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Buses   Views: 1899
623 Worsley Hall   Comments: 37
Photo: Tom Sutch   Item #: 29606  
623 Worsley Hall

Alert Image scaled down from 800px to 525px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Numbered 3230 by GMT, ex wigan no 57 (now preserved )passing Wigan Pier, 5 April 1980.  

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Comments by Colin Harlow, 3rd August 2017  
A proper full blooded Wigan bus. This bus entered service in 1961 and was the first of 14, the first 7 of which had Massey bodywork whilst the remainder were Northern Counties bodied. This bus was never repainted in Orange and white livery, instead it retained immaculate Wigan colours of crimson and white, and has won many major awards at vintage rallies.
Cheers Tom.

Comments by Geoff, 3rd August 2017  
That's a cracking photo Tom. It looks like a very nice spring day as well. Have you got anymore?

Comments by Philip Cunliffe, 3rd August 2017  
An excellent photograph. Can anyone shed any light on the council`s reason for turning Wigan`s "colours"on signs and vans etc to blue and green ? Why remove part of the town`s history ?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd August 2017  
Tom: A 'sparkling' photo. Thanks.
Colin: Your post has been delivered with relish. Is 'Crimson' the definitive red for this type of bus, please? I must have seen three or four different shades, while preferring that which is shown here. Thanks.

Comments by Ray, 3rd August 2017  
To Philip Cunliffe, It is probably to do with Global Warming
and Carbon footprint,to give the impression that they are
trying to save the planet. Green representing healthy countryside, and blue for clear blue skies.

To Philip Gormley, Many people have referred to the colour
of the corporation buses as "Cherry & White". I am told that
the colour is "Crimson Lake",as used by the LMS Railway.

Comments by Scholes Malc, 3rd August 2017  
I thought that it was " cherry and white " same as the rugby colours . Think that the signs have been changed for the Benefit of the " Wigan pathetic " fans ...though I dont know where the green comes from !!

Comments by fred, 3rd August 2017  
scoles malc i think the green comes from envy!!!

Comments by Mike, 3rd August 2017  
Bus conductor on board as well,Any more tickets please?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd August 2017  
Ray: Thanks for that. I've just looked-up Crimson Lake and discovered that it's also made by Humbrol for modellers, and by several manufacturers of artists' materials for their customers. Yourself and Colin are 'on the premises'.

Comments by Ray, 4th August 2017  
The "Crimson Lake" colour is sometimes referred to as
"Carmine Red" and also as "Deep Carmine". Ribble buses
were also deep red, but a different shade of red.

Comments by Bluesfan, 4th August 2017  
Salt of the earth folk caught the No 23 bus, myself included! They should all be blue & white to commemorate the greatest day in this towns sporting history :-)

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th August 2017  
Ray: Deep red for sure; and then some. 'Ribble Red' will lead you to the photo that shows six buses side by side and in different shades of red. I can make make-out four.

Comments by arthur, 4th August 2017  
if you go to Ledsons in Wigan the paint is in stock and is called WIGAN CRIMSON

Comments by Alb, 5th August 2017  
A proper bus, and one that represented our town. A bus that didn't have about 4 domed CCTV cameras stuck on the outside (more excuses for safety but actually about more intrusion in everyone's lives) as well as about half a dozen cameras inside, not to mention no rude and ignorant drivers, signs everywhere telling people what they should & shouldn't do, and no electrosmog WiFi which isn't good for your health.

All these companies have been gobbled up by these corporations like Stagecoach and Arriva, which I think are controlled by the same people. They want to destroy everything which makes each town unique and turn it into any other place.

Comments by Stan, 5th August 2017  
Is yon Mon texting while riding a bike?

Comments by Colin Harlow, 5th August 2017  
Stan why spoil the post with that silly comment?

Comments by Johnny, 5th August 2017  johnnyrosso@aol.com 
Philip Gormley
As an artist like me you must have Crimson Lake amongst your paints. For years I referred to the bus colours as cherry and red same as the RFL team! I remember the Liverpool Corporation buses being Green once upon a time !

Comments by GW., 6th August 2017  
I think he's eating a pie Stan. Different era.

Comments by Veronica, 6th August 2017  
The lad looks like he's been to Asda for a bag of shopping-good lad him! He just needed a basket on the front of his bike-but that wouldn't have been 'macho' would it? Look how wide a berth the bus driver is giving the cyclist - how decent of him.

Comments by Alan, 6th August 2017  
Not been to Asda, HE'S GOING TOWARDS ASDA.

Comments by Veronica, 6th August 2017  
So what! He's been to M&S then.

Comments by Scholes malc, 6th August 2017  
No Bluesfan...that day was when WJB rode into town......on a Cherry and White bus !!

Comments by The 'Real' Scholes Malc, 7th August 2017  
I have NOT posted on this photo
Sad that someone sees fit to impersonate another on here some sad folk about

Comments by Ray, 7th August 2017  
Scholes Malc, Who is or was WJB ??

Comments by Alan, 7th August 2017  
No M&S too expensive. Try Tesco that use to be in King Street.

Comments by Veronica, 7th August 2017  
Well at least we agree on the shopping Alan!

Comments by Alan H, 7th August 2017  
Ray, William J Boston

Comments by Philip Gormley., 7th August 2017  
John: You're thereabouts; I have Scarlet Lake as backup for Winsor Red - the former leaning very slightly towards orange, unfortunately. Sorry for the delay in replying, my computer's been 'down'.

Comments by Ray, 8th August 2017  
Alan H, Thank you for the WJB info. Yer man didn't arrive in Wigan on a "Cherry & White" bus, He would have boarded
a Western Region train with "Chocolate & Cream" coaches in
Cardiff, and changed to a Midland Region train in Birmingham
with "Crimson Lake" coaches,and got off at Wigan North Western.

Comments by Alan, 8th August 2017  
How do you know it's shopping???

Comments by Johnny, 10th August 2017  
No worries about delay in replying!
I'll look into my paint box and seeif I have a Scarley lake.
Oh by the way, its me John Peters, Phil from Royden Road !

Comments by Philip Gormley., 10th August 2017  
Thanks, John. Shaley Brow Café, Room At the Top ..., of course I know who you are. I shouldn't worry too much about DRs Scarlet Lake either, as it's offered with a slight orange tinge; WNs Winsor Red is a preferable down-the-middle red.

Comments by Alan Spencer, 14th August 2017  
I worked for Northern Counties & Massey Bros. I think as far as I can remember the red was Crimson Red. Did you know there was 4 colours on a Wigan bus exterior they were:- Crimson Red, White, Madder a type of brownish red lined on the mouldings where the crimson & white came together,also Black on the wheel arches and in the centre of the roof that was required to cut down the heat from the sun.

Comments by Joe Thomas, 14th August 2017  
Don't forget the green light either side of the destination

Comments by Philip Gormley., 14th August 2017  
There's a 5 minute colour film on YouTube, which shows GMT buses swirling around numerous Wigan town-centre locations - almost a whistle-stop tour. 'GMT Buses Wigan 1979'.

Comments by allan wood, 16th August 2017  
I could be riding home on that bus,brought up on Worsley Hall. With good people alround me.

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