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Hindley   Views: 1035
St Peter's Atherton Road   Comments: 20
Photo: RON HUNT   Item #: 30021  
St Peter's Atherton Road

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  Post card showing a view in the 1950's/60's  

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Comments by irene roberts, 31st December 2017  
I walked to school, (Hindley Grammar), along this road five days a week for five years, 1964-69. I caught the bus from Ince to Hindley then walked to school, and even went home to Ince for my dinner!, (We had an hour and a half for dinner then as we only finished school at 4pm). Later, aged 15 to 18, I went to The Monaco Ballroom, (just on the left, before the church), on Monday nights. So a very big part of my life was along this road!

Comments by Roger, 1st January 2018  
Those gateposts on the left led to the Lancashire Education Committee's building, I think it was called Garswood House, but I'm not sure.

Comments by Garry, 1st January 2018  
Little has changed over the years.

Comments by Rev David Long, 1st January 2018  david@scars.org.uk 
Ford Pop., parked, and a Jowett Javelin heading towards Wigan.

Comments by barry smith, 1st January 2018  barrysmith39@hotmail.co.uk 
cars trolley bus lines and capstan cig poster only difference from today

Comments by irene roberts, 1st January 2018  
I think you're right, Roger. My Mam and I had to go in there as I was given a grant for my school uniform due to the low wage my Dad was on through his chest being damaged in the pit. My Mam, the gentlest soul on earth, was treated like a scrounger by a very supercilious man and she had to stand there and take it even though she was worth ten of him; I, sadly, was too young to speak up. Sixty-four years on I have never forgotten him. He was no Gentleman but was speaking to a Lady had he but known it.

Comments by irene roberts, 1st January 2018  
Roger, I am putting years on myself....that should have said FIFTY-four years later.....maths never WAS my strong point, despite the begrudged Grammar School Uniform!

Comments by Roger, 1st January 2018  
Irene, I believe lots of talented youngsters had to deliberately fail their 11+ exam due to the cost of all the peripheral gear needed.

Comments by Cyril, 1st January 2018  
Irene, there still are folks like the supercilious man employed on the council, whom look down their noses at you thinking themselves to be a whole lot higher, sadly, if only they knew that they're actually the lowest of the low.

Comments by Veronica, 1st January 2018  
I can't understand children deliberately failing the 11+ all they had to do was refuse their place. I think it was a rate of 5% only that could go on to grammar school. Anybody could say they deliberately failed - who's to know? There were children who were expected to pass but didn't!

Comments by DerekB, 1st January 2018  
Garry, I think the parked car is a Vauxhall and I don't think the other car is a Jowett Javelin - not with a split rear window. Could be a thirties Standard but don't think so. Most probably an American model.

Comments by irene roberts, 1st January 2018  
Myself and two lads passed the Eleven-plus, (or Scholarship as it was known), but a lad in our class who was a "dead cert" to pass DIDN'T! He was under so much pressure from his Mother that he failed. During his first year at the Secondary Modern it apparently became obvious that he should have passed the exam and after his first year he came to Hindley Grammar but had to start in the first form so was always a year behind us. A lot of parents bribed children back then in the Scholarship days with the promise of new bikes etc., should they pass. I was promised nowt and I got nowt! And I agree with that, even had my parents had the money for a bike. My brother, (19 years my senior), bought me my first bike when I was about 12.

Comments by Caroline, 2nd January 2018  
I remember walking from the Bird i'th Hand down Lord Street and Park Road to Hindley Grammar. There was no such thing as school buses laid on then, and hardly anyone had cars, even if they did I don't think pupils would have got lifts to school then.As far as help with school uniforms etc. I did know a girl from Ince who passed her 11+ to go to the Notre Dame Convent, but went to Cardinal Newman instead, which I didn't really get as they had a uniform too.She became a Maths teacher later. Little has changed in this scene, I pass it often.

Comments by Maurice., 3rd January 2018  
The Rex cinema is just in view,soon to become the Monoco.

Comments by Roger, 3rd January 2018  
Same area a few years later.


Comments by Alan, 4th January 2018  
I know some people who went to Grammar school who are thick as two short planks, and know some who when to the then Rose Bridge secondary school who are very clever and have good paid jobs.

Comments by irene roberts, 4th January 2018  
I agree with you, Alan. My husband is a man who can turn his hand to anything....car maintenance, electronics, (he re-wired our entire house), building, decorating, even, (to his surprise and mine!), a flair for cooking since he retired! But if he had to do a written exam on the subjects at which he has such talent, he will tell you himself he would fail it. On the other hand, there are people could put it down on paper, but put a spanner in their hand and they wouldn't have a clue! If you are the same Alan who comments on Photo-a-Day, (my apologies if I've got the wrong person!), I don't think you like me, Alan! And yet I don't know what I've done to upset you! Sorry, love! x.

Comments by irene roberts, 4th January 2018  
ps Alan, My two brothers and many of my friends went to Rose Bridge Secondary Modern. An admirable school, both then and now.

Comments by Veronica, 5th January 2018  
Thats your opinion Alan- the ones who passed their scholarship were the bright ones - good all rounders. If they had been 'thick' they wouldn't have passed the exam! It was always known at school who the 'clever' kids were-there's no getting away from that fact.

Comments by Caroline, 6th January 2018  
I believe you are right Veronica. If a pupil was having a bad day or didn't pass for whatever reason, they did get transferred from their school to the Grammar if their future work showed them to be capable.It really doesn't take anything away from people who are nor academic but have many other talents.

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