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dutch   Views: 1033
grandma and grandad dutch   Comments: 17
Photo: alison hockey    Item #: 30069  
grandma and grandad dutch

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  my grandparent's photo must have been taken before 1965 as i never met my grandad. the pants he is wearing probably dates it better  

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Comments by walt (north yorks), 13th January 2018  
Alison, what a lovely photo, I would guess it was taken in the 1940s or maybe the 1950s. A good reminder for you to keep. I have both sets of grandparents photo's in an album along with all the information I could gather. Thanks for sharing.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 13th January 2018  
I am no expert but the ladies outfit looks like the late 50s, maybe the very early 60s.....but the mans trousers look like Oxford Bags, the style of wide trouser legs favoured in the 1920 & 30s...a puzzle. Irene could you put a date on it ?

Comments by irene roberts, 13th January 2018  
The lady's dress and handbag suggest 1950s/early 1960s to me, but that's just a guess. Your Grandad's suit could well be older than that, as men tended to keep suits "for best" and they lasted many years, and men weren't so bothered about fashions as the ladies were! Were your Grandma and Grandad from Ince, Alison? I remember some Dutch's from Higher Ince.

Comments by irene roberts, 13th January 2018  
Helen, thankyou for asking my opinion on the date of the clothes! Actually, I had just added a post but I must have just missed the uploading of it, so it should come on soon. xx.

Comments by tom, 13th January 2018  
allison were they from wigan Tom

Comments by Theresa Reeves, 13th January 2018  theresaforshawreeves@yahoo.co.uk 
Was this lady from Liverpool and lived in ince by any chance,it an unusual name ?

Comments by irene roberts, 13th January 2018  
How odd that someone else has made the Ince connection. I had a schoolfriend, Christine, whose mother Esther was a Dutch before marriage and I remember Christine had Aunties and Cousins named Dutch.

Comments by alison hockey, 13th January 2018  septembersmith1965@msn.com 
yes you are all right . my grandma and grandad came over from liverpool and lived inhr ince on windermere road. they had 13 children but one died aged 5 the others lived normal life spans really. ester was my aunt and had christine jaquline and tony. there last name was shirley. maple avenue. my mum was joan dutch not to be mistaken by joan dutch who was billy dutch wife who owned the shop in the grove. her mum was marth ellen and i think she was my grandmas half sister, grandma dutch was nee potts related to other potts in ince.

Comments by irene roberts, 14th January 2018  
I went in your Grandma's house in Windermere Road many times with Christine. My Aunty and Uncle, Rachel and Harry Aspey, lived just further up than your grandparents. I remember the name "Martha-Ellen" but can't picture the shop. although I vividly remember the new shop being built in The Grove.

Comments by Elizabeth, 14th January 2018  
I remember my Mum mentioning Mrs Dutch but not sure where they lived in Ince.

Comments by joan austin, 16th January 2018  djandjmaustin@telkomsa.net 
Well I stay in South Africa since 1982 to my surprise one of my dear school friend Theresa sent me a message tonight to say that my there was a picture of my Grandma & Grandad Dutch how awesome is that. I went into Wigan World and who but my Grandma and Grandad. My mum was one of 13 siblings my Mums name was May Dutch her married name was Whimpanny my Mum was married to John Whimpanny my Dad he had a window cleaning round all Over Higher Ince and Lower Ince and in many other parts of Wigan my Dad was well know and liked he was a lovely Dad kind and caring Dad My Mums sister were Aunty Agnus she emigrated to America in her younger days, there was Alice,May was my Mam,Mary,Joan, Esther, Emily the boys were Billy, Joey, Jackie,Robert my other uncle cant just think of his name he lived on the way going to beech hill any way could tell many a tale growing up going to me Grandma she was a lovely kind grandma always had a sweet in her cupboard when we visited which was every week me Mam would go up, especially after me Grandad passed. If you get chance Alison drop me a mail or any other cousins reading this and there are many about I'm sure of that with all the 12 brothers and sister only Aunty Alice didn't have children and she passed many years ago Love and best wishes to all the off springs of the Dutches Clan God Bless x

Comments by irene roberts, 16th January 2018  
Joan. I was a childhood friend of Esther's daughter Christine and I remember a relative in America, (Agnes?), sending Esther a most beautiful scarf, (more like a stole), of silk or chiffon with "Esther" embroidered on it....I think other ladies in the family got one with THEIR name on, too. I remember when Christine's, (and your?), Grandad was in his last days, and there was a notice on the door in Windermere Road saying "Please do not knock as Mr. Dutch is very ill"....isn't it odd what sticks in the memory?

Comments by joan austin, 17th January 2018  djandjmaustin@telkomsa.net 
Hello Irean nive you knew some of the family, my Aunty Esther who lived in between higher Ince and Lower Ince, lived not far from me Uncle Billy the brother who had the shop. I know Jane the daughter emigrated to new Zealand many Uncle Tony her husband ust to work for me Dad on the window ha ha many moons ago I remember Christine and Jacoleen was the youngest and they had a brother Tony wonder where all the Dutch off springs are nice chatting. Would be lovely if any of the cousins got in touch thanks for the chit chat was great x

Comments by irene roberts, 17th January 2018  
Hello Joan. Christine and I exchange Christmas Cards each year and I saw her a couple of years ago outside the Supermarket in Hindley, and on the odd times I see her it is as if the years between have never existed! I'm sure someone in her family must be able to access Wigan World and I will drop her a line and tell her I have "spoken" to you, and tell her how to reach the Wigan World Album. Christine lived in Raven Street which, along with Farmer Street, formed "The Viaducts" area of Ince when we were children, (we called it "The Viredocks"). When the old houses were demolished, they were replaced by new houses, including Maple Avenue, ( where Esther and Tony and their family moved to). I lived next to St. William's Church and Christine and I must have travelled between those homely old houses a dozen times a day, as well as going to your Grandad's straight from school. Happy Days, Joan! x

Comments by joan austin, 18th January 2018  djandjmaustin@telkomsa.net 
Hi Irean
Lovely yo hear from you when you mentioned the viaduks the name I heard before must of been from my childhood, would be nice if you could mention me to Christine when you next hear or see her. Thank for the feedback was nice to hear from you kind regards

Comments by irene roberts, 18th January 2018  
Letter on its way to Christine as we speak, Joan! x.

Comments by alison hockey nee smith, 19th January 2018  septembersmith1965@msn.com 
joan since all the elders of the family have died we cousins have connected on Facebook. if you are on facebook send Alison Hockey a friends request and i will put you in touch with some of the cousins

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