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307 Squadron,Royal Air Force   Views: 1273
Christmas Menu   Comments: 18
Photo: Ray   Item #: 29409  
Christmas Menu
  Christmas dinner menu from RAF Church Fenton,
near Tadcaster,Yorkshire,1942. 307 Squadron
Nightfighter aircraft took off from here,to
patrol vast areas of the North Sea,looking to
intercept Luftwaffe Bombers en route to the UK.
On Christmas Day, the "Senior Officers" served
the "Other Ranks" their Christmas Dinner.

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Comments by Philip Gormley., 5th June 2017  
I just love printed collectibles, and sometimes find myself almost getting carried away by them. Ah, thank you, sir. Just let me see now ... right then, I'll have Pea Soup, Fish Cutlets, Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce, and twenty Player's 'Airman', please. I'm now back on terra firma, Ray, and prepared to bet that your Dad would have polished-off this Christmas menu, in good style. Thanks.

Comments by Veronica, 5th June 2017  
I love seeing anything like this from the Wartime. I wonder if anyone would have had the temerity to ask for a sausage -the reply would certainly have been - "There is a War on y'know!". It's 1944 by the way Ray. The Home Front wouldn't have been so well fed- but they would have managed.

Comments by Ray, 5th June 2017  
Sincere thanks to "Wing Commander" Gormley for his comments.
A closer look at the bottom of the menu tells me it was 1944
not 1942. Should have known, Dad was still stationed at
Clyst Honiton,(Now Exeter Airport) in 1942. Regards, Ray.

Comments by Maureen, 5th June 2017  
No fancy stuff there,piled high like a pyramid..just good old fashion food.

Comments by A.W., 5th June 2017  
It seems a very sumptuous menu for wartime when rationing would have been in force for several years.

Comments by Veronica, 5th June 2017  
The rest of the population was rationed so that the Forces were well fed...
can't fight wars on empty bellies! Hence Capt Mainwaring getting his sausages from Jonesie on the QT. and what about that nice bit of cheese he was going to give to 'Elizabeth' and he shared it out with the his men instead! (Getting carried away here)! Apologies!

Comments by Albert., 5th June 2017  
I can only speak for the R.A.F. Christmas dinner was the only meal, that the other ranks were waited on by the commissioned officers. I believe it was also traditional in the other armed services.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 5th June 2017  
I've been wafted by an angel, Ray. Dad's Army - A Soldier's Farewell. The incident regarding the 'toasted cheese supper' is a bit ... er ... shall we say ... er - Oh, what the heck. Mainwaring attempts to inform his wife, by telephone, of his recent acquisition (1lb. of Cheddar), only for her to slam the phone down on him. 'Hello ... Elizabeth? I might have a little surprise for you tonight - phone slams down - no, no, I've got ... '. Is anything the matter, sir?

Comments by Veronica, 5th June 2017  
That Elizabeth was so ungrateful! The only sight of her was her 'backend' in the bunk above in the air raid shelter. No wonder Capt. Mainwaring had a 'Brief Encounter' in the Coffee Shop at 3d a cup! :-))

Comments by walt (north Yorks), 6th June 2017  
I'm fortunate enough to live within a few miles of RAF Church Fenton which is now known as 'East Leeds Airport'. The station was stood down back in the 1990s but for some time air displays were yearly events. The station was not only reconnaissance in WW2 but also had a squadron of Spitfire which could intercept any enemy aircraft. When I arrived here in 1983 it was a training station for young fighter pilots. Only two years we were treated to a one off display which included the last remaining Vulcan Bomber before it was removed from flying displays.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 6th June 2017  
Walt: I've been watching a short film of The Yorkshire Air Show - 2015 on YouTube recently. The Show was attended by approximately 20,000 people (I'm sure you would have been in there amongst 'em'), all of whom must have become even more thrilled when the Vulcan Bomber gave its usual and rather menacing display. "A magnificent aircraft" the experts tell us, but from an aesthetic point of view I've always found its livery to have been, well, 'a bit busy', and would loved to have seen it bedecked in blue-grey - with roundels of course. The experts know best though. I'll have another look at the short film in due course. Thanks.

Comments by walt (north Yorks), 6th June 2017  
Phillip, I've been a fan of the Vulcan for many years and been to see XH558 in the hanger at Doncaster many times. AVRO museum at Woodford south Manchester also has one on static display, if you get the chance do go to see it close up and learn of its history. Yes there was 20,000 at Fenton 2015 display I was just one of them, 2016 display sadly was cancelled due to that horrible and tragic incident down south.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 6th June 2017  
Thanks Walt. I guess the Vulcan on static display would appear just as menacing as when airborne; and Woodford isn't too far to travel. Regards.

Comments by Albert., 6th June 2017  
Walt/ Phillip. If you type in in the Google box, (R.A.F. Waddington) there is a short video of the Vulcan, taking to the sky.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 6th June 2017  
Thanks Albert. I've watched the short video that you suggested; she seems to find a 'bit extra' when she has the gleam of sunlight on her back. Regards.

Comments by walt (north Yorks), 6th June 2017  
Thanks Albert.

Comments by Carolaen, 6th June 2017  
Walt/ Its a great shame that Church Fenton could not have been developed as the main airport for Yorkshire and Humberside given its great transport links by road and rail. Leeds/Bradford (Yeadon) is a terrible location unless you live in North Leeds or Ilkley. we lived in Ilkley/Menston for 5 years in the mid 1980s So it was IK for us.
Unfortunately because of all the military airfields in the Vale of York - Linton on Ouse etc- Civilian traffic was not encouraged in this general location for understandable reasons.

Comments by Albert., 7th June 2017  
Walt/Phillip. When I came back to Blighty, in the fifties. The Vulcan was operational at Waddington. I was then posted to Cranwell, which is very close to Waddington.

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