Market Place". Ashley has cropped it to enable her to superimpose us.

Comment by: Art on 22nd March 2012 at 18:19

Yes, Irene, I can see inching "floaters" to someone elses pic, without acknowlegment, makes a false memory. If you look at the couple, the shaded part o the mans face is the left side, which is the north.....T'sun don't shine from the north in good 'owd Wiggin..;o)

Comment by: Ged on 22nd March 2012 at 19:04

Afantastic photo, but did we have that type of crossing in the 40s,

Comment by: irene roberts on 22nd March 2012 at 19:49

Ged, probably not; as I have put in the description of the photo, I think it is actually 1950s Wigan, but the idea was just to show us in an old-fashioned setting to go with our outfits. Art, you have the advantage over me with the technicalities; I don't really understand all that. The photo was simply a very kind gesture from my thoughtful daughter and son-in-law to make Mum was never meant to be perfect.

Comment by: Maureen Andrews nee McGovern on 24th March 2012 at 08:43

Irene..there's always one.

Comment by: Art on 24th March 2012 at 14:31

Nee McGovern......One what? making pointless posts?
This is an album of genuine street scenes, some enhance, but not doctored, which make the untrue pics.
I have done many on other WW boards in fun, quite a few will agree. But NOT on historical pictures of Wigan History.
If you can read my first post on the subject, I mentioned "a nice pres"
Then of course, you have to stick your beak in with a snide remark....Get a life!! You're "that always the one"

Comment by: tricia on 24th March 2012 at 17:07

Now, Art, be nice. Irene was just showing us a nice picture, kindly done for her by her relatives. I wish I had the know-how to do these things.I am sure she did not mean to misled anyone... she did explain in her post underneath the photo. Well I for one like it. I think they make a lovely couple.

Comment by: irene roberts on 24th March 2012 at 17:43

There is no-one who loves and appreciates the original photos of old Wigan more than me, and if by doing this kind deed for my birthday my daughter had taken away the original copy and put this in its place I could understand your feelings; I would have been upset myself. But the original copy is STILL THERE, just as it was, for all to see, and always will be.

Comment by: Owd Wigan on 24th March 2012 at 17:59

Art, lad, let me put my arm around you. This pic is just for fun, it's to show how they blend in with the background thats all. Take a few short breaths and say sorry to Maureen.

Comment by: Maureen Andrews nee McGovern on 25th March 2012 at 12:23

Art,the comment was not aimed at you..I'm sorry you had to put scathing remarks like that must realise that comments are only for the remark that is made not on a personal level..I don't know you from Adam..anyway,if I've upset you I apologise.

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