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Billinge   Views: 2589
A View Towards Billinge Hill.   Comments: 33
Photo: Philip Gormley   Item #: 26776  
A View Towards Billinge Hill.

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 530px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  A watercolour painting I did recently from my 1994 pencil sketch.
The furrow at the bottom right now plays host to 30 feet tall trees that totally obscure this particular view.
The wooded area at the foot of the hill has also flourished; changing the hill's outline and stark appearance.

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Comments by John G, 22nd August 2015  
Well done Philip the painting is very neat and crisp, I never Put you down as a landscape painter, mind you I only ever saw you with a welding rod in your hand.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 22nd August 2015  
John G: Glad you like the pic, thanks.

Comments by G .W., 22nd August 2015  
Nice work Philip. And good to hear about the land recovering. Some lovely countryside around this district. I'm guessing the sketch was done near Down Brook.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 23rd August 2015  
G.W: Thanks for that - glad you like the pic, too.
The pencil sketch was done in the Roby Well area - at the lower end of Elm Drive.

Comments by G .W., 23rd August 2015  
I'm with you now Philip. Is it just me or does Billinge hill disorientate its viewer?[ probably just me ].

Comments by Eric Winstanley, 23rd August 2015  
Very good paintings, Philip, I too didn't have you as an artist.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 23rd August 2015  
Eric W: Thanks for that - glad you like the pic, too.

Comments by Jarvo, 24th August 2015  
The welcoming sight of Billinge Hill has pulled on the heart strings of many a weary traveller returning home from a long journey. I love the place. Lovely painting. Well done.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 24th August 2015  
Jarvo: Thanks for that - you're quite a scholar, Sir.
Glad you like the pic, too.

Comments by Jarvo, 25th August 2015  
Thank you, Philip. I would dearly like to own a copy of this.

Comments by graham finch, 25th August 2015  
Philp, ironically enough we have an original by Joanna Boon from almost the same area which we bought in the early nineties. Billinge Hill is aregular walk for us. Lovely painting.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 25th August 2015  
Jarvo: Thanks for your continued interest. No problem with you owning a copy of the Billinge Hill pic. Will shortly send you a scanned version.
Graham Finch: Thanks for that - glad you like the pic. too. So Joanna's been on the same trail as well has she! She is ofcourse a very good artist and as you've retained the similar version of this view done by her, must be really pleased with your purchase. Continue to enjoy your walks.

Comments by graham finch, 25th August 2015  
We have several more of Joanna's work which we purchased when she was involved with fund raising for St. James primary.We have what I feel is an incredible one of Wallgate probably early 20th century which I know she was "upset" about letting go.For me people who have the incredible skill and talent to capture local scenes so well are priceless. Carry on !!!

Comments by Jarvo, 25th August 2015  
Thank you, Philip, much appreciated.

Comments by Julie, 25th August 2015  
Wonder what happened to Giovanni? He always commented on paintings, as did Maureen.

Comments by Jonno, 26th August 2015  
Giovanni hasn't been on Album this month Julie, he'll be charming the birds out of the trees somewhere love. Two nice water colours Philip.

Comments by Maureen, 26th August 2015  
Philip,that's a lovely watercolour painting..I paint in oils or acrylic,but can't seem to master watercolours,so I admire you.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 26th August 2015  
Jonno: Glad you like the two w/colours, thanks.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 26th August 2015  
Maureen: Thanks for that - glad you like the pic, too.
I get the impression that despite the difficulty you have
when attempting to master the medium of watercolour painting (to which you freely admit), you still enjoy the process.
As a fellow enthusiast, only, I offer you a bit of encouragement, but also hope that this meets with your approval.
You've only two options from which to choose: leave the watercolours alone for a while (I am that soldier) or continue to work through the difficult times.
In either case - and as you can handle the difficulties of pushing, scraping and modelling oil paint, a return to form and further improvement will be assured.
You might also like to look at your next watercolour painting and then consider if it gives the impression, not of something mastered, but of 'something enjoyed'.

Comments by Maureen, 27th August 2015  
Hello Philip,thank you for bothering to reply to me..my trouble is I've been painting for as long as I can remember in oils..then through a conversation with Giovanni..I tried acrylics and I enjoy painting with those as well..I will be the first to admit that it's so easy with oils and acrylics to cover up mistakes whereas with watercolours it isn't so..and that is why I admire you.I will indeed try it some day..when I'm feeling confident enough to try.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 4th November 2015  
G.W: Discovered only today that Down Brook is situated quite close to 'Maddox Farm' (you weren't disorientated). I hadn't known of Down Brook, and so offer you my apology for not giving a better response to your query.

Comments by G .W., 10th November 2015  
Appreciated, but no need for an apology Philip. In fact, funny story. On a recent walk from Longshaw to Billinge on a rather dark and cloudy afternoon i completely lost my bearings ending up near Windy Arbour rather than the Stork Inn . The fact that i "could'nt" see Billinge Hill left me "disorientated". Life should be a laugh. Cheers Philip. Take care. PS. Any more works to share on Wigan World?

Comments by Philip Gormley, 11th November 2015  
G.W: I've quite a lot of local scenes in my sketch books and may have a crack at one or two of them next year; I find the yellow light - now prevalent in my back kitchen, isn't conducive to colour work.
So until next year, I shall be replenishing stocks and maintaining my interest.
Thanks, again.

Comments by Tim Hanrahan, 13th November 2015  tim.hanrahan@sky.com 
Just a thought - but (depending on size and price) I might be interested in buying the original - would you be interested in selling? Would also be interested in other paintings/drawings of Billinge, especially the Hill - I'm trying to think of presents for twin sisters who have their 60th birthday soon.

Comments by Philip Gormley, 16th November 2015  
Tim Hanrahan: Thankyou for your interest.

Comments by Johnny, 16th February 2016  
A great pic Philip! You know me Johnny who lived in Royden Road Billinge. Remember your nickname - Sos?
Remember John Boardman's graffiti on Billinge Beacon - Rolling Stones. That was the place to go on a Sunday afternoon!

Comments by Philip Gormley, 16th February 2016  
John: I remember you and your younger brother Jimmy, quite well and that Sos was the nickname given to my older brother. I still live in Claremont Road but rarely see John B. Remember Amen Corner at the annual Orrell Rugby Club marquee? Great days.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 17th February 2016  
John: Glad you like the pic. Thanks.

Comments by Johnny, 18th February 2016  JohnnyRosso@aol.com 
Hi Phil
Ive included my e-mail if you want to get in touch and catch up. Alot of water has passed under our bridges no doubt!

Comments by Johnny, 18th February 2016  
I'm Giovanni...now using my real name. This is a real good pic. When I knew Philip at school all he wanted to do was chase girls and kick a ball about!!

Comments by S Taylor, 14th November 2016  Sharontaylor.68@hotmail.co.uk 
Hi, great picture. Would I be able to get a copy of this?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 15th November 2016  
S Taylor - Glad you like this painting. No problem with you having a copy; your's uninterrupted. Thanks.

Comments by S Taylor, 27th November 2016  Sharontaylor.68@hotmail.co.uk 
Hi, how would I go about getting a copy of the picture please?

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