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Brown family   Views: 984
John Frank & Teresa   Comments: 16
Photo: John Brown   Item #: 20838  
John Frank & Teresa
  A picture of me (right) my brother Frank and my little sister Teresa. I look about 12 yrs old, so that would be c.1962. What was my Mum thinking of - letting me wear a jacket like that. I don't look too bothered though, do I?  

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Comments by Catherine, 14th June 2012  
Lovely photo innocent days

Comments by sandra webster, 14th June 2012  
Ha ha ha John seems like yesterday where has the time gone ... excellent photo ... excellent memories

Comments by tony, 14th June 2012  
hi john good photo, i met your frank but i did'nt know you had a sister, or did i meet her and did'nt know it on our band days.

Comments by John Brown, 15th June 2012  
Is that Mr Shirley ?

Comments by John Brown, 15th June 2012  
Hello Sandra. Glad you like the picture. Seems like only yesterday that me, Billy Summers and Norman Skellon were playing cricket in Ruskin Ave; using the lamp-post (or gas-lamp as we used to call it) as a wicket. Wish I was still doing so. You haven't posted any pic's for a while. . . what's up, are you scared (har har)

Comments by tony, 15th June 2012  
no john

Comments by John Brown, 15th June 2012  
Tony who then?

Comments by John Brown, 16th June 2012  
Ha Ha - Mr Cunningham I presume (who else) How ya doing pal ?

Comments by tony, 16th June 2012  toncunningham@gmail.com 
correct john am not so bad i keep gooin wit yed darn,dennis was asking about you he comes down every so often and we have a laugh, he's not well up with computers and would like to get in touch with you on my email when he comes down ours,i'll leave my email if you want to get in touch with dennis.hope you are keeping well and all your family.

Comments by sandra webster, 16th June 2012  
Not scared at all John I love the old photo's and the memories that they bring back ... I need to get asking my sisters and brother to dig me some out as I have posted all the ones that I had .... watch this space ha ha

Comments by John Brown, 18th June 2012  
Thanks Tony, I'll give Den a ring - it has been ages since I saw him. Regarding my kith and kin : I have two sisters (one younger than me, one older) and I have four brothers, all younger than myself. Quite a gang eh ?

Comments by tony, 18th June 2012  
hi john den will love that,and i always thought that there were only you and your frank,so your mam and dad had 7 kids, big family john, so did they not have a telly....lol

Comments by John Brown, 19th June 2012  
Hi Tony. Us kids were born in 2 lots, as it were. A block of four, then a gap of about 10 years, then along came another 3. I don't know why the gap. My Mum used to say that that was just how it worked out - draw your own conclusion there. I remember running home from junior school to watch Popeye, so we must have had a telly by about 1957/8 I suppose. Dad did watch telly (sport and news mainly) but obviously not all the time (Har Har). He worked down't pit, and it still amazes me how he managed to clothe and feed us all. Me and Frank alone could eat for England ! Ah. . . memories.

Comments by sandra webster, 22nd June 2012  
John am I missing one of you I thought there was your Sheila then You then Frank then Teresa then a gap then Steven then Paul which makes six ?????? I apologise if I have missed someone out the brain don't work the same any more ha ha

Comments by John Brown, 22nd June 2012  
Hi Sandra. Yep, you missed one out. The 'second batch' were Steven, David and Paul.

Comments by sandra webster, 22nd June 2012  
Oh dear how could I forget your David and his drums ha ha ... blame it on the brain cells dying off ...

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