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1950/51 class
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The teacher is Miss Quayle , married name Mrs Robinson , she died on the 5th of July this year aged 90 at Blackpool where she lived for many years.

Comment by: Cyril on 22nd August 2020 at 20:15

Hasn't the lad on the left got a thick mop of hair, also a spitting image of Art Garfunkel too. Wonder how he got away with having his hair like that, it was usually the strict rule of a short back and sides with a bit off the top haircut at schools in the fifties, unless my Ma was telling me porkies, I hated going to the barber too as he then used those awful hand operated clippers and more hair was plucked out rather than being cut.

Comment by: Thomas(Tom)Walsh. on 22nd August 2020 at 20:44

Miss Quayle taught me , she was always very kind and gentle every child liked her ; she had a way of teaching that many other teachers lacked . R.I.P.

Comment by: Veronica on 22nd August 2020 at 22:40

I don't remember Miss Quayle Tom. Yet I can remember every teacher in the girl's school.

Comment by: Tony on 23rd August 2020 at 09:33

Cyril. I think the 'lad' you describe is actually Miss Quayle the teacher described in Tom's caption to the photo.

Comment by: Irene Roberts on 23rd August 2020 at 10:20

Yes, I think the "lad" IS Miss Quayle. Are you on here, Tom?

Comment by: Veronica on 23rd August 2020 at 12:34

If I was to guess I think that's Tom nearest to Miss Quayle at her left shoulder.

Comment by: Cyril on 23rd August 2020 at 12:35

Oh right must get my lenses changed. Though I still think she bears a great resemblance to a young Art Garfunkel, unless it's just how the camera caught her image. Happy days.

Comment by: Veronica on 23rd August 2020 at 17:42

Was she called Miss Qualley Tom? The name has just struck me.

Comment by: Thomas(Tom)Walsh on 24th August 2020 at 00:29

Veronica you're quite right I've missed the ' y '.
The family lived in Chancery Street if memory serves me right next door or next door but one to a Wigan Alderman Bert Hunt and his sister , his sister had the toffee shop on Hardybutts.

Comment by: Veronica on 24th August 2020 at 09:43

Thanks Tom, so Miss Hunt who had a toffee shop over the road from St Pats was Miss Quailley's aunt? There was another family on Scholefield Lane with that name. I seem to recall a Bernard Quailley who was at school when I was. Would they have been related as well ?

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