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Scholes   Views: 2048
Unknown Butchers 1926   Comments: 32
Photo: RON HUNT   Item #: 30489  
Unknown Butchers 1926

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 691px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Photo of an unknown butchers shop in Scholes 1926.
Thanks to Mr. Wignall for the photo.

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Comments by John D, 28th April 2018  
Possibly Smales's Butchers.

Comments by Joseph, 29th April 2018  
Smailes' butchers 122 Scholes.

Comments by Veronica, 29th April 2018  
I remember Smales's butchers in the 50's with the beef hung up on hooks inside on the customer's side of the counter, I remember bumping into them- you couln't help it. There was loads of sawdust on the floor - it must have been there to soak the blood up. I loved shuffling the sawdust about. I recall the outside woodwork painted bright red. I remember when the cows were run up Scholes for slaughter - they must have ended up here! You couldn't get fresher beef than that!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 29th April 2018  
Veronica. I'm trying to have 'mi' dinner, here. What in heaven's name's got into you, child?

Comments by AB, 29th April 2018  
I think this would be Smailes They were basicly Pork butchers With their slaughter house behind 'down an entry between Tinsleys shop and the Crofters Aa a boy I went there a couple of times for a Pigs Bladder ( I shudder at the thought now)

Comments by watchalot, 29th April 2018  
I worked at smales in the 1950s it was a pork butchers not beef

Comments by Veronica, 29th April 2018  
I was only five at the time....! I still remember the cows driven up Scowes anyroad. save it for supper Philip. ;o)

Comments by Veronica, 29th April 2018  
Just thinking Smales's doorway was on the opposite side of the window to that one ... If it was that butchers.... Who's to say?

Comments by winnie, 29th April 2018  
Pilling Household (5 People)
117 Wigan Road , Ashton-in-Makerfield U.D., Lancashire, England

Harold Smailes 09 Dec 1902 Male Butcher - Slaughterman Married
Matthew Pilling 27 Jul 1878 Male General Labourer Married
Alice Pilling 10 Nov 1880 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married
Mary E Smailes 18 Feb 1902 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married

Comments by Philip Gormley., 29th April 2018  
It wasn't really your fault. In fact I'd previously been watching the British Restaurant scene in the Dad's Army episode The Two and a Half Feathers as my steak was being brought to room temperature - You might remember Cpl. Jones's sickening account of The Battle of Omdermun.

Sorry about my previous use of the word 'child'.

Comments by Veronica, 29th April 2018  
No need to apologise Philip its all in fun. I must refresh my memory with Cpl Jones's story on Ytube. Hope you enjoyed that piece of steak! I remember one episode where a pantomime cow was used - can't remember who was inside - bet Jonesy was one half!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 29th April 2018  
Pte's Frazer and Walker operated the pantomime horse in the episode Operation Kilt, while Jonesy found himself buried beneath the straw on a haycart - each suffocating gloriously.
I did have a rump steak, in all honesty, and found it to have been a bit too ... erm ... let me just say 'it's sirloin, next time.'
Take care.

Comments by Tricia, 30th April 2018  
My husband had a Saturday job there. He says the shop was double - fronted , with a door on either side.

Comments by Veronica, 30th April 2018  
Memory playing tricks Tricia - I could have sworn only the one window! It's eons ago though.

Comments by DerekB, 30th April 2018  
Another butcher's in Scholes was Ben Turner. My best mate's dad drove a van for them

Comments by Joseph, 30th April 2018  
Smailes' was a beef and pork butchers,they also had a shop on Darlington Street and in the Market Hall.

Comments by Ken R, 30th April 2018  
Could this have been Mark Williams's?

Comments by Veronica, 30th April 2018  
I still think there were sides of beef or could they have been big pigs hanging on hooks in Smales's? Joseph you seem to have knowledge - I know I didn't dream bumping into them- children don't forget things like that.

Comments by John G, 1st May 2018  
Veronica: I believe you, when I was a kid I had the same experience, butchers used to hang pork carcasses out side and inside also chicken and even rabbit as advertising, besides Veronica you've got nice chops.

Comments by Tricia, 1st May 2018  
Hi Veronica
It was Chadwick butchers that my husband worked for. Higher up the road , across from the chip shop. He also said that Smailes was a pork butcher.
Do you have a brother called Sammy ?

Comments by Veronica, 1st May 2018  
John G I have still got nice chops- slightly fatter! Tricia I haven't got a brother called Sammy you may be thinking of the Penmans. So Smailes's could still have had one window.

Comments by Albert., 1st May 2018  
Between Scholes Crossing, and Greenough Street, the residents' had quite a selection of meat outlets to choose from. I got a nice cuppa when I called in Maggie Lewis's butcher's, on the left hand side, before Greenough Street. Although pubs outnumbered the butchers.

Comments by Tricia, 1st May 2018  
Yes I was, Veronica, its such a pretty name. He does remember the 2 windows at Smailes though.

Comments by Peter P, 2nd May 2018  
Never Smales Butchers , I worked at Smales in Scholes , Pork Butchers NEVER EVER SOLD BEEF HERE, Smales butchers in Wigan market sold both beef and pork lamb etc , this Looks like Jack Hightons right hand side going up Scholes after crossing .

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd May 2018  
Peter P.
Item 27362 might provide further interest for you. It also shows a member of the Highton 'ensemble' in the back yard of his butcher's shop.

Comments by PeterP, 3rd May 2018  
There cannot be TWO PeterP's on this site,I have never worked in a butchers shop.

Comments by Joseph, 4th May 2018  
PeterP don't worry about it, I too have been cloned many a time on posts by silly buggers with nowt better to do. Maybe it's a case of jealousy to do with our knowledgeable input on the Album.

Comments by felly, 11th May 2018  
My mothers brother Peter Farrell was apprentice butcher at the butchers facing scholes picture house.in 1935 his friend asked peter to enlist in the army with him. Peter joined his friend was turned down.He was posted to lndia were he contracted T.B and was discharged from the army.He gave my mother away when she married in 1940 .Sadly he died in 1941aged 24 and his friend got his job has apprentice butcher

Comments by Veronica, 11th May 2018  
What a sad set of coincidents and in the end tragic - I remember the butchers opposite the Scholes Pictures but not the name Felly.

Comments by felly, 11th May 2018  
Sorry Veronica l don't recall the name,my mother had 7 brothers that lived at no1spring st Kevin Farrell one of the brothers told me the story,he died two yrs ago aged 90, his son john was in your class at st Pats. Peter.P mentioned Jack hightons that rings very small bell

Comments by Veronica, 11th May 2018  
It's such a long time ago - I do remember John Farrell at school though and at the re- union we had some years ago. I seem to remember John Connoly working in that Butcher's shop as well opposite the Scholes Pictures Felly.

Comments by Jim Latham, 19th September 2018  
John Connolly worked for my uncle, John Cooper, who had worked for MacAvoys Butchers most of his life, before taking over the shop.

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