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Jackson family of Hindley.   Views: 1207
Mary Ethel Wilson.   Comments: 13
Photo: . Ozymandias .   Item #: 29755  
Mary Ethel Wilson.
  Miss Ethel Wilson tends to her hair by the Bridgewater canal near Daresbury, whilst her mother tends to the poultry at De Trafford farm, several miles away in Hindley. Exact date uncertain, but possibly 1929 or thereabouts.  

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Comments by Philip Gormley., 25th September 2017  
Ozy: I've been having a look at quite a few of the canal's bridges, on Images, and have also noticed that several of those bridges each have dark coloured uncomplimentary stones on a small section of their respective parapet. Despite their rough hewn appearance, their frequency suggests that they could have been part of the original fabric, while the white-washed walls shown here could suggest otherwise - cars for heaven's sake? Just curious ... Hey, that's May blossom in the background! Thanks.

Comments by Veronica, 26th September 2017  
Smoke from the 'dark satanic mills' then Philip? I love the first sight of May blossom and the smell. Wouldn't it have been a bonus if the photograph had been in colour? Ethel's crowning glory with the sunlight showing all the natural glints untouched by 'Clairol' in her hair!

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 26th September 2017  
From memory Philip, there aren't a vast amount of bridges that cross the Bridgewater canal between Preston Brook and Stockton Heath, so this one shouldn't be too difficult to identify. I'll give it a go as soon as I get the opportunity. It would be interesting to take a comparison photograph, as it can't have altered that much surely?, apart from the hawthorn possibly.

Comments by Veronica, 26th September 2017  
'Venus at Her Toilette"..... ,Rubens??

Comments by Philip Gormley., 26th September 2017  
Veronica: I agree with you, the sight and smell of newly sprung May blossom is a joy - it also encourages the viewer to stop and stare for a while. I suppose a coloured version of this photo would go some way in identifying local colour i.e., uniform and natural glints, but let's retain the original; it, too, has pulling-power. You might also like to watch tomorrow's Britain's Lost Masterpieces - you wont be disappointed!
Ozy: So it's the Preston Brook-Stockton Heath stretch of the canal; I'd been looking at similar stone bridges that span 'various' stretches - I enjoyed the ride though, and discovered that hawthorn still flourishes on its banks.

Comments by Ellen, 26th September 2017  
It just occurred to me that I haven't seen may blossom in about 50, or so, years. I don't know if it is native here in Ontario,(must check with Mr.Google!)I can't really say I missed it until now, but I find myself nostalgic for it now!
I was never back in England at that time of year, unfortunately.

Comments by Pw, 27th September 2017  
Ellen,while May blossom is very nice to look at the scent is beautiful.In my opinion the nicest tree in England.

Comments by Poet, 27th September 2017  
Not much to me is yonder lane
Where I go everyday,
But when theres been a shower of rain
And hedge birds whistle gay
I know my lad that's out in France
With fearsome things to see,
Would give his eyes for just one glance
At our white hawthorn tree.


Comments by DTease, 28th September 2017  
Mary Ethel the cyclist is combing her hair
She sees in her mirror a vision so fair
With shoes all shiny and socks to her knee
She's as pretty a picture as ever could be

Comments by Veronica, 28th September 2017  
Ellen I am forever pulling roots up of the Hawthorn Tree - there is one growing behind my back garden fence -it's higher than the house! When we have a 'hot' day it provides shelter and the perfume lasts weeks it's glorious when in blossom! Surely some relative or other could send you a root!

Comments by Ellen, 28th September 2017  
Veronica, that would be a possibility, but the import of live material might be fraught with a great deal of legality/illegality problems! I remember a friend telling me of "smuggling" a plant back from the U.S. in her car.She was successful, but said that the anxiety she suffered during the border crossing cost her "several years growth"(her words!)

Comments by Veronica, 28th September 2017  
Ellen Toronto Islands have the Hawthorne growing there. It blossoms in mid June. There's your excuse to go for a holiday and buy a plant. They even grow Magnolia!

Comments by Ellen, 30th September 2017  
Veronica, I lived in Scarborough,a part of Toronto, for 20 years and visited the Islands many times; it was a favorite place of my Mother's when she visited me!...and yet,I never saw hawthorn there..perhaps because I never looked! I left Toronto 30 years ago, and never went back,except for necessary visits of my husband, for hospital appointments and once to visit an old friend in hospital. My city journeys now I prefer to make to London, a much more pleasant city. So, unless I can persuade someone else to bring me a plant, I will have to do without!

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