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Wiganers on Holiday   Views: 1916
On the way to Whitby.   Comments: 33
Photo: . Ozymandias .   Item #: 29343  
On the way to Whitby.

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 666px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Near the summit of the A62 Standedge, on the way to the Yorkshire coast sometime in the mid 60's. Taken most likely on the wagon park of the old Robin Hood transport café. Danny Towey pictured on the left, and a young lad who's name escapes me momentarily, pose for the photographer by the Velocette combination.  

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Comments by Al, 11th May 2017  
Like a scene from Heartbeat:). Very nice place Whitby is.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 11th May 2017  
Strewth, Danny's got himself into a pair of ten-inch bottoms, and who's the young lad with him - every mother's darling. I like the RBG sticker, and despite its plain background, it also appears to me as having achieved artistic merit by its inclusion of the rarely used Skitters Sans-serif - a typeface sadly no longer with us.

Comments by Howard P, 12th May 2017  
I suspect they are brave risking that bike over Yorkshire.
Looks a bit worse for wear, in other words clapped out.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 13th May 2017  
Howard....my friend....my lifelong soulmate....I was just wondering whether or not it may be possible for me to make a suggestion ? Although, let it be said, I'm already fully aware that you are perceived as being the the UK's foremost expert on motorcycles, wagons and the rail network , I wondered if perhaps I could offer a little advice. My advice would be this, stick to Silver Cross prams, as I'm perfectly convinced that your knowledge on prams far exceeds your knowledge on any other topic on this planet...but wait, On second thoughts.....For planet, could we substitute universe?....
. I suspect a response will be forthcoming.

Love, kisses and best regards. Ozy.

Comments by Howard P, 13th May 2017  
I suspect I'm leader of the pack...brom brom. Get it..the Shangri-las 1965.

Comments by Julie, 13th May 2017  
Freedom of speech Howard. You have what it takes mate.

Comments by Julie, 13th May 2017  
Not me

Comments by Julie Summers, 14th May 2017  
It's me !!
Not to be afraid.

Comments by Veronica, 14th May 2017  
Its having the courage of your convictions if you know what you are talking about. If in doubt say nowt. I know nothing at all about motor bikes but find the fashion of the clothes interesting-winklepicker shoes can be seen there I think! Now that is unusual for riding a motor bike. Then again they would want to be appropriately dressed for going to the seaside and meeting girls I bet! Oh to be young again we took it all for granted!

Comments by DTease, 14th May 2017  
Julie, Julie or Julie, you're making my head hurt.

Comments by DTease, 14th May 2017  
Ozy, why are you taking the P out of Howard P ?

Comments by GW., 14th May 2017  
Ah' for the days of "get your winklepickers and motor running and head out on the highway". Overalls are probably the next best thing to an Aussie flying jacket for the brave young lad in the chair.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 14th May 2017  
Veronica - I shouldn't worry too much about your knowledge of biker 'stuff' as your post supports the photo very well; you've correctly identified and enlarged upon the photo's chief essential e.g. the effervescence of youth - the two protagonists look well-pleased with their efforts.

Comments by Veronica, 14th May 2017  
One has even got the mean and moody 'Rebel Without a Cause' look Philip and that's important too! :-))

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 14th May 2017  
I suspect the P probably stands for prat DTease, as in leader of the prats. If anyone wants me, I'll be in the Anderson shelter.

Comments by Tease, 14th May 2017  
You can't be having any Ps in there Ozy. Think of the family.

Comments by Alan, 14th May 2017  
That ozy bloke must think Wigan World belongs to him.
Why use insulting words to a person who makes a comment? Just because you don't agree with someone, you don't make rude comments to them.

Comments by Garry, 14th May 2017  
The bike looks like a moped towards today's machines, some are 1.7 litres with four water cooled cylinders.

Comments by Veronica, 15th May 2017  
Does Howard P actually know anything about motorbikes? I know nothing about them but can see it looks well looked after! Yes he is entitled to his opinion but he was disrespectful and somewhat rude in his 'clapped out' comment. This is how 'freedom of speech' works ...there are consequences to it ! A photo was sent in to be shared by motor bike enthusiasts - it didn't have to be shared -but it was sneered at -why be negative? Why not upload some photos instead?

Comments by Alan, 15th May 2017  
Positive and Negative are on battery terminals.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 15th May 2017  
GW - I assume 'your' bike-rides during the holiday seasons would have taken in the Oulton Park race meetings, and as you have a penchant for walks along almost untouched countryside, also assume that you might enjoy watching 'Introducing Oulton Park' on youtube. It's a short colour film of a 1953 race meeting (cars I'm afraid) that shows the track in its pre-manicured days, but there's fun to be had in identifying those favourite vantage points! Straw bales, pipe-puffing gents - in what appears to be 'the paddock', drivers in their bolt upright seating positions and, of course, a deluge of the famous British clipped-accent, are all there. Just my attempt at adding further impetus to your interest in locomotion, with my regards of course.

Comments by GW, 15th May 2017  
Cheers very much Philip and thanks and respect to Ozy and anyone else on Wiganworld who lets us share their memories.

Comments by From Where, 16th May 2017  
When the smell of oil finds me, and the wind in face drives me ... I will not glance behind me... but rush by a glen , cow holding men, look at a hill stationary but still, Alive to my pass, quicker than last , throw down the gears , but no one hears , only me. Slam it again. Joined, by my friend, where next to again , who knows, let's just go there again....

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 16th May 2017  
The poor lad in the sidecar'd worn his boilersuit to tatters, but didn't seem a bit concerned, " I don't see that it matters.........mi' mam just give us fifteen bob and when we get to Whitby, I'll 'ave a root round t' th'Oxfam shop, they'll 'ave a jacket t'fit mi. " ...anon.

Comments by Veronica, 16th May 2017  
From Where....I dont know where you are coming from exactly....or where you are going....but I know where I'm going ......for a week of sunshine and it's not Wigan! : - ))

Comments by GW., 17th May 2017  
I'm with you From Where
do we dare
Take the bike and chair
to Westhoughton ,
i'm told it's nice this time of year
And i'll bet we'll see the lovely
Veronica there. ......
...apologies to Dylan Thomas..

Comments by DTease, 17th May 2017  
Youth is a time of optimism. I remember as a thirteen year old setting out for Southport on a pushbike with almost non existent tyres and inner tubes that were more patch than tube.
We had to stop every couple of miles while I pumped my tyres up but we got there eventually. What's more important we also got back albeit late in the day.
I wonder how many thirteen year olds would be allowed the freedom to do that now.

Comments by Veronica, 17th May 2017  
Chivalry's not dead after all!
Dylan won't worry -he's already gone....
Raging into that long goodnight all...
regards To GW

Comments by Philip Gormley., 17th May 2017  
'On Standedge - Danny Towey'. Danny plain and fancy free, stands no more on Standedge scree. Bearing wind and Dogger's snarling, stood there bravely with every mother's darling. Ne'er seeking need or searching proof, he set the pace for local youth.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 17th May 2017  
Refreshing zephyrs just blew in and tore the mouldy curtain. From where they came, I'm fairly sure, they're overdue for certain. There'll be detractors, little doubt, indignant and all knowing, But for myself I'm bound to say, I like the way it's going. Nice one Philip.

Comments by g p, 19th May 2017  
all this talking going on,and we stil have'nt named the lad with Danny

Comments by SB, 5th June 2017  
Reet. I'm putting on my anorak and thick Jam jar bottom glasses.
It's a Velocette 350cc MAC motorcycle- looks like 1953 model as they only had a tubular silencer that year, after they went to the recognisable fishtail style.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 12th June 2017  
Hi SB, that was a really good guess. No, seriously, I'm impressed, you obviously know your stuff, especially the bit about the exhaust. Unfortunately however, you don't get to go home with the cigar. The bike is / was in fact a 1955 500cc MSS model. It was purchased in March 1965 from a bloke who lived in Bickershaw lane Abram. The asking price was £10.00 including delivery, a fortnight's wage at that time. The chap turned up on the thing wearing a fawn coloured gabardine mac, took his money then presumably caught the 320 bus back home. Thanks for your informed comment.

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