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307 Squadron,Royal Air Force   Views: 1054
307 Project   Comments: 27
Photo: Ray   Item #: 29460  
307 Project
  Emblem of 307 Squadron,Royal Air Force.  

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Comments by Albert., 18th June 2017  
Much is owed to those very gallant Polish airmen.

Comments by Wiganer, 18th June 2017  
What as this go to do with WIGAN??????Read the caveat for uploading pictures INTERESTING and OLD PHOTOS OF WIGAN

Comments by Albert., 18th June 2017  
Wiganer. If it wasn't for such brave men as these were, and all who fought for the freedom of mankind, especially Europe, a very large swastika would most likely be flying from the flag pole of Wigan Town Hall.

Comments by Ray, 18th June 2017  
My Father was in 307 Squadron,and I have lived in Wigan for
51 years. So there is the Wigan connection. I expect you only want school photos and walking days. Some brave men from Wigan were in 307 Squadron.

Comments by Wiganer, 18th June 2017  
YOU are missing the point, there are millions of pics of monuments etc. from all over the world, but they have nothing to do with Wigan. Where do you draw the line? This is a site about WIGAN

Comments by Albert., 18th June 2017  
Wiganer. It is about Wigan. We can fly the union flag, or any flag that the council deems appropriate, in Wigan. Plus we are allowed to do anything that is lawful to do,in Wigan, which we wouldn't be allowed to do under a Nazi regime.

Comments by Broady, 18th June 2017  
Is the comment by Ray above not enough of a connection?? It certainly is for me and I join Albert in applauding those brave men.

Comments by Ray, 18th June 2017  
Well said Albert. Now then Wiganer, I understand your comments, But,Have a look at a recent photo on here, it is
Sam Penman and his son at an open air swimming pool, Great
picture, and also the amusing comments,especially from Veronica,This is what this forum is all about. Is it Wigan ?
No, It is Southport. I rest my case.

Comments by . . Ozymandias ., 18th June 2017  
Have you ever heard of the 307 Squadron project Wiganer? possibly you have, but I haven't, or I hadn't, at least not until Ray posted this. Having heard about it however, I've googled it and am now a little bit wiser. No doubt I'll learn a little bit more over the coming days and weeks, and all thanks to Ray's post. Now what's wrong with a little bit of knowledge? that's what I want to know. I can see your point about this Wigan thing mate but you and one or two others on here need to chill out a bit and realise that the world doesn't end at Marus Bridge or Fingerpost. And while I'm in overdrive and foot to the floor, we're all still waiting patiently for a photo credited to yourself, be it a photo of Wigan or one of Auchentoshan, it would make no difference to me. You only ever appear to bob up when you've got your moaning head on.

All the best. Ozy.

Comments by WILLY WACKUM, 18th June 2017  
Got to say I agree with Wiganer. I remember a few years ago a woman uploaded a piece of sheet music, nothing significant. when asked what it had to do with Wigan Her reply "it belonged to my mother who lived in Wigan"
Ray at least the photo of Sam Penman at Southport baths had a Wigan connection. Sam came from Wigan. This isn't even old and has no Wigan connection.

Comments by Albert., 19th June 2017  
It may be of some interest. Blackpool was the U.K. H.Q. for the polish air force in world war 2. All polish airmen passed through Blackpool. In Layton cemetery there is a large memorial to those polish airmen that lost their lives. It is the centre of twenty four war graves. This is what is inscribed on the memorial. "We Polish airmen gave our souls to God. Our bodies to British soil, and our hearts to Poland. 1940-1945." "Za Nasza Wolnosc L Wasza."

Comments by Albert., 19th June 2017  
Anyone desirous of seeing a photograph of the memorial, go to. http://stonechaser.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/polish-airmen-in-layton-cemetery.html

Comments by Philip Gormley., 19th June 2017  
Nor can I find anything wrong with the 307 Squadron Project emblem being shown here. I guess that Ray will have driven almost all manner of transport along the roadways of the Town, as well as those of its environs. This upload from him maintains a lively interest in his Dad's service in the R.A.F., and by extension a little more about himself ... generous. Let's see and be seen. Who can forget those images of Ozy and the lads hitting Northern Europe, thoughts of Veronica treading warily at Euxton ROF and The Roberts ensemble taking part in a 1940s Do, up Yorkshire. A favourite? ... I'm not sure, but Veronica's quaint and earthy response to Item 29454 is gaining rapid momentum: " I caught the 59 0n this side".

Comments by Albert., 19th June 2017  
I should have mentioned. The English translation of the polish inscription on the memorial, is. "For our Freedom"

Comments by Veronica, 19th June 2017  
Philip we took many precautions at the ROF but the audacity of youth made us indifferent to any danger! I can honestly say it was the best job I ever did and would go back and do it all again....if only....! It's what the previous generation did in a more dangerous period of history by doing 'their bit' and I was privledged to work amongst them in the sixties.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 19th June 2017  
Veronica - Job-satisfaction with good comradeship can't be bettered. You did well. Thanks.

Comments by Alan, 19th June 2017  
Nothing at all to do with Wigan.

Comments by Howard P, 19th June 2017  
I have to agree with Wiganer, I suspect.

Comments by Ray, 19th June 2017  
Thank you to Albert,Broady,Ozy,and Philip for your sensible
and sincere comments on this thread. I have now contacted
Michael Parrott,The Historian and moderator of 307 squadron
website,particularly about Alberts Blackpool information.


Comments by Rev David Long, 19th June 2017  david@scars.org.uk 
No connection with Wigan was claimed by the caption on the original posting - indeed, no explanation was given for putting the image up on this site.
I do think that, whatever the intrinsic merits of an image presented here, its connection with Wigan should be stated - then any debate about its relevance to this site can take place with full knowledge.

Comments by Albert., 20th June 2017  
Ray. A specific comment for you, in particular. You may find this interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_War_Memorial

Comments by From Where, 20th June 2017  
Forget the dead forget the gone? Forget who dressed you, as time moves on, but beg forgive , I won't forget , this soil I stand , this air breathe was given by others to fill my need.. So when you walk through pleasant fields , walk through lanes to meet your needs, remember those who made a STAND... so , YOU , could walk through this Gods land... and to my mother I won't forget , to dress accordingly, in manner... that ALWAYS should be met..

Comments by DTease, 20th June 2017  
From where, that speaks to me.

Comments by Ray, 21st June 2017  
Thank you Albert for your interesting information.
Now then Rev.David, my first comment above gives the Wigan
connection,and the above picture is the fifth of this thread
regarding 307 Squadron. If you read the comments on the third picture,you will recall your post on there, pleasant
remarks about your daily journey to Alsop High School.
David, You cant run with the "Hare" and the "Hounds".

Comments by Albert., 21st June 2017  
I certainly do not wish to try to teach anyone how to suck eggs, but some may not be conversant with "copy & paste" Where a paragraph,that you wish to copy ends, place your pointer. Drag your pointer along the paragraph, and it will turn to the colour blue. Place your pointer on any part of the shown blue, right click and amongst the words shown will be ,Copy, left click onto copy. Then you can put what you have copied anywhere you wish. Just place the pointer, and right click again, amongst the words now shown will be the word paste. Left click onto paste, and what you have copied will appear. You can copy a whole letter using the same procedure, by taking the pointer from then end of the letter diagonally to its start. Follow the same procedure as has been stated. It does save a lot of time, retyping. When you wish to put something in the top, address box, on Google home page. Use this procedure.

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