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Pits and Collieries

Published by Brian on Monday 8th April 2024

Wigan had many pits back in the day. I've just added a list of pits and collieries around Wigan and nearby towns, there are over 300 listed along with their locations.

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Wigan Directory, 1968

Published by Brian on Friday 30th April 2021

Find your street and neighbours from 1968.

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Goodbye 2020

Published by Brian on Saturday 19th December 2020

2020, the worst year of my life and probably yours as well.

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Wigan Album

Published by Brian on Thursday 11th June 2020

Whilst doing the rewrite, I noticed that we've nearly reached another milestone!

Almost 30,000 photos in the album.

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Welcome to the new look wiganworld

Published by Brian on Wednesday 10th June 2020

It's taken an age but I've finally done it - a much needed rewrite. Time is precious but lately, due to the lockdown, I've had plenty of free time.

Hope you like it, there are a few changes...

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