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Jackson family of Hindley.   Views: 1422
De Trafford farm Hindley.   Comments: 19
Photo: . Ozymandias .   Item #: 29737  
De Trafford farm Hindley.
  This extract from the 1907 ordnance survey map of Hindley illustrates the location of De Trafford farm. Although the farm isn't actually named on the map it seems likely that it may have been the group of buildings in the vicinity of the area marked 714. The section of track labelled Amberswood East curve, is , I believe, the location of a train wreck which occurred in July 1900, when a passenger train returning from Blackpool to Yorkshire derailed and plunged down the embankment, killing the driver and one of the passengers, and injuring a further 25 of the remaining passengers.  

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Comments by Pw, 21st September 2017  
This area was known as the Lump.I lived in Mawdsley st in the 50/60's.I do not recall anyone mentioning a De Traffotd farm but it was probably well gone by then.The pits had also gone but we used to play around the ruins of the pit, the two shafts had been filled in with pit dirt which had sunk down about fifteen feet.People used to mention a place called Owd Harry's which was down from Orrell street.Could this be DeTrafford farm?The area in my time was mainly pit rucks and was the tip area for Hindley,both domestic and industrial waste.The area 712 on the map was a pond and was filled in with rubbish as was 714 on the map.Most of this area was was then used as a tip.Sounds like a miserable place to have lived but as kids it was an adventure play ground

Comments by Alex, 21st September 2017  
De Trafford farm is next to Morrisons store. At the side of the disused railway track, Hence De Trafford Junction.

Comments by Pw, 22nd September 2017  
Alex. I would have expected De Trafford farm to be in the area you mention.Is there still a farm by that name.?

Comments by TD,., 22nd September 2017  
Ozymandias: Seems your interesting contribution with reference to the De Trafford Farm is more likely to be correct. Evidently the location of the De Trafford Farm appears to have been off Liverpool Rd Hindley and not near Morrisons in Ince. Record of Marriage: 17 Oct 1931 St Peter, Hindley, Lancs.
John Jackson - 30 Haulage Hand Bachelor of 8 Gilbert St. Hindley
Mary Ethel Wilson - 25 Spinster of De Trafford Farm, Liverpool Rd. Hindley

Comments by Roger, 22nd September 2017  
Looks like the farm was in that area.

Page 695 - 25th May 1874. Went to Croston with the purpose of asking Mr de Trafford if he would sell a portion of the Strangeways Estate in Hindley which I wish to purchase andpresent to the people of Hindley for a park or recreation ground. the portion of the estate wanted lies between the south boundary of the Grange estate and the occupation leading to the Lowe Hall and is 14 statute acres in extent.

Page 696 - 20th June 1874. Mr de Trafford is willing to sell the land and i have arranged for the purchase of it, subject however to the Strangeways Hall Coal Comapny and Messrs Paerson & Knowles surrendering certain surface priveleges they posess by virtue of their coal leases.


Comments by Chris Southworth, 22nd September 2017  
This farm had existed since before 1822 as it is shown on the map of that time. It was never named as such on any map I have seen. The farm up near Morrisons, was never shown on maps as De Trafford farm. There was a De Trafford House and a De Trafford Cottage there though.
Why and how the farm down off Liverpool Rd became known as De Trafford is a bit of a mystery.
It disappeared off the maps between 1938 and 1948, probably demolished because of the age of the building, mining subsidence probably not helping. Also the subsidence would have lead to the waters of the flash in the photo lapping at the doors of the farm by about 1940 and covering a fair bit of the farmland. A lot of the land had also been lost to colliery tipping by this time as well.So the farm would have long ceased to be viable.
That piece of track was the scene of the railway accident as Ozymandias says, but I think it happened a bit farther up towards the bridge over Wigan Rd.

Comments by Stevemul, 22nd September 2017  
old-maps.co.uk shows De Trafford House and De Trafford cottage as right next to De Trafford railway junction .... back of where Morrisons is , Amberswood Common https://screenshots.firefox.com/odXLjuhanZIROQrJ/www.old-maps.co.uk

Comments by Chris Suthworth, 22nd September 2017  
Roger, that purchase of land I believe refers to the present Leyland Park?

Comments by Pw, 22nd September 2017  
Roger,I think this refers to Leyland Park.

Comments by Roger, 22nd September 2017  
Yes, indeed it refers to Leyland Park, but it also shows that the de Traffords owned most of the land in that area. Suggesting that the farm was in that area.

Comments by Stevemul, 22nd September 2017  
Another connection / co-incidence ... within couple of 100 yards of this farm is Trafford pit , NOT on Ozy´s 1907 map but on 1928 , 1929 and 1955 versions

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 22nd September 2017  
I'll admit, I may be somewhat off target regarding the location of the train wreck. For comparison purposes however, Item #: 27419 on page 12 of the Hindley section of the album shows a photo of the accident, submitted by Ron Hunt, that reveals a striking similarity regarding the topography in both pictures. Another photo, again submitted by Ron Hunt can be seen on Wigan past, Railway accident in Hindley, taken from the magazine ' Black and White Budget '. Similarities in the topography can also be discerned in this image.

Comments by Owd viewer, 23rd September 2017  
Why is de Trafford Dr,so called at the top of belle Green lane.

Comments by TD,., 23rd September 2017  
Appears Mr Wilsons address was Trafford Farm, at the end of Orrell st in 1925.
ORRELL STREET - Hindley Town directory 1925.

1 Shaw Joseph, collier
3 Ricketts L. Henry, dataller
5 Howard Richard, collier
7 Empty
9 Forshaw William, collier
47 Green Frederick, labourer
49 Bramall Joseph, surface hand
Wilson Joseph, collier, Trafford Farm

Comments by Pw, 23rd September 2017  
There was a Trafford st off Wigan rd but in the A-Z it is now Trafford rd

Comments by John D, 24th September 2017  
Totally irrelevant, I know, but Trafford Lake in Florida is in Collier County.

Comments by TD,., 24th September 2017  

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 25th September 2017  
Many thanks for posting this link TD. There could hardly exist a more comprehensive description on the details of this railway accident. Given the various witness accounts contained in the report, any debate regarding the precise location of the incident would be irrelevant, as it seemingly occurred within the Amberswood East curve, on Great Central metals, the area covered in the above map.

Comments by TD,., 26th September 2017  
Absolute pleasure Ozy,

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