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TRAFFIC WARDENS   Comments: 40
Photo: Frank Orrell   Item #: 29538  

Alert Image scaled down from 999px to 947px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Some of the first traffic wardens in Wigan on patrol for the cameras in 1967.  

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Comments by Garry, 8th July 2017  
Help to locate this area.
Can anyone help!

Comments by Garry, 8th July 2017  
Got it. Millgate and the Horse Shoe Hotel looks on in the background.

Comments by Howard P, 8th July 2017  
I suspect not many Yellow lines to look out for then.

Comments by watchalot, 8th July 2017  
the one on right looks like joe riley

Comments by jj, 8th July 2017  
Where they scared of working alone?

Comments by irene roberts, 8th July 2017  
Is that The Horseshoe pub in the background? Love the Austin Cambridge. We've just got a 1959 Hillman Minx. Even the cars had character in those days, as well as the town. I could weep for what we have lost in Wigan in the name of progress.

Comments by JACK, 8th July 2017  
More wardens than cars in that street.Front right is Joe Riley who later became PC Rley.

Comments by Albert., 8th July 2017  
Is that the Horseshoe pub in the background? If so, would the photograph have been taken in Chapel lane, from the direction of King Street?.

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2017  
The one at the back looks like Blakey off 'On the Buses'. That's a very familiar view and it looks a bit foggy - I wonder why they are all together and looking a bit 'shifty'! Perhaps skiving off somewhere! Great pictures I must get copies of these books.

Comments by Albert., 8th July 2017  
Can anyone remember when single, and double yellow lines were introduced into law?.

Comments by Harry C., 8th July 2017  
The building on the right that they are passing would be Wigan Printing Co. Ltd. on the corner of Chapel Lane and Harrogate Street before it moved further down Chapel Lane.

Comments by Alan, 8th July 2017  
Looks nothing like Blakey. Good photos though.

Comments by Richard Turpin, 8th July 2017  
They all look like they have not had their "Happy Tablets"
for a few days. The shortest chap looks like he has lost a
quid,and found a shilling. (One of my Dads sayings)

Comments by Carolaen, 8th July 2017  
Veronica. And the short bloke with the tache on the 2nd left is a dead ringer for Arthur Haynes. Perhaps it was a long lost pilot episode for a 60s comedy programme about traffic Wardens "On the Meters" ?

Comments by irene roberts, 8th July 2017  
Veronica, I think it looks like Blakey too, and the next one looks like Arthur Haynes.

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2017  
And the one in front of Blakey looks like Reg Varney.... :0))

Comments by Al, 8th July 2017  
The traffic Warden Gestapo out in force doing their usual business of revenue collecting in the name of profit. The charming cars may have gone, but we still have traffic wardens.

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2017  
Must admit it looks like the SS have landed ...I bet they struck fear in everybody around Scholes...can imagine them casting a long shadow round every corner!

Comments by Linda Massa, 9th July 2017  
My dad had an Austin Cambridge.

Comments by Alan, 9th July 2017  
I think specsavers are in order for some. Thank god it's not an identity parade. Some innocent chap is off to jail.

Comments by Alan, 9th July 2017  
It's a good job we have Traffic Wardens otherwise vehicles would be dumped anywhere because most drivers are lazy anyway. Traffic Wardens do a great job and are necessary. I've never had a parking ticket because I have respect for the Law.

Comments by Ben, 9th July 2017  
Brings back nostalgic memories for me too, especially that slightly misty foggy atmosphere

Comments by Albert, 9th July 2017  
Do they still have traffic wardens?. I haven't seen many of late, dressed as they are.

Comments by Broady, 9th July 2017  
Watchalot, From the minute I saw the photo I recognized Joe Riley but I couldn't remember his name.

Comments by Tom, 9th July 2017  
I think the warden , centre front, is Artur Stott from Standish. He worked with us at Leyland Motors, and I remember him leaving to start this job.

Comments by tuddy, 11th July 2017  
Albert, yes, we still have traffic wardens, but I think their uniforms have changed.

Comments by DTease, 12th July 2017  
Why is it that every time I look at this picture that music from "Jaws" comes into my head?

Comments by Albert., 12th July 2017  
Before there were single or double yellow lines on the roads, and before the introduction of traffic wardens. The job of enforcing parking regulations fell at the door of the police constable on that particular beat. It was especially so in the town centre where there was much congestion, as all traffic travelling north passed through the centre of Wigan. To satisfy yourself that a car had been at that stationary location over the allotted time, you placed a small pebble on the top of one of the wheels, or put a small chalk mark at the top of each tyre. If they were in the same place when you checked later, you were satisfied that the vehicle had never been moved. There were signs erected, stating the time allowed to park.

Comments by Mick, 13th July 2017  
Tom - you are correct regarding Arthur Stott. He worked regularly from Standish Police Station, and a couple of old colleagues who were PC's there, have identified him.

Comments by Alan, 15th July 2017  
Because most of the comments are childish and have nothing to do with Frank's photo.
I always have to spell it out for so folk!

Comments by DTease, 15th July 2017  
Alan, what has your comment got to do with Frank's photo?

Comments by Alan, 16th July 2017  
Maybe the music from "Jaws" comes to your head DTease, is because you park ilegal.

Comments by Alan, 16th July 2017  
The van in front of the Cambridge is a Morris A55 or Austin A60, both almost looked the same, like the Cambridge and Oxford, just a little different.
Great photo Frank, this is what Wigan World is ALL about.

Comments by DTease, 16th July 2017  
Nice try Alan but it looks like an afterthought.

Comments by Alex, 16th July 2017  
I couldn't think for the life of me what make of van that was. Cheers Alan.

Comments by Pete Schofield, 23rd July 2017  
Albert and Tuddy Police Traffic Wardens have long gone when local councils took over the responsility of parking regualtions. Their official titles are CIVIL ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. They have no powers to stop vehicles or due point duty like Police Traffic Wardens had. Just ticket giver outers. I was one of the last traffic wardens with Humberside Police from January 2004 to April 2010 when I was redeplyed into another civilian role where I remained until my retirement at the age 65 three years ago.

Comments by DAVE 1624, 1st August 2017  
Great photo

Comments by MR X, 20th August 2017  
UFY325 is a Southport registered Austin Cambridge Farina. The pub is the Horseshoe, built in 1891 and demolished in 1985.

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