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Graham Avenue, Appley Bridge


Morning Milk Delivery on Graham Avenue
Photo: Rod Prescott
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A Photograph of my dear friend Gerald Pearson (Milkman) from Waterworth’s Dairies, taken during the summer of 1974.

Gerald then aged 43 is pictured outside house numbers 12 (John & Edna Baron) and opposite my Auntie and Uncle’s house (7) Nellie and Arnold Gale.

Gerald sadly died in April 2011, having just reached 80 in January…. spent all my youth with Gerald helping out on Boars Den Farm.

Anyone who has any memories of Graham Avenue, please put them on!

Comment by: Mick on 6th September 2011 at 10:25

My mate all ways calls to the graham ave estate the indian village I ask him why but he cant remember why.

Comment by: Cyril on 6th September 2011 at 11:18

Is John and Edna Baron the same folks who helped out at The Raven, John's brother was the landlord there in the 1970's.

Comment by: christine reddington on 6th September 2011 at 18:29

I remember him well and his parents. The Waterworths now live in New Zealand and their son clay pigeon shoots for the country.

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 6th September 2011 at 18:55

Never heard it called that before Mick and I have been here for 51 years !

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 6th September 2011 at 18:59

John and Edna were quite old at this time , so I do not know if they would be the same people Cyril.

Comment by: Mick on 6th September 2011 at 22:14

Same with me Rod its my mate who all ways calls it that.

I uised to know a few lads who lived on your estate like the Bowens, Tony Walton. Fazackerlys,Norburns,Stephanie C heetham and I knew Lesley Owens whos on your school group photo, older twin sisters Joan and Jeniffer

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 7th September 2011 at 07:04

It's great to see these names remembered again .... I know all of these ( except Lesley's sisters ) ... they were much older then me , but as a young child I knew who they where ! Tony Watton only left the avenue a few years ago ..... sadly , not many of the old names here now .... thanks Mick

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 7th September 2011 at 07:43

Geralds parents used to live at number 6 around 1958 , before the Wilson family moved in. John and Jean Waterworth left for NZ on April 16th 1998 , young John and Anne had gone out a couple of weeks previous . A great loss to the local community ! Thank you Christine .

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 7th September 2011 at 08:07

Mick , a few more names from Graham Ave who you may remember ( they were a lot older then myself ) Janet Moss ( no 8 ) Derek and Colin Lea ( no 15 ) Pat McDermot ( no 17 ) John Tait ( no 21 ) Carol Clayton ( no 22 ) Susan Schofield ( no 24 ) the Greenwood brothers ( no 18 )

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 7th September 2011 at 12:06

Sorry Mick .... Pauline Abram ( No 20 ) and Linda Fazackerley ( No 13 )

Comment by: Mick on 7th September 2011 at 16:04

I remember John Tait Alan Clayton Susan Schofield and
her brother the Greenwood brothers and Maggie Leyland

Comment by: ALAN GREENWOOD on 8th September 2011 at 09:09

My recollections will I am sure bring back some memories.
2 Graham Avenue Richard n Jimmy Platt n Robert Ferguson
4 Alan David and John Bowen
6 Pearsons?
8 Cliff Moss
10 eventually Scanlons?
16 Paul and Lynn Jackson
18 John Dave Alan Steve and Eric Greenwood
20 Patrick and Pauline Abram
22 Alstons?
24 Schofield?
Odd side was prefabs then Williams
Mellings Fazacks

North Drive

Mrs Sharp
Frank n david Taylor
Alan Clayton
Lawrence Child
Geoof Graham n Pat warburton

Comment by: Mick on 8th September 2011 at 23:12

Hi Alam hows Canada I saw Richard Platt a while back working in B&Q.

Just wondering if you know Alan Bowen Paul Jackson John Tait and the Warburtons brother are all dead

Comment by: Dave on 8th September 2011 at 23:48

Re the Indian Village name...I believe it was commonly referred to as the RESERVATION and still is.

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 12th September 2011 at 12:11

Hello Alan ..... you are Eric and Stephen's older brother , who were around five years older then myself. Thank you so much for your interest .
Below is a complete listing of Graham Avenue Residents as it was in 1958, a couple of years before we had moved in.
1 Simm 3 Evans 5 Fazackerley (Harry) 7 Gale 9 Rigby 11 Melling 13 Fazackerley (Richard) 15 Lea 17 McDermot 19 Prescott 21 Tait
2 Platt 4 Bowen 6 Pearson 8 Moss 10 Whatton 12 Baron ( John) 14 Andrews 16 Jackson 18 Greenwood 20 Abram 22 Alston 24 Schofield 26 Clayton 28 Wilcock
South Drive 1 Latham 3 Russell 5 Baron ( Thomas) 7 Wilkins 9 Horridge 11 Holmes
2 Cheetham 4 Woods 6 Turner 8 Wright 10 Thompson 12 Galloway

North Drive 1 Latham 3 Warburton 5 Cross 7 Harrison 9 Robinson 11 Dawson
2 Scanlan 4 Sharp 6 Holland 8 Clayton 10 Peet 12 Taylor 14 Leyland 16 Heaton
Hope this brings back some memories for you Alan !

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 13th September 2011 at 08:13

Sorry Alan , I think I worded that wrong .... we moved in around 1956 / 57 .

Comment by: Colin Lea on 23rd December 2011 at 15:49

Good to hear all those names again. We moved in in February 1949. I've been trying to remember who was in your house before you, but my memory deserts me. People didn't move very much in those days.

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 16th March 2012 at 15:50

Hello Colin .... I believe that the people who lived in our house had a Surname of Wane , a married couple with no children with them at that time . Can you remember anything about them ? What year where these houses built , if your family moved in , in 1949 ? Where had you moved from ?

Comment by: mike carey on 30th May 2014 at 01:13

my mum is pauline abram

Comment by: jackie carey on 4th June 2014 at 21:15

My mum is Pauline Abram spent many a time visiting my gran and grandad James and winnie

Comment by: Margaret Jones (nee Taylor) on 31st July 2014 at 12:10

Many happy memories of Graham Avenue although I was never a resident. My Aunt and Uncle Frank and Alice Clayton lived at number 26 and had children Carol and Neil. Neil married Christine Waterworth who's parents and brother moved to New Zealand. They moved over there too and have been home a couple of times to visit. Fairy Glen was a must years ago and I still take my grandchildren in there for a muddy adventure in winter and a splash in the waterfall in summer. I remember Miss Bennett and used to love my visits.

Comment by: Frank Goodwill on 10th January 2018 at 17:07

I lived at no 9 Stoneygate lane 1945 to 1963 and remember most of the names from the reservation.I used to knock about with Clifford Moss and John Cross also Colin Ashcroft and Geoff Norburn who also lived on Stoneygate.
List of names Stoneygate no3 Norburns,no5 Ashcrofts/Leylands,no7Allens,no9 Goodwills,no11 Masons,no13 Jonesses,no15 Tates,no 17 cannot remember name but had a cobblers shop bottom of Appley Bridge,no19 Ashcrofts.At that time there was a playing field across road in Stoneygate where we used to play football and rugby.Also lots of time spent in Faity Glen camping.swinging on ropes round trees,building tree houses,bird nesting,tickling for trout in stream.Alwaws built a bonfire in field on left hand side as you entered Glenn on Bonfire night.

Comment by: FrankGoodwill on 11th January 2018 at 18:40

I remember Clara Bennetts old shop at Dangerous Corner,we used to pay one old penny for a glass of pop to drink outside the shop,returning the glass after drinking.Miss Benish had a bungalow a bit lower down Appley Lane North,I think it was next to the old smithy.There was a footpath near the old smithy which used to come out at the top of North Avenue.The local Bobby lived there.I used to deliver newspapers from Appley Bridge to dangerous corner 6 days a week.Went to Parbold School halfway down Parbold Hill and sang in church choir at church next door.

Comment by: Lynda Fazackerley ow jones on 30th March 2018 at 12:46

Just found this group it has many memories . It's great to see everyone who lived on graham Ave. so many people you forget .but good times

Comment by: james patrick abram on 26th January 2019 at 13:12

I still live at 20 ,graham ave my sister was paulie abram from hindley im her brother patrick, i remember also dawsons from no 11

Comment by: james patrick abram on 30th January 2019 at 14:38

I also remember the local shop "spongs" shop the local butcher harold atherton, and mrs thomas who had a small shop there, my father grew up on the canal bank appley bridge i have in graham avenue 62 years all my life.

Comment by: james patrick abram on 2nd February 2019 at 14:50

i specifically remember dawsons tony, johnny, michael, sisters kathleen, tilda, eileen. i used to go bike riding with them they always came to oour bonfire nights my mother used to take me and them to the pictures my auntie phoebee told me we were related to them some way.q

Comment by: Maxine Sinclair Bowen on 17th September 2019 at 23:49

I am the granddaughter of Tommy and Charlotte Bowen and the daughter of John Bowen. I spent most of my childhood on Graham avenue . I’m 42 now. I remember a lady called Sally who lived across the road in a bungalow, she used to give us 5p to go shop for some toffee. I have got the happiest memories.
Unfortunately Alan Bowen passed away in 2007 aged 60 with cancer. David is still living up near Blackpool in his Farm with the horses and John is still knocking about, still working, tarmacking etc.

Comment by: Alan Greenwood on 28th August 2020 at 08:18

You may remember us 5 Greenwood brothers at 18 though we were born between 1944 and 1956. A few memories :- Your grandmother was always referred to as Shell, Alan was a lovely guy and daft as a brush and a good footballer (Mind you so was Tommy!!!) . As Tommy was in business , 4 Graham Avenue was the only house with a phone to shell would get calls for the whole estate!!!! You may remember Robert Ferguson next door at platts well Robert died a few weeks ago. I am davids age and he of course was a famous show jumper.

Comment by: Frank Goodwill on 9th December 2020 at 20:25

People on this site mention names on the reservation which was nicknamed that and the Indian village because it was a council estate surrounded by private houses.Does anyone remember the names on Stoneygate lane.Geoff,David,Eric Norburn no3.Ken and Colin Ashcroft and Margaret Leyland no5.Myself and sister Joyce no9.David Mason no11.Maureen Sylvia and Frank Green no13.Doreen Tait no15.

Comment by: Carol Fitzgerald on 29th December 2020 at 17:17

Hi I am trying to find Tony Walton anyone any info

Comment by: Rod Prescott on 9th April 2021 at 11:25

Carol , do you mean Tony Whatton who used to live by the crossroads on Graham Avenue ?

Comment by: Mary Boardman on 13th June 2021 at 20:53

My best friend was Stephanie Cheetham from the estate. I lived on Appley lane but spent loads of time with Stephanie on the estate. We worked at the Dickinson Arms. I knew Alan Bowen and was madly in love with Paul Jackson. I left for South Africa in 1968 and married and have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. I recognize lots of the names from the reservation. Had wonderful times around there.

Comment by: Mary Boardman on 3rd July 2021 at 02:58

We lived at 134 appley lane.mybrothers were Gary and David Boardman. They went to Wigan Grammer and I went Shevi gton secondary modern with stephanie cheethum who was my best friend.

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