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Photograph taken in the same location as the previous, in   Views: 1756
Enjoying a day in Mesnes Park, 1954.   Comments: 42
Photo: Albert   Item #: 29697  
Enjoying a day in Mesnes Park, 1954.

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  Having a bit of fun. Taken in Mesnes Park, whilst on leave.  

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Comments by irene roberts, 3rd September 2017  
Is that you, Albert?

Comments by Veronica, 3rd September 2017  
Had you been in the Park Horel Albert? You look like you're having fun!,

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 3rd September 2017  
Yon cap favvers set at a rather jaunty angle Albert. According to my reckoning, a spot of ' jankers ' could quite well be in order here mate.

Comments by John D, 3rd September 2017  
Put that cap on straight, corporal. Tut, tut.

Comments by Albert, 3rd September 2017  
Certainly is Irene. A happy twenty year old.

Comments by Albert, 3rd September 2017  
I think by this time, Ozy, the statutory time for conviction has elapsed.

Comments by irene roberts, 3rd September 2017  
Oh, what a handsome lad! x.

Comments by Poet, 3rd September 2017  
Interesting to see the dismantling of what use to be the world's highest Ferris wheel in the background. Wigan lost so much in the 50,s.

Comments by Albert., 4th September 2017  
Poet. I presume that was where someone had placed their cup, in their careless manner. Probably me.

Comments by Veronica, 4th September 2017  
It looks like a ferris wheel to me - could it be the time of Wigan Fair on the Market Square?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th September 2017  
Albert: I guess you would have played a few games of Billiards, during your service, as it was still quite popular at that time. If you had, then you would also have been acquainted with those lovely terms of the game i.e., Long Jenny, Winning Hazard ... . The game isn't as popular today, of course, but must still require plenty of skill.

Comments by Albert., 4th September 2017  
Relating to your query Phillip. Now, having thought about it, I just cannot recollect there being any snooker tables in the corporals' club, nor in the N.A.A.F.I. clubs, on the camps that I served at, but there must have been some, somewhere. Played many a game of snooker, and billiards below the County Cinema, and the Empress. Enjoyed coming home to the local pubs, and playing five, and threes. (Dominoes)

Comments by TD,., 4th September 2017  
Comedian Benny Hill also served in the forces and his TV show started in 1955. Albert your photo in 1954 is great fun. Thanks for sharing.

Comments by Albert., 4th September 2017  
T.D. Bruce Forsyth, also served his national service in the R.A.F. in 1947. I believe he was stationed up in the Carlisle area.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th September 2017  
It's a blimmin' twig Veronica. Oh sweet baby Jesus asleep in a manger, promise me you'll buck up.

Comments by Tony, 4th September 2017  
Veronica - I'm afraid it can't be a Ferris wheel.
If you take into consideration the size of the circle on the photo, the distance away it would have to be to be on the Market Square, and the height of the treeline, the 'wheel' if it was one, would be almost the height of Balckpool tower.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th September 2017  
Albert: Thanks for your reply. So you not only played Billiards, but Snooker and Fives & threes, as well ... blimey! You're a sportsman, sir. Put me a 'knock' on ... on second thoughts though, perhaps a re-rack would be a better option and certainly more towards to my capabilities.

Comments by Veronica, 4th September 2017  
Well that's me told then...'Poet's ' to blame for planting the idea! Seriously thanks for putting me right.......:0))

Comments by Maureen, 4th September 2017  
At least Veronica had a guess.

Comments by Veronica, 4th September 2017  
Thankyou Maureen -us 'girls' should stick together- anyway I was never any good at Maths at school and I'm as blind as a bat! :o))

Comments by DTease, 4th September 2017  
Loved a game of fives and threes me, can't find anyone to play with these days.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th September 2017  
Young girls have picked them every one DTease, Oh when will they ever learn?..........no use asking me...........We used to play a game in the pub called ' Honest John '. It's so long ago now that I can't even remember whether it involved cards or dominoes. To be fair, six pints of Warsteiner isn't helping much either, but I remember I used to enjoy playing it in the New Inn ( now long gone ) in Golborne, on a Saturday afternoon after work, ( 5 an a half days was the norm back then) . I have experienced the icy chill and northern blast of many a winter solstice since those halcyon days.

Comments by RON HUNT, 4th September 2017  
HONEST JOHN is a domino game, you follow your own line of dominos. If you can't go, you ask the next player if he can give you a domino that will allow you to go.

Comments by DTease, 4th September 2017  
If anyone should be unfortunate enough to enter the Vault sporting a crutch and a plaster cast he would be plagued all evening by the regulars with the same question " Wos tha bin doin' did tha play o wrung domino"

Comments by Albert., 5th September 2017  
If there was enough of us on break, at Newtown Police Station, we always enjoyed a game of solo. A cracking game, (cards) providing everyone at the end of each game, stacked them in the right order, for the next deal. Hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades. Needed a little bit of brain power, especially when calling abundance declared, (Taking all of the tricks, during the game) or misère (Taking no tricks, during the game.) As well as these calls, there were other calls, but I forget them.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 5th September 2017  
DTease: I remember being told once, some years ago, that The Manley had been a hard school. If it had been, then perhaps a wrong domino would have resulted in post match heated discussions, or in the case of a mis-timed request for more ale forfeiture of the game. Both scenarios having been recorded elsewhere.

Comments by Julie, 5th September 2017  
Super thread Albert. Thankyou

Comments by DTease, 5th September 2017  
Philip, I was thinking more of the quick kick in the shin underneath the table by a disgruntled partner.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 5th September 2017  
Yes DTease, a kick across the shin would have been one hell of a reminder. I recall seeing a bloke vent his fury upon his partner after they had been beaten in a 'general' game of dominoes ... I'm sure you've heard the expression 'eyes like organ stops'. It was quite an unnerving display from a person, whom at the best of times was a bitter old cuss. It's only a game indeed.

Comments by Albert., 6th September 2017  
For those who are not conversant with the game of five & threes. Here is a brief outline. It is just the same as playing straight forward dominoes, with the exception that, each player has to try and make each ends total, add up to a number that can be divided by three, or by five. For example if your opponent puts down a six five, with the five being the end number, and at the other end there is a blank, then he will receive one point. (Just one five). If you hold blank five, and you put that down. Now you have a five at each end, so you get two points. Be wary though, may be your opponent is holding double five, if he puts that down. He will get eight points, a five at one end, and double five at the other adds up to fifteen, three fives in fifteen, and five threes in fifteen, therefore eight points. In pubs it was usual for a couple to play another couple, although just two of you can play the game. You use a cribbage board to keep the score. Pegs(matches)placed into the board's holes. Makes an enjoyable family game.

Comments by TD,., 6th September 2017  
Albert. Good game, good game!

Comments by DTease, 6th September 2017  
Very well explained Albert.

Comments by Jinksi., 6th September 2017  
Albert, played fives & three's many times in Manley ,and Black Diamond.

Comments by Albert., 7th September 2017  
Jinksy. Frequented the Black Diamond, and The Swan, during the fifties. Played most of my five & three games in the Little Rock.

Comments by Jinksi., 7th September 2017  
Albert, do you remember Bessie the Landlady in the Little Rock.She used to fill a Metal Jug with Beer from Kegs that were put on stands by Lads in the Vault, then fill your Pint Pot. Do you also remember Sid &Hilda Fenton who lived a couple of Doors from the Little Rock..Sid was a good Rugby Player.The Swan was Ok but never used the Big Rock.

Comments by Albert., 8th September 2017  
Jinksy. You have a better memory than I have. I was away in the forces for a big part of the fifties. I use to frequent those pubs with my old mates when on leave.

Comments by Rev David Long, 12th September 2017  david@scars.org.uk 
Rev Sam Bryson, my predecessor at St Mary's between the wars, was against drink - he'll be twirling in his grave that most of the Ince pubs have closed.

Comments by Albert., 17th September 2017  
Reverend. I remember when in church in Kent. We were told by the priest, of a curate in Bermondsey, remonstrating in the pulpit, about the drinking activities prevalent in the area. Then to demonstrate, he placed a worm in a glass of water, and it just floated merrily around. He then placed a worm in a glass containing a small amount of whiskey, and it shrivelled up. He the said to the the congregation. "What does that prove?." One chap got up and said. "Father. It proves, that if you drink plenty of whiskey, you won't be troubled with worms."

Comments by Veronica, 17th September 2017  
That's had me in stitches Albert! It could only be a Wiganer and I bet he was serious..........

Comments by TD,., 18th September 2017  
Ha Ha Ha! Very amusing worm story Albert. You are a star!

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