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L & J Wilcock Lorry   Views: 1258
Wilcock ERF   Comments: 16
Photo: Ray Smyth   Item #: 30012  
Wilcock ERF
  Another lorry that is well maintained and cared for. Photo is courtesy of Ozy.  

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Comments by Ed, 22nd December 2017  
Where creeping back to lorries again zzzzz.

Comments by ERF tech, 23rd December 2017  
This is a 1998 ERF EC11 3-Axle artic tractor unit powered by Cummins, the EC range ran from 1993-2000.

Comments by jim, 23rd December 2017  
Agree Ed. Is this Wigan World or Wigan Wagons?.

Comments by Alan, 23rd December 2017  
Swarfega and duck oil is out again.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 23rd December 2017  
Considering we're only in December, there appear to be an awful lot of cuckoos about. It must be this mild weather were having. I ' suspect ' there may possibly be another one chirping up shortly.

Comments by DTease, 23rd December 2017  
Does Duck Oil come from Duck Eggs?

Comments by Veronica, 23rd December 2017  
Hahaha.... You"ll have to ask the 'duck eggs' Dtease they come on here regularly to look at wagons... Although the don't seem too particularly fond of wagons- strangely!

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 23rd December 2017  
It seems odd that you should ask that question DTease, as I've personally often wondered if they extract turmoil from squashed turms, and whether or not it's o.k. to use castor oil on my bike chain, or is it only suitable for using on my castors?

Comments by Arthur, 23rd December 2017  
Veronica: without them Britain and indeed the world would come to a standstill, weather you like them or not.

Comments by Howard P, 23rd December 2017  
I suspect veronica could be right!

Comments by Veronica, 23rd December 2017  
Arthur I agree totally - I was married to a lorry driver - I know how hard they worked- long hours and not very well paid and coming home filthy. The supermarket shelves would soon be empty if thet went on strike!

Comments by DTease, 23rd December 2017  
I put castors on my coffee table last week Ozy. I was finding that for some reason my biccies and my brew always seemed to be just out of reach thereby forcing me to get up from my comfortable place on the sofa in order to remedy the situation. Now I'm finding I can hook my foot round the table leg and drag it within reach without having to move from what they call in Parliament 'A sedentary position'.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 23rd December 2017  
I have to say DTease, I'm genuinely impressed with your ingenuity...You see?.....this is what Albert was on about recently. It's this kind of innovative thinking that made Britain great, and it's this level of genius that will once again be in demand when our country eventually leaves the EU in 2048. If I could just add a little flourish to your excellent idea though, rather than hooking the coffee table with your foot, why not obtain a telescopic pike rod, then over the Christmas period, when they're showing The Great Escape, or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or Raiders of Noah's Ark for the umpteenth time, you could switch off the telly, and enjoy endless hours of fun, by fly fishing, not just for the coffee table, but by hooking the wife's Lladró off the mantelpiece, or amusing the cat by lobbing one or two well aimed flies into his earhole. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. For myself, I've been attending pottery classes recently, and I'm currently working on my latest project. It's a pint cup with six handles. The idea being to eliminate once and for all, that all too familiar, annoying situation when the handle is pointing in the wrong direction. I haven't actually completed any at this particular moment in time, but as soon as the first batch come out of the kiln, I'll be in touch. I assume you can still be contacted at your old email address, dtease@secondverse, would that be correct?

Comments by Julie, 23rd December 2017  
What a sad waste of a wagon driver.

Comments by DTease, 23rd December 2017  
Ozy, I like the idea of the pint cup with six handles but would I not be in danger of poking my eye out with one of the unused handles?
I've been considering getting one of them Amazon Echo thingamibobs, you know the little dustbin thingy that sits on the table and you ask it questions like "What time is it Alexa"? If I could make one of them mobile I could say "Fetch me a brew Alexa" or "Put the bins out Alexa" The missus has been filling in temporary like but she does tend to complain a lot. I would have to make sure that Alexa was incapable of speaking back. It wouldn't do to have two of them in my earhole all day long.

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