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Bryn   Views: 1855
Wigan Road, Bryn in the fifties.   Comments: 31
Photo: Keith Beckett   Item #: 29706  
Wigan Road, Bryn in the fifties.
  A painting showing Park Lane chapel tennis courts.
The Bath Springs pub in the foreground, St. Peter's old school top left. The building to the right of the tennis courts was the tennis pavilion.Brimelow's florist shop is at the left hand end of the terrace.

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Comments by Philip Gormley., 8th September 2017  
A very good painting, Keith - a comfortable blend of the artistic and the factual. I also like your easy guide to particular points of the painting. Thanks.

Comments by Veronica, 8th September 2017  
A lot of work gone into the painting -I don't see a signature on it. What a lovely reminder for the folk who lived in that area at that time.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 8th September 2017  
A lot of work indeed, Veronica - no day too long for this particular artist.

Comments by Keith Beckett, 8th September 2017  
Veronica it was painted by Maris Bate, maiden name, the daughter of a former captain of the chapel tennis club. I was talking to her last Saturday at a school reunion where she had a few paintings on display.

Comments by Kenee, 9th September 2017  
He must have had a long ladder.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 9th September 2017  
Reminds me a little of a Helen Bradley painting...Irene will know her....Miss Carter who always wore pink ?
I love the detail in this painting, lots to look at.

Comments by atlas, 9th September 2017  
my old house soughers st rose hill is on the painting

Comments by Philip Gormley., 9th September 2017  
Keith: I haven't had any luck in attempting to locate other paintings by this artist. Any leads, please?

Comments by g p, 9th September 2017  
many happy hours have i spent with Maris's brother brushing &rolling the tennis courts after the players have finished playing because they were shale,the second house with the brown door,in the left hand block belonged to the Rimmer family,Maris has even got Billy on his allotment at the back of his house,Maris lived in the first house to the right of pub,then Mrs Brimelow,then the Atkinsons,& then the Lathom family,after the entrance to the tennis courts lived Phillis Prescot & then two Evans brothers,just before Roscoes furniture shop.[atlas may be able to add a few more names as being a rose hiller]

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 9th September 2017  
The large black door on the property at the end of the terraced row of houses directly above the school playground suggests to me that it may have been the premises of ' Pop ' Morgan, manufacturer of mineral waters. A certain Mrs. Brown had a wool shop several houses along to the right, in the same row. Her daughter Shiela was in my year at school.
atlas, living as you did on Rose Hill, did you ever come across a lad by the name of Brent Hindley, I think he came out of Skelton St., or any of the Lodge brothers, Colin, Derek and Ian?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 9th September 2017  
I'll go along with 'Pop' Morgan, Ozy (we knew it as 'Morgan's pop'). Haseldine Street heads through the gap, to the left of his premises, and then on to the estate where my grandparents had lived.

Comments by AP, 10th September 2017  
Brent lived in the shop, corner of Eddlestone Street and Skelton Street.

Comments by Dlanor, 10th September 2017  
I was informed that Maris painted several views of the area and they were in the Bath Springs, when one of the managers/Landlords left he took the paintings with him!

Comments by atlas, 10th September 2017  
ozy brent lived in the corner shop skelton st it was a grocers back then sadly he is no longer with us and yes the lodges lived on skelton st new them all well

Comments by AP, 10th September 2017  
Anyone recall the line of huge, buried, semi-cylindrical concrete air-raid shelters next to the school? And, adjacent to this was the pitch where Silcock's fair would be held once a year. The huge mobile generator trucks (ex WD, I believe) were fascinating. They were usually parked between the shelters, which I guess suppressed the noise they made somewhat.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 10th September 2017  
So the guv'nor took the paintings with him, eh! Hopefully those and other paintings by this artist can still be seen - wherever this may be.

Comments by Keith Beckett, 10th September 2017  
The other paintings Maris had on show at the school reunion were of Park Lane school and chapel, also the old Landgate post office.
I'll be calling in to the coffee morning at the chapel on Thursday and will ask around.

Comments by g p, 10th September 2017  
to Dlanor,i can't remember any of Mari's paintings being in the pub,&we did'nt take any with us in 1971,more info as to when they were so called in the pub.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 10th September 2017  
My family and that of Dick and Maggie Green were good friends and we would often go to visit on a weekend. I would have been around 7 or 8 at that time. The Greens lived in a terraced house between Pop Morgan's and the school. After tea on a summer evening we would all cross the road to the field for a game of cricket. I distinctly remember some rubble strewn grassy hummocks not far from the road. Perhaps these were the remains of the air raid shelters you speak of AP. I recall being sent out to field on one of these hummocks. I was running to take a splendid catch when I tripped over some of the rubble and went A over T into the stinging nettles, much to everyone's amusement except mine. Happy days eh?

Comments by Roger, 10th September 2017  
Best pic on here for ages. Brings back so many memories, we went to St. Peter's school at that time, can't see the old air raid shelters at the back of the school though The green field top right is now Dryden ave

Comments by Philip Gormley., 10th September 2017  
Keith: Many thanks for your kind reply.

Comments by atlas, 11th September 2017  
to gp yes there was paintings in the pub one of them rosehill chip shop but I cant remember the year

Comments by spectre, 11th September 2017  
There were a few of Maris's paintings in the Bath Spring pub.One of the Three Sisters slag heaps and another of bonfire night at the bottom of Eddleston street.I cant remember the others.

Comments by Dougie, 11th September 2017  
Thanks Keith and everyone that's posted about this photo I remember everything and everybody mentioned, I can see my first house I lived in after getting married in Eddleston street,

Anyone remember the fiar coming on the field across from the pop Morgans about 1954 ish

Comments by Philip Gormley., 11th September 2017  
Dougie: Not mentioned in this thread, is the 'football pitch' that was situated alongside Grange Road on the estate behind 'Pop' Morgan's place. Do you remember it?
I remember my Dad taking me across the road to watch a kickabout that had been taking place there, and how the much older lads had kindly allowed me to 'have a kick', this would have been c1957.
I also remember the football as having been quite large and very hard - unusual for any football's specifications - and also the vague impression of goal posts; perhaps organised football matches had also taken place there.
Yeah ... there were goalposts. Happy days, eh?

Comments by Dougie, 12th September 2017  
Philip, the only one I remember was before the shops and bungalows were built on the other side of the road to the houses, so yes I do remember a football field but don't know if it's the one or not

Comments by Helen of Troy, 12th September 2017  
Wonderful to read all these memories, who remembers who. Lovely !

Comments by Philip Gormley., 12th September 2017  
Dougie: Thanks for your reply - a good'un' too.

Comments by Karen, 14th September 2017  
I can remember the paintings being up in the Bath springs probably early to mid 1980s. I can remember the bonfire night one and another one of a lady with 2 children waiting to cross the road....could have been outside Cottams chippy. I was told that they were on loan by Maris and given back to her.

Comments by Cloie, 21st September 2017  sjlchurch@carrollsweb.com 
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely painting ... my mother, Alice Green, lived at #21 Whitledge Green in Bryn and went to St. Peter's school. What a wonderful surprise to see this! Thanks again!

Comments by John59, 5th December 2017  
Keith do you mind if I post this elsewhere on a fb group, giving full credit to yourself & the artist of course ?

Also is the artist still alive ? and living in the area ? do you know

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