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Jackson family of Hindley.   Views: 1554
Mr. John Jackson   Comments: 34
Photo: . Ozymandias .   Item #: 29764  
Mr. John Jackson

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 749px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Photo c. 1930. Location unknown.  

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Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd October 2017  
It just had to happen, didn't it; a puncture. Presumably, Mr Jackson is seen pressing the 'patch' onto the affected area of the front tyre - finishing his cigarette soon after.

Comments by Mick, 3rd October 2017  
One white wall tyre on a tandem, very nice

Comments by DTease, 3rd October 2017  
It matches his inner tube Mick.
Where is Mary Ethel?

Comments by irene roberts, 3rd October 2017  
Ey-up, it's Howard and Marina!

Comments by Howard P, 3rd October 2017  
I suspect his white inner tube isn't out of the white wall tyre.

Comments by Veronica, 3rd October 2017  
Ethel's probably tending to her hair after falling in a heap in the middle of the road! Who can blame her!

Comments by Veronica, 3rd October 2017  
On the road again,
Just can't wait to get on the road again
The life I love is making music with my friends
On the road again......

It's Willy Nelson......

Comments by DTease, 3rd October 2017  
Howard keeps injecting
That he is 'Suspecting'
He says it ad infinitum
But one day maybe
New words he will see
If he can only just find them

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 3rd October 2017  
I don't know about " on the road again " Veronica, I would have thought it should have been " on the boat again ". What have you done with poor old G Doubleyolk?, don't tell me you've cast him adrift on an inflatable DTease on his own?..... I'll wager there's been mutiny on ' The Chocolate Bounty ' if I'm Judge Judy.

Comments by Alan, 3rd October 2017  
You can actually repair a puncture with the wheel still on the bike...now I've tort you lot something haven't I!

Comments by Veronica, 3rd October 2017  
I missed the boat Ozy -I watched Andrew Marr on Sunday morning -then I had to do the ironing - so he obviously set sail without me! Bon Voyage GDoubleyoke!

Comments by Veronica, 3rd October 2017  
You've not 'tort' them how to spell 'taught' though Alan !

Comments by DTease, 3rd October 2017  
Good grief Veronica! Did you give up a free trip to Australia to do the ironing and watch Andrew Marr? And you left poor old G Doubleyolk to paddle his own canoe? Had you no thought for your fellow buccaneer out there on the Ogin all on his lonesome? I despair, I really do.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 3rd October 2017  
I'll wager you don't despair as much as I do DTease, and after all the trouble I went to sorting out the visas and whatnot. I even went to the not inconsiderable expense of arranging for the Wingates Temperance Band to see them off to the strains of " See the conquering hero comes ".

Comments by Maureen, 3rd October 2017  
I must say,even though he's obviously had his puncture..he does look at peace with the world doesn't he.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd October 2017  
DTease rhyme in style of northern Master, gently urges shift of object's dirty plaster.
The subject means no harm, and totes no ill-will, but hopes for latent talent to emerge, if only it just will.
Come on lad!, our northern subject begs, your flair is overdue and could be seen, if only you'd stretch your legs.
Be not afraid, your time has now come, the throng will host such change, with spread of mothers' welcome.
Your suspicions now in decline, past words something flung, may your new found tongue reverberate, like harp well-strung.
Come on lad!, our gaze ne'er done, may we see your past now, as something completely outshone.
Amen, brother.

Comments by Veronica, 3rd October 2017  
Well these would be sailors don't hang about-
He's got plenty Mars Bars
And buckets of stout!

Comments by irene roberts, 3rd October 2017  
Owd Mon, young Philip, (if that isn't a contradiction in terms), that was very impressive! x.

Comments by DTease, 3rd October 2017  
Philip, you say it much better than I do.

Comments by DTease, 3rd October 2017  
Ozy, it seems our conquering hero was too busy ironing
I ask you, who would turn down free drinks in "The Moody Cow" for an hour of Andrew Flippin' Marr pontificating about politics?
And what's more Ozy, would a small token of gratitude not be in order after all your efforts? Just a smelly envolope with a few words of thanks and maybe a few pictures of Her Maj would sooth the furrowed brow.
I put it down to rank ingratitude.

Comments by Sonia, 3rd October 2017  
Would Mr John Jackson have been related to Tom Jackson who attended Hindley and Abram Grammar scholl?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd October 2017  
Thanks, Irene. I hope Dorothy's upper register continues to thrill. Regards to the team.

Comments by GW. [ the lonely deckhand ], 3rd October 2017  
A punctured tube
whilst riding bike,
leaves time for smokes
and thinking.
But having it happen
off the coast of Spain
gives way to thoughts
of sinking.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd October 2017  
Veronica: You are a poet!
Then pen your latest from your hammock, and fail your friends not, your talent knows no bounds, it will save them from Black Spot.
I see your effort and wordy grasp, they reach across all Mains, they will be found that's for sure, page one next year's Janes.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 3rd October 2017  
The Lord doth work in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. How true is that? Even as I speak DTease, the ticker tape machine located by my Aga, ( I just thought I'd slip that one in, as I like to brag about my Aga ) is telling me that raging bush fires in Victoria have rendered the whole of Tittibong to ashes, the office having been reduced to a mere cinder of it's former self. There are no casualties fortunately, but it's imperative that we recall G Doubleyolk immediately. According to the last reported sighting, he was heading for the Isle of Muck in the Hebrides. I ' suspect ' his titanic compass must have energised and locked onto magnetic north. My mate, the skipper of the Knott End ferry has promised to keep an eye out for him, so I'll keep you posted. Did I mention my Aga by the way?

Comments by Ken R, 3rd October 2017  
Methinks perhaps he was a scout, having trouble on his daily route, his tandem friend has flown the coup, suspect Dtease is round about.

Comments by DTease, 3rd October 2017  
Ozy, did you remember to renew the insurance on the Tittibong Office?

P.S. Wish I had an Aga.

Comments by Veronica, 4th October 2017  
My Lord Admiral if truth be told
No niche for my trunks in the hold,
My trinkets GDubyolk he would sell,
And for me that would be hell,
All my lovely jars of honey,
He would change hands for extra money,
So now you see a wandering deckhand
'all at sea' in that there Jimcumbilly land!

Comments by Alan, 4th October 2017  
Thank god for photo a Day!

Comments by DTease, 4th October 2017  
The boy stood on the burning deck
When all but he had fled
''Twas Doubleyolk that caused the fire
Whilst toasting his breakfast bread.

He lit his fire upon the deck
Close to where he stood
It never even crossed his mind
That the boat was made of wood

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th October 2017  
Veronica (Girl 1st Class): Your fear of plunder is truly shared, your Master tried and tested, he's all for you and not your kit, there he is string-vested.
Master, come and sooth this doubtful hand, her faith in state of flux, your mien will surely please, it's not of Captain Hook's.
There you see, our Master's ill-fame scuppered, he takes his post duty bound, your Ajax right-hand cupboard.

Comments by GW., 4th October 2017  
I beg to differ there Dtease
me good ships made o' rubber
It's blow up tubes
look rather crude,
A ship without a rudder.
As Alan would say
"thank god for photo a day"
now pass the rum,
i'll 'ave another.

Comments by Veronica fair weather friend, 4th October 2017  
I fear all is lost as Captain Blight is now on board
Armed with poisonous pen and sword
He stays alert,awake throughout the night
Cursing all about him
Hence when Dawn's first light- A salty sermon he delivers
Wrath ridden,swirling fast and furious as many swollen rivers!
Farewell my friends 'parting is such sweet sorrow'!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th October 2017  
Veronica: What in heaven's name are you talking about child. Stay at your post and keep watch; you're in demand. Perhaps you didn't know that your 'beauty' is also a forgetful type of person.
Mingling through with head down low, he trod with guile of skiver, he snooted at my claim, and took my sixties 'fiver'. I'm sure you remember him.

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