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Gormley.   Views: 1342
Yours truly, age 9 1/2 years.   Comments: 14
Photo: Philip Gormley.   Item #: 29571  
Yours truly, age 9 1/2 years.
  The socks were of red 'n' white hoops, and came with the strip, sometimes being overlaid with those of Blackpool F.C. (my brother was Stanley Matthews, I the late Duncan Edwards, and sometimes Bobby Charlton!). The ball was made of red plastic, and with dimples that presumably encouraged extra purchase/extra grip ('grip' it is). Our squad enjoyed playing matches against teams from neighbouring areas e.g. Simms Lane End, Crank ... , while travel arrangements for the away matches had been provided with courtesy of Shank's Pony. Our leading light for those matches was T. Rimmer, whom on one particular occasion had designed a matchday programme that included an advert: Get Your Fish and Chips from Peggy's. That was boyish enthusiasm for you, and I'd like to think that the programme remains hidden in a dusty drawer somewhere. Terence no longer enjoys the best of health, and it would be great for him to realise that, rather amusingly, our travel arrangements now enjoy comparison with today's popular practice of warming up-warming down - he'd like that. Dad made the seat, which had been set beside the coal fire for goodness knows how many years. And the garden now plays host to a bird bath that is surrounded by reluctant Ageratum - "they need plenty of sun", I'm told.  

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Comments by Veronica, 19th July 2017  
I presume that was your autograph on the front of said photograph Philip - all ready to send out to any adoring fans! I'd love to see the programme with 'Peggy's Fish n' Chips advertised on it- that was ingenious that was! But then we did have vivid imaginations didn't we? I had a stool like that at the side of the fireplace -but ended up with 'mottled' legs being sat too near the fire in winter!

Comments by irene roberts, 19th July 2017  
Oh, what a handsome lad, young Philip! I'm sure you'd have treated Veronica and me to a bag of chips from Peggy's if you'd known us!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 19th July 2017  
Veronica - 'Mottled' legs; another humdinger from your goodself. The signature is mine alright - appended back in the day. And Terence's two-page-spread matchday programme, was created on lined paper and 'fairly' small. Peggy's plug is all that I can recall of the programmes contents, but presumably our line-up would have been entered as a 2-3-5 formation. Peggy (Melling) played for Bolton Ladies, and according to a friend of mine, was once asked by a passer-by if her team was going to win at the weekend. Her reply, after spitting on both palms, was "Well if wi cawnt, am afraid wi shapen". Regards.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 19th July 2017  
Irene - I sure would; and with a bottle of pop each. Regards.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 19th July 2017  
The mottled leg condition that you speak of Veronica, was commonly referred to as corned beef legs in the area where I was raised. Caused, it would appear, by overexposure to direct heat, the name aptly describes the appearance of the affected area. I seem to recall that several elderly ladies I encountered during my early years, no doubt as a result of repeated exposure to an open coal fire, appeared to suffer from permanent corned beef leg syndrome. Happily, with the advent of central heating, corned beef legs appear to have been become a thing of the past. No doubt there'll be a medical term for the condition.

Comments by Veronica, 19th July 2017  
Thankfully it all faded Ozy .....to be replaced by chilblains on the toes instead. That's one thing I don't miss - fighting for the best place near the fire!

Comments by Maureen, 19th July 2017  
Phillip,your signature is very artistic,did you do that when you were young.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 20th July 2017  
Maureen - The signature was applied - with apparent deliberation, back in the day and been the preferred choice of various styles. It's quite likely that its application would had received guidance from every youngster's favourite; tracing paper. My brother says that it can be removed, but doing so would be like removing 'scribblings' from a treasured school exercise book. Regards.

Comments by whups, 20th July 2017  
gret choice of hero phil , but what about "georgie" .

Comments by Philip Gormley., 20th July 2017  
Whups - He was up there with 'em', wasn't he. I was told (by a good source) quite recently, that Shanks would have 'broke the bank' for him. Shanks knew. Thanks.

Comments by Julie, 20th July 2017  
Hi Philip, I must admit, I do, as matter of preference, make special note to read your comments. Even though I find your comments sometimes
'Kite Like' ( this is no mock whatsoever) the detail you provide draws readers like me, welcomingly in.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 20th July 2017  
Julie - Thanks for your general interest in my posts, and perseverance with the occasional 'kite-like' passages that sit comfortably within them. It's my hope that those passages will help the reader to not only move along without difficulty, but also provide 'respite' when considering other parts that may at first seem 'angular'. I've read quite a few of your posts on this site, and it's pretty clear that you have a lot of enthusiasm - long may it continue. Regards.

Comments by Veronica, 20th July 2017  
I agree Philip that both you and Ozy have in common a rare flair for our wonderful English Language. In other words you can both tell a good tale!! Makes me wonder if you were a teacher/ lecturer in your chosen career as well as a very competent water colourist!!
Seeing as Julie has remarked on it I thought I may as well.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 21st July 2017  
Veronica - That's very kind of you. Thankyou. I look-in on Wiganworld every day to enjoy its photos of the past, and soon find myself bouncing along and into their many and varied posts, almost cutting a swathe through those of 'meatier' content. My posts remain truthful, sometimes sprinkled with lightheartedness, and in good support of their respective photos. And as for my punctuation and grammar ... well ... they've improved greatly in recent years, while phrasing comes courtesy of my own design. One of the final entry's into my school report - and it might just as well have been the last, went on the lines of 'Philip has all the ability, but for some unknown reason seems intent on preventing his own progress'. That's nothing to be proud of, I'm afraid. Yours truly a teacher/lecturer? ... hang on, Babe. Strewth! My only experience of rigorous learning after leaving school, had been for two seemingly unfulfilled years at Leigh Tech'. And what about Ozy, he's quite a whizz, isn't he. I also admire the way in which he had once ticked-off someone, for a shabby, if not vitriolic post. Ozy's response was given in polite fashion not far removed from fine Grecian metre. Regards.

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