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Canal street


Canal st
Canal st
Photo: Eric Highton
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Canal street in early sixties, anyone know who the lad is.

Comment by: tony on 2nd January 2010 at 14:01

hi eric great pic is that the canal st near ince railway station at the side of the viaducts

Comment by: gringo on 2nd January 2010 at 14:36

no tony its canal st off woodhouse lane i was born in this street

Comment by: Art on 2nd January 2010 at 15:13

Wasn't Paul Carters on the corner with Woodhouse Lane?

Comment by: tony on 2nd January 2010 at 15:16

thanks gringo i thought that it was the house i was born in

Comment by: SB on 2nd January 2010 at 17:16

Excellent photo Eric - have you got anymore of the Woodhouse Lane area? I've shown this to my Mum and she's asked who's the chap on the corner - she grew up in Beech Hill avenue and briefly worked in the old post office (Bannisters?) on the corner of Holt Street back in the early '50's.

Comment by: gringo on 2nd January 2010 at 18:49

yes art paul carter the barbers was on the corner

Comment by: tony j on 2nd January 2010 at 19:45

that is paul carters where the lad is.

Comment by: gringo on 3rd January 2010 at 00:02

yea tony j it was paul carters i lived in the 1 with the street light outside

Comment by: Eric Highton on 3rd January 2010 at 01:03

Hi SB, I havn't got anymore picturs but if you look in photos of Wigan,album,assorted you'll find another picture of canal st in the fifties. We lived there till 1960,i was only 6yrs old

Comment by: sandra on 3rd January 2010 at 10:18

my cousins lived at the top of canal st, just wondering if the chap it one of them Harry or Albert Ackers

Comment by: tony j on 3rd January 2010 at 11:24

sb, the post office was indeed bannisters, it was facing the lad in the picture.

Comment by: SB on 3rd January 2010 at 13:37

So it wasn't on the corner of Holt Street - behind Paul Carter's? I've seen maps of the area and there were buildings on the opposite side of Canal Street where the Territorial Army base is now - at one time I think there was a Tram depot and a school. So what was there in the early '60's?

I'm too young to remember this era on the photograph, but I do remember Mrs Hill's off licence and a short row of terraced houses where the Douglas Bank Car Park is now, further down Woodhouse Lane.

Comment by: gringo on 3rd January 2010 at 15:07

hi sb i moved in 1961 the only thing facing the houses as i remember was a corragated tin fence

Comment by: Mick on 3rd January 2010 at 16:58

Takes me back - had my first proper crop in Paul Carter's in 1959.

Comment by: tony j on 3rd January 2010 at 18:58

sb, on the opposite side of canal street was the post office and about four houses, and where the houses finished, there was a street called "new street" only about five houses in it.

Comment by: Ian McL on 6th January 2010 at 16:08

My grandfather Harry Whittle was born at #36 in 1899, his mother Alice (nee Harmer) came from there while his dad came from 196 Woodhouse Lane. There were quite a few of the Harmer's down there I believe

Comment by: SB on 7th January 2010 at 00:59

Yes Gringo - I remember that corrugated fence, though in my time it was in a pretty bad state. It was all just weed strewn waste ground behind it with rubble everywhere. Probably from the houses, post office, tram sheds, who knows...

My Mum reckons Canal St houses were pulled down in about 1967

Comment by: Art on 7th January 2010 at 01:05

Ian, Harmers pen used to be across Ball St from the Woodhouses (keepers) pub on the cut bank. new houses there now. They lived opposite, the end terrace in the row.
There used to be chickens all over Woodhouse Lane belonging to them........I used to deliver their milk when I was a kid, helping Lizzie from Evan House farm..;o)

Comment by: Freda on 8th January 2010 at 09:39

My cousin lived about 5 or 6 houses down on the left hand side, until they were rehoused in Beech Hill.
My uncle was Jack Hilton, he used to do shoe repairs and make clogs in their front room.

Comment by: s heaviside on 10th January 2010 at 14:15

my dad george heaviside lived in canal st and my aunty marg my dad now lives in beech grove .marg moved to the [new flats]in dumbarton green .i now live in holt street and i remember getting the candle treatment in mr carters

Comment by: s heaviside on 10th January 2010 at 14:19

ducky wiggins lived close to canal st dident he sad but hes no longer with us

Comment by: s heaviside on 12th January 2010 at 10:33

i remember jonnys pen going in and piching his apples .near woodouses inn before keepers

Comment by: denispartington on 18th January 2010 at 12:10

Can't tell you what pleasure this pics given me. We lived at 30, on the left of the 1st entry in the photo, next door to the Rowes. Ducky lived on Woodhouse Lane, a door or two from the corner shop which would be facing where that guy is looking. He used to breed pet rats and flog them for a few pence. As kids we were devestated when we woke one winter morning to find ours frozen like statues in their cage. In fact I met Renee Aspey, last Saturday who lived in the street, now living in Leyland. Does anyone remeber her? We moved in about 1957 when I was 5 and left in 64 when the houses were being demolished. Other names that come to mind are: - Hollerons, Whites, Baxters, Leatherbarrow...my memory's grey. Behind the corrugated fence facing the houses was GTS tyres, stocked tyres in piles 6 feet high that we played in as kids (I can still sense the smell of rubber) and the place was alive with wild rabbits (and I dont just mean us kids playing the doctors and nurses games). Ah! what magical memories!My dad Bert (who sadly left us 8 Dec gone) got done for pinching two tyres from there for his Austin 10. Silly sod hadn't noticed that they were all marked with yellow crayon.

Comment by: gringo on 19th January 2010 at 22:35

i remember you dennis you used to live next door but 1 to us
sorry to hear about your dad

Comment by: denispartington on 21st January 2010 at 08:03

Thanks for the condolences gringo. You've done me a favour 'cos i thought we lived in the 'top' entry but if we lived next door but one to you obviously it's the 'bottom' entry. It looks to me, seeing the rubble in the street that most have moved out and you can see the houses being demolished at the bottom end which, i remember pretty well. We moved to marsh bonk from there in 1964. Our house became crawling with cockroaches towards the end because they'd all migrated from either empty or demolished properties. Gringo what's your name? Is it Jimmy?

Comment by: gringo on 22nd January 2010 at 20:28

hiya dennis no its not jimmy its janet (phillips)do you remember me

Comment by: denis partington on 1st February 2010 at 12:04

Thanks Gringo (Janet) The same family as Terry Philips? I remember Terry - we used to knock around with him. I called round my mam's yesterday and put as few more names to the street. So as I get time I'll put them on here. Betweeun us perhaps we can put more accurate street numbers against them - I think all out memories are on the wain. (It is more than 40 odd years since.

Comment by: denis partington on 1st February 2010 at 12:10

Hey, Janet, it's just clicked - course I remember you. Janet and Jean Philips! How are you? Where are you living these days? Tell me a little more about what you been doing. My email address is enclosed if you want send it there.

Comment by: gringo on 1st February 2010 at 17:57

hi dennis living in kitt green got a chippy in newtown see your ronnie quite a lot didn,t you move to lower ground in the 60,s. remember a few names from canal st but can,t remember which houses they lived in . i do know the Rowe,s lived inbetween us

Comment by: denispartington on 11th March 2010 at 08:01

Hello again Gringo (Janet). Called round my mam's and she brainstormed some names out. They're as she gave me from memory so will not be 100% accurate - but here they are. They could jog a few memories and if anyone knows any further details it would be good to slot them in the correct place: -
No 26 Iva Benson. 28 Aspey. 30 Partington. 32 Lucy Rowe. 34 ?. 36 Florrie Roberts. 38 ?. 40 Maggie Robinson. 42 Jimmy/Betty Buckley. At Holt St were: - Maggie Rourke, Hollerons, Liptrots, Baxters, Nellie/Cliff Higham, Annie Melligan. other misc names....Alice Clare, Lol & Annie Philips (that's you Janet). Nabbs, Johnsons, Chris Daniels. Incidentally, the shop/P Office was Jack Harrisons.

Comment by: Fred on 2nd April 2010 at 10:46

You are all to young for me to remember, but I also had my hair cut at Paul Carter's. our family moved into 284 Woodhouse lane in 1936, just across the road to Canal/Holt Street, I was 6 years old. The picture still brings back memories for me, Woodhouse Lane, Canal Street, and Holt Street kids had an on-going rivalry between each other, but not like today, Knives, guns, ect, Just things like nicking each others Bonfire, Guy Fawkes, after all we didn't have much else to nick in those days. I do remember a few of the names mentioned, but they would probably their parents I knew, ask them if they remember The Rosbottom’s, Leeche’s, Horners, Ormishaw’s, (he controlled the hare on the dog track, and made it pay.) Nelson’s, Gaskell’s they all lived next door to each other on the side of Woodhouse Lane facing Canal/Holt Street.
Thanks for the picture.

Comment by: SJB on 4th April 2010 at 21:55

Fred - do you remember the Tram sheds?

Comment by: Julie Pennington on 19th July 2010 at 12:24

My mum lived on Canal Street - Phyllis Robinson. Does anyone remember her? Mum married Cyril Pennington in November 1952 and they are still happily married - celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary this year! I read out all your comments to her and she was really excited to be hearing names from her youth - lots of whom she remembers fondly!

Comment by: Rita Greenough ( White ) on 20th October 2010 at 18:47

I lived in Holt street my name was Rita White and I had a sister Jean and brother Philip . I remember how all the neighbours sat on the back steps talking everyone new everybody and it was a close neighbourhood ( Happy Days )

Comment by: cheryl gordon (nee whittle) on 17th November 2010 at 18:40

Ian I think we are related! Was your grandfather Harry christened Henry? I have done some research on family tree and my grandad is the son of Mathew Harrys younger brother,address is same etc and Alice hamer married Richard Whittle their dad,small world!

Comment by: doreen c on 25th February 2011 at 23:58

i lived in canal street in 1961 i lived at no 14 next door to leylands iwas married to eddie caddick is mum and dad were mable and eddie lots off nice people in canal st and holt st the corner shop was jack harrison and when we left to live in beech grove margret wood used to come daily with order good days

Comment by: Duncan on 22nd March 2011 at 10:43

Vaguely remember going to Paul Carter's would have been in the early 60s.

Comment by: Graham Leyland on 31st August 2011 at 16:40

saw the write up on canal st, Well we lived in No12 with sisters Maureen,Jennifer,facing us was that field full of Tyres spent some time on those,im sure they had someone walking round,Remember the Names ACKERS,HEAVISIDE,ROWES, and CADDICKS,joined up in 61 did sixteen yrs,

Comment by: JENNIFER JONES NEE LEYLAND on 18th January 2012 at 16:06

I lived in Canal St, at number 12. Second up from the entry. I dont no the lads name. The barbers was at the end of the street. Happy days.

Comment by: Jan on 24th January 2012 at 20:41

Please does anyone remember a Walsh Family who lived in Canal Street?

Mother's name was Margaret, and Father was James.

Trying to trace some Walsh's who are, believed, to be ancestors.


Comment by: brenda on 10th February 2012 at 00:22

my great grandma and grandad lived in canal st early 30,s their names was joseph and bridget mcguire my dad lived there to for a few years his name was billy mcguire

Comment by: Sheila on 4th October 2012 at 20:34

Re comment 24 January 2012 re the Walsh family - Margaret and James - I think they were my grandparents. They surname was Herbert, but Margaret's maiden name was Walsh.

Comment by: Caroline goldsmith on 6th November 2016 at 21:31

Hi , I was hoping anyone would know my father Brian Houghton , he lived in 14 canal street when he was young (I have a bible that gives his address in it ) his mother was Elizabeth Ann birchall I think she had lived there a long time before marriage . I wanted to trace some of his family as he never talked about when he was a young man . Moved to Yorkshire where he met my mother and married in 1961 . He had a brother called Graham and a sister Christine any information would be great thank you

Comment by: Caroline on 7th November 2016 at 01:22

Hi it's late and I have wrong info earlier so sorry .
My grandmothers name was Annie Elizabeth Atherton married Harry Houghton , my father was Brian as I said they lived in canal street not sure if graham and his sister Christine was around then too .
Any info would be nice thank s

Comment by: Jean Blewitt on 24th August 2020 at 23:40

My dad Benny Holleron lived in Holt Street and I remember visiting my Nanny Margaret Holleron there. We later lived in Beech Hill Lane and then Beech Grove before my mum and dad took over the Seven Stars Pub in Wallgate. I remember a lot of the names mentioned here. Ducky Wiggins was related somehow through my nanny’s family and I do remember him quite well from the good old days.

Comment by: Jean Blewitt on 27th August 2020 at 04:54

My dad Benny Holleron lived in Holt Street and I remember visiting my Nanny Margaret Holleron there. We later lived in Beech Hill Lane and then Beech Grove before my mum and dad took over the Seven Stars Pub in Wallgate. I remember a lot of the names mentioned here. Ducky Wiggins was related somehow through my nanny’s family and I do remember him quite well from the good old days.

Comment by: Jon Warner on 7th May 2021 at 01:54

Well remember Benny and his Missus at the Seven stars in the 70s, worked with their son Johnnie at Sarah Lynns for a while, many happy hours and memories in the Seven Stars for sure..

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