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Gormley.   Views: 1069
Billinge Hill, c1952.   Comments: 24
Photo: Philip Gormley.   Item #: 29698  
Billinge Hill, c1952.
  My older brother Stephane and I, 'perched' on the 'Hill's' trig' beacon.
I remember the photo having been taken, and the packets of Kali that we had refused to let-go of - it came in transparent packets with black print.
A gracious hand for the delectation of Julie, perhaps ... photogenically speaking, of course.

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Comments by Veronica, 3rd September 2017  
Mum's making sure the sun's behind her with her 'box brownie' Philip?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd September 2017  
She was indeed, Veronica. Thanks.

Comments by irene roberts, 3rd September 2017  
As I wasn't born until next month, (October 1952), it's lovely that someone is actually older than me! Lovely pic, Philip, and how we all liked Kali and a Spanish! Happy Days! x.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd September 2017  
Yes Irene, Kali! My brother insists that it was Sherbet, and not Kali that we took atop the Trig'. He says 'Sherbet', I say 'Kali' - you know the script. I hope Dorothy is going well for you both - light blue and cream will please her. Thanks.

Comments by irene roberts, 4th September 2017  
Philip, I once asked for Kali in a shop in Tunbridge Wels and the assistants thought I was foreign! Dorothy is going well, thankyou.

Comments by Jonno, 4th September 2017  
Sorry Irene, i'm 76 and if you had asked for it in my shop in Standish i also would have thought you were foreign, always sherbet in my book, maybe kali was a district thing !!

Comments by Lyndon, 4th September 2017  
I was brought up in Downall Green (North Ashton) and we knew what Kali was. Sherbet was a proprietary sweet, it came in a small tube with a spanish sticking out or in a small packet with a lolly (Sherbet Dab) and I think they were made by Trebor. Kali on the other hand was bought loose,generally with a separate ha'penny spanish.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th September 2017  
Jonno: Lyndon and yourself, could very well be on the right track. It seems as though 'Kali' is of Northern England origin, and is presented in crystal form; sherbet as a powder. Records show that 'Sharba' was enjoyed by our Arabic friends from as far back as the 12th century.
Billinge's very own Molly Peach would have, presumably, broke no denial of Kali's status. Thanks to both of you for your posts.

Comments by Veronica, 4th September 2017  
Irene it was Kali in Scholes and that wasn't very from Ince ....in fact I think Scholes and Ince were twinned together if truth were known!

Comments by whups, 4th September 2017  
nice pic phil . remember me to your stef when you see him.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th September 2017  
Hiya Lyn, how's it going mate? I see the potential for misunderstanding here, so purely for the benefit of the uninitiated, it may prove beneficial to clarify the pronunciation of the word Kali. Which ( as anyone who ever lived in the 50's already knows ) is Kay-lye, as opposed to car-lee, or whatever other pronunciation one is able to concoct from four letters...Maybe see you in November Lyn..... if we're spared.

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th September 2017  
Will do, Whups.

Comments by GW., 4th September 2017  
An enchanting image of the 3 of you Philip.
Your mum was an artist.

Comments by irene roberts, 4th September 2017  
Jonno, whereabouts was your shop in Standish? I worked in Standish 1970-1973 at Richardson's Chemists, 81, High Street. I was between 18 and 21 years old.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th September 2017  
Apparently so GW, and specialising in light and shade. Take care.

Comments by Lyndon, 5th September 2017  
Hiya Oz
Hope and trust I do see you in November
Regards Lyn

Comments by Jonno, 5th September 2017  
I know you did Irene you have mentioned it before on WW. I didn't have a shop Irene, it was just another way of saying, HAD i had a shop !!!

Comments by Irene, 5th September 2017  
Sorry, jonno. Misunderstood you. X.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 5th September 2017  
See Jonno, had you worded your original comment, " Had I had a shop in Standish, and had you entered the shop which I didn't have, and had asked had I any Kali in my shop, ( the one in Standish which I
never had ), I would have had to have said that I hadn't, as I had never heard of the stuff." Had you said this, I'm sure it would have avoided a great deal of confusion.

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by Jonno, 5th September 2017  
Correct Ozy.

Comments by Barrie., 5th September 2017  
If you Google "Kali"or "sherbet" see what it brings up, brought up in Standish it was sherbet dabs from Annie Parks shop if I remember also " Flying Saucers" which had sherbet inside them. Thanks to you all for the laugh you have given me over the discussion, the Lancashire/Wigan humour is always there.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 6th September 2017  
I remember those flying saucers as well Barrie. My abiding memory of those things is that they were bloody awful. Moving on a few years, I had the opportunity to sample something in a similar vein called Moon Dust, or Space Dust, or something along those lines. It didn't taste of much, it just exploded in your gob. It was more of a tactile experience than a taste sensation. Just to recap, this thread started with a photo of a couple of lads on Billinge hill.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 6th September 2017  
Many thanks Ozy. And the thread also starting at the dizzy height of 179 metres above sea-level. Take care.

Comments by irene roberts, 6th September 2017  
You're right, Ozy, but Philip HAD mentioned Kali in the caption accompanying the photo. I think the nice thing about Wigan World Album is the fact that a photo of ONE thing triggers off so many memories of OTHER things that we can all share.

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