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Local Talent   Views: 2945
My Favourite Cousin   Comments: 14
Photo: Gerry   Item #: 15317  
My Favourite Cousin
  Here is Josie Beckett aged 18 about 1968 at Levens Place in Ince In this photo she is wearing one of her longer skirts, most of them were in three sizes,
4 inch above the knee,
8 inch above the Knee,
and the next size was called
"Good Morning Judge".
She is a beautiful Girl and she looks just the same today.

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Comments by josie pennington nee beckett, 15th July 2010  
gerry u sly sod, whats up with my face on this it looks weird all splodgy like, ha ha, and yes it was one of my longer skirts, actually it was our pats she would have killed me if she knew i had it on,her hat as well,thankyou though for the lovley comments gerry and thanks for the dvd of mam and aunty josie i rang our pat and she cant wait to see it,luv u josie x

Comments by Sheryl B, 16th July 2010  
I bet Josie will be rapt you shared this with WW!! lol!
I can absolutely identify with this. I was about 19 in 1968 and hitchhiking around Europe with a friend that summer all the way from Australia. We didnt spare the expense though when we shared a mini with 2 others to do a quick circuit of UK also. Seems like 100 years ago now!

Comments by josie pennington nee beckett, 16th July 2010  
theres summat up with my face i look like an old whitch on this pic, my one dont look like that?

Comments by John, 16th July 2010  
Is that a chicken pen on the right....

Comments by Gerry, 16th July 2010  
Theres nowt wrong with yer face, its just a crease in the original photo and besides that, no red blooded chap on Wigan World is looking at yer face..

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 16th July 2010  
You look lovely Josie! I was 16 in the October of that year, and wore skirts just as short!

Comments by Dave Taylor, 16th July 2010  david.taylor@blueyonder.co.uk 
Too right Gerry. What a stunning looking lass Miss Josie!

Comments by gee h, 16th July 2010  
"Good Morning Judge" lol :-))

Comments by josie pennington nee beckett, 17th July 2010  
john ,never noticed it before, does look like a chicken pen dunt it, its not though its our back garden in ince, my dad was into growing allsorts his favorite was roses we had loads of lovley roses then so cant explain what chicken wire was in aid of ha ha.

Comments by josie pennington nee beckett, 17th July 2010  
hiya cheryl b,my husband and i (sound like the queen dont i) had loads of minis in the early 70s but they were 60s minis wish we had them now,we once had one that was 1963 the ignition was on the dash but the start button was on the floor so you had to press the start button to start it ha ha wish we still had it.

Comments by josie pennington nee beckett, 17th July 2010  
thanks irene, i did have a couple of skirts a wee bit shorter but they were crepe matearial and when washed shrunk a bit , so i had to really pull them when ironing them to try and get them a bit longer hence shorter than short, hee hee.

Comments by John, 17th July 2010  
You know what they say Josie, if you'v got it, flaunt it... and you'v certainly got it! your beautiful.

Comments by John, 17th July 2010  
I'm back again Josie, only kidding and pulling you're lovely leg, most gardens had chicken wire in those days and was very affective to keep roamming dogs out. If the gardens as good as you look it's beautiful.

Comments by flaggy delf, 18th September 2011  
By the jumpin' crin Ince has some bonnie lasses

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