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H. J. Heinz, Kitt Green


Heinz retirement. Can you help?
Photo: kath byrne
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Comment by: tommy on 17th May 2007 at 07:12

i have seen this photo before,its around 1974/75,and the ones i know are duncan mcpherson,roy davies,malc green,tony tomlinson danny turner,phil jones,george valentine,alan yates,jerry glover,winston white,...its hard to identify who is where because there isnt an order where they are sat,if you ask to identify specfic people i will try to help...hope this helps.

Comment by: dave johnson on 17th May 2007 at 09:15

I think the gent on the front row kneeling 2nd from left is
Stan Yates went to school with his son Phil?

Comment by: tommy on 17th May 2007 at 14:20

a few on this pic have since died,and a lot have retired....dave would that be pem boys you went to with phil yates,i was there from 68/72

Comment by: dave johnson on 17th May 2007 at 20:24

Tommy yep went to pem boys between 1964/68? long time since.

Comment by: tommy on 17th May 2007 at 21:27

phil still works at hj heinz(some sort of manager)

Comment by: tommy on 18th May 2007 at 13:41

some more names...neil critchley,mick ackey,phil stanton,colin whitter,...if i can recall any more i will post them on here.

Comment by: P.DOYLE on 19th May 2007 at 15:01

John Sibbit he is behind the man who is behind the telly,J. May who is knelt down at the right end of the front row.

Comment by: tommy on 19th May 2007 at 20:25

the man behind the telly with the beard is danny turner,he has now retired.

Comment by: john sibbit on 20th May 2007 at 09:52

terry ready bob woosey bob abrahams jimmy lomax george valentine phil jones norman davies winston heyes jack bromilow alan mercer sammy armstrong jim birket tommy fazackley george howarth dick foster billdawber bert ashurst tony chambers john givens stan yates duncan mc ferson roy davies malcolm green ian jones jimmy woodward bill bradshaw bernard lea bob worthington danny turner eddy taberner john finley mick attkinson tony tomlinson brian brown neil crithley the other 4 not quite sure

Comment by: tommy on 20th May 2007 at 20:18

hi john..can you remember the exact year and who was the telly for,thanks tommy.

Comment by: Alan Mercer on 22nd May 2007 at 20:18

I am almost certain that the photo is not a retirement but the christmas when we presented a television set to the childrens ward at Wigan Infirmary.We used to have raffles etc for local causes. I can name most of them in the picture.Graham Aspinall,Sammy Armstrong,Jim Birket,John SibbitTom Fazackerly,George Howarth,Richard Foster,BillDawber,Bert Ashurst,Tony Chambers,Tony Carney,Jim Turner,Jimmy Woodward Jack Bromilow,Alan Lawrence,Bill Bradshaw,Bernard Lee,Bob Worthington,Danny TurnerEddie Taberner,John Finley,Mick Atkinson,Tony Tomlinson,Brian BrownJ hn Givens ,Stan Yates,Duncan Mcpherson Bill Whittaker,Roy Davies,Malcom Green,Ian Jones,Terry Reddy,Bob Woosey Alan Mercer,Bob Abrahams,Jimmy Lomax,Norman Davies,Winston Heyes,GerryGlover,Alan Yates Phil Jones .I would think the photo was taken in the late 7os but I could be wrong

Comment by: john sibbit on 23rd May 2007 at 13:53

hi alan i dont know the one between you and woosey also the one in front of gerry and val by the way is birket asleep

Comment by: tommy on 23rd May 2007 at 18:23

the one in front of gerry glover and george val is alan yates

Comment by: Alan mercer on 23rd May 2007 at 19:45

Hi John.The one between me and bob woosey is Neil Critchley.I could not place him last night but I see that someone has named him in previous comments.

Comment by: Nathan on 9th August 2007 at 01:40

Could anyone tell me if the Guy above the Brian Blessed look'a'like is John Walker.

Comment by: angi on 21st May 2008 at 23:16

does anyone have anymore photos from heinz from the 70s to 80s particularly the plant cleaners and or bowling club thanks

Comment by: Night Turn on 24th July 2008 at 22:05

Where's Brian Rouke and Brum chatting somewhere i bet.

Comment by: Linda Armstrong on 7th August 2008 at 00:00

I can see my Uncle Sam Armstrong and Bernard Lee sitting in front of him, I recognise Neil Critchley as well. There a couple of others whose faces are familiar but names escape me.

Comment by: Linda Armstrong on 7th August 2008 at 00:06

Another person I remember is Tony Tomlinson,we were both born in Goose Green and brought up on Marsh Green.

Comment by: Louise on 16th May 2009 at 20:48

My Grandad - Stan Yates, front row, second from left.

Comment by: Julie on 18th August 2009 at 15:14

Can someone pinpoint Jack Bromilow for me please. That was my grandads name.

Comment by: Julie on 18th August 2009 at 15:15

Can someone pinpoint Jack Bromilow for me please. That was my grandads name.
Thank you.

Comment by: alan mercer on 7th September 2009 at 16:49

Jack Bromilow is on the 3rd row from the front,3 in from the left

Comment by: Ste Mulqueeney on 8th August 2012 at 12:09

I moved out of Shipping in mid 1981, Bernard Whittaker and Ray Peach moved out in mid 1982....all 3 of us not on this photo.... either its a big coincidence or taken after that.

Comment by: Giovanni on 6th November 2014 at 10:34

I remember pulling a girl in the Casino one night. She told me she worked at Heinz as a sausage-twister. I said to her "Fancy some overtime!"

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