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Rose bridge
Photo: aitch
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Rose bridge methodist church walking day passing the top of anderton street

Comment by: irene roberts nee griffiths on 27th July 2009 at 15:20

I was christened at Rose Bridge and have walked in the Walking Days,although I walked with Ince Parish a couple of times too. You have posted some lovely nostalgic Ince photos, Aitch; it's good to share memories.Thankyou.

Comment by: dorothy on 28th July 2009 at 16:08

irene have you any photos of rose bridge walking day about 62-3

Comment by: irene roberts nee griffiths on 28th July 2009 at 18:08

Hello, Dorothy, none at all, I'm afraid.Eventually, someone will probably post some on this brilliant site. I have been amazed at some pics of Ince that have appeared.....places I thought I'd never see again.

Comment by: irene roberts nee griffiths on 29th July 2009 at 09:42

Dorothy, I wonder if the church itself holds any photos of past Walking Days? Or perhaps you could put a notice in the church asking if anyone has any? Just a thought. Good Luck! Irene.

Comment by: dorothy on 29th July 2009 at 13:14

thank you irene for reply reason i am asking i lead out that year and i dont have any photos my dress was long and full of little bows i thought iwas the bees knees love to see photo to see what i really looked like.

Comment by: irene roberts nee griffiths on 29th July 2009 at 13:43

Hi, Dorothy, you could try asking in "Past Forward" too, although I think you will be too late for the next issue as it is due out any time now. I appealed for photos of Ince Green Lane a few years ago in PF and a lady lent me two walking-day pics to copy, which I have put on this site.I do hope you are lucky, and please post them on the Album if you get any.Irene.

Comment by: aitch on 29th July 2009 at 20:39

I have a few of Rose Bridge Methodist walking days, but only from around the time of this one and later, so they would be in the early 80s.

Comment by: Dorothy Jones on 30th July 2009 at 20:14

aitch was alice not a sunday school teacher then 1962-3

Comment by: aitch on 31st July 2009 at 00:18

No she only started going after we were married, and that was in 1966, we were married at Ince Parish, she started at Rose bridge after that, before she came to Ince she attended St Lukes in Orrell,

Comment by: aitch on 31st July 2009 at 09:43

Dorothy, Alice only started going to Rose bridge after we were married and that was in 1966, before that she was still a member of Orrell St Lukes, although she didnt attend much, she wnt to Ince parish for a while, but only so we could get married there, and after that she started going to Rose Bridge, but it was a while before she started her Sunday School class, also about this time she started being a part of the youth club group, which she carried on with until she got too ill, that I think upset her more than anything.

Comment by: dorothy on 31st July 2009 at 18:48

aitch was looking at some photos of you and alice at tramps party wit my mum and dad

Comment by: Aitch on 2nd August 2009 at 00:38

that wouldnt have been at the lanky union would it, ???

Comment by: dorothy on 2nd August 2009 at 22:22

thats correct good old days

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