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Darlington Street   Views: 4057
Photo: Frank Orrell   Item #: 29535  

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 489px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Darlington Street with Kaye's Surplus Stores and Norcliffe's Corsets prominent in July 1973.
Norcliffe's shop at Number 22 was a tripe shop in the 1930s and where George Orwell stayed whilst researching for his book "The Road to Wigan Pier".

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Comments by Garry, 8th July 2017  
That the one Kays stores and also, where the chap with the bike as well, hanging coats outside the shop, or was that the Army and Navy stores...Mm!!! not too sure now!

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2017  
Another brilliant picture and history in the making with the shop that Orwell stayed at. If that shop was 22 where would number 4 be in relation to it? My maternal grandmother was born there.

Comments by irene roberts, 8th July 2017  
I remember Kaye's Surplus Stores so well. My Mam often took me to get work-clothes for my Dad and my much-older brother, and I will never know how the assistant knew where anything was.....a real Aladdin's Cave! I'm so thankful I saw all this before Wigan's "new face" wiped it all away to be replaced by buildings that look like they have been drawn by a three-year-old and built of Lego.

Comments by Albert., 8th July 2017  
Keith. I suspect vehicles are travelling towards King Street. If so, further along in the early sixties, on that side of the road, was the Wigan Borough Police garage, and a shop that sold some very decent pictures. On the opposite side, a chemist, and a side road that led into Harrogate Street.

Comments by A.W., 8th July 2017  
Who remembers buying a gasmask at Kay's? Every kid in Wigan must have had one,lol.

Comments by Wiganer, 8th July 2017  
Frank are these photos from a new publication?

Comments by tuddy, 8th July 2017  
A.W. I had one of those gas masks, cost one shilling! I remember Sweaty Betty having one of her restaurants in that row.

Comments by Wiganer, 8th July 2017  
I remember one of the shops in the distance, on the right, was a confectioners and they sold warm 1d loaves.

Comments by Maureen, 8th July 2017  
Wiganers..the shop you mean we McAndlishes..we lived in Warrington Lane a lot of years ago..next door but one to Liky Smiths dress shop,and I walked up down Darlington Street for six years to take the little one to School...I think the photographer is stood at the front of the newspaper shop which at the time was owned by Alan Rhodes..and Kay's sold ..at the time..real silver rings with a sixpence piece in the centre.further down on the left just out of sight was Norman Leathers where you could make a record of yourself with him playing the piano..next to him was a sort of Chemists that displayed the old fashioned ceramic urine bottles in the window..all gone now, but they haven't taken my memories.

Comments by Cyril, 8th July 2017  
wiganer, that would be McCandlish, on warm summer nights loads of cockroaches could be seen swarming from the grating at the front of the shop and crawling over the pavement, though all the buildings around there would probably have them as the gasworks was said to be alive with them.

Albert, when Foy Street was demolished to make way for the then new police station, the Co-op garage moved into the police garage that you mention.

Comments by Maureen, 8th July 2017  
I must add..more or less facing Kay's is the pet shop owned by Mary and Danny Collins where I as a child bought my tortoise (God did I love that little tortoise) .

Comments by Ste Wigan, 8th July 2017  
What an absolutely cracking photo!! I remember it like it was yesterday!!

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2017  
Maureen I can just imagine you taking the tortoise home in a cardboard box!

Comments by Frank Orrell, 8th July 2017  frankorrell@sky.com 
Wiganer, the Darlington Street picture is in my first book "Just One More" Volume One. The other four in the sequence will be in a book which I hope to publish either later this year or early next year.

Comments by Maureen, 8th July 2017  
Veronica,I did exactly that..I even had his photo in my gold locket round my neck..I was fourteen at the time.lol.

Comments by Carolaen, 8th July 2017  
Maureen. Do you remember that the Pet shop used to have a Mynah Bird in a cage that they put just outside the doorway. I was obsessed by the bird when I was little.

Comments by Maureen, 8th July 2017  
Carolean,I'd forgotten all about that,but I'm not sure if it was when the Collins had the shop..and I'm blowed if I can recall who had it before them..Ill get my thinking cap on.

Comments by Ron., 8th July 2017  
I remember all our gang from the street all bought white Topee's from Kays.( I always thought they cost 6d? but even then that would have been cheap so I'm thinking they would have been about 2/-) We never had them off every time we went out to play we put them on. We had them for years. I can remember, one particular day, my mother saying "TAKE THAT BLOODY THING OFF YOU'RE NOT GETTING MARRIED WITH THAT ON"

Comments by John, 9th July 2017  
Wasn't it Harry Pemberton who told the joke, his mother took him to Kayes for his school uniform, but the headmaster wasn't too happy when he turned up at school dressed as a Japanese kamikaze pilot

Comments by Mick, 9th July 2017  
Taylor's picture framing shop is the one between Norcliffe's and Kayes, and out of shot, either next door or next door but one to Norcliffe's, there was a barber's shop.
When the police station was in Harrogate St, I remember our Superintendent making caustic comments about the length of a colleague's hair, and telling him to get it cut pdq. He went to this barbers, who gave him a crop that left him looking like Mo, out of the 'Three Stooges'.

Comments by Maureen, 9th July 2017  
John,it was someone on Wigan World that told the story of going to School dressed as a Japanese Kamikaze pilot..I've been looking for it..not found it yet,but will carry on looking..Kay's have a lot to answer for....lol.

Comments by Albet., 9th July 2017  
Quite a few of you would have bought records from Norman Leather's He had a shop on the left, as you look at the photograph.

Comments by Maureen, 9th July 2017  
John,if you type in the search box above ( Japanese pilot uniform from Kay's) there is a comment from a Frank in Perth Australia re Kay's .

Comments by Veronica, 9th July 2017  
I used to love the Three Stooges at the Scholes Pictures always scrapping. Don't tell anyone ... I sometimes watch them on Ytube!

Comments by irene roberts, 9th July 2017  
I've sent a letter to The Wigan Observer saying, "Veronica watches The Three Stooges in secret on YouTube".....I might send it up to News at Ten! xx.

Comments by Veronica, 9th July 2017  
Naughty Irene.....the grand kids remind me of them when they are scrapping' as well!

Comments by John, 9th July 2017  
Maureen, thanks, still makes me laugh think about a kids dressed as a kamikaze pilot

Comments by irene roberts, 9th July 2017  
Veronica, did you manage to get a copy of The Wigan Observer with Tom's story in it?

Comments by Maureen, 9th July 2017  
John,I wonder if in years to come,will today's children be able to look back the same as us on here and recall all the characters of years gone by..it seems to me that all adventures have been eradicated with PC brigade..I once spoke to a policeman that used to take us across the road in Wallgate to go to School,and he told me that he'd been to a lot of places in his years as. a Policeman,but he'd never known characters like Wiganers...but will anyone be able to say that in years to come..I may be looking through rose coloured glasses but I'm sure that we've seen the best of it..for a kick off they won't have all these old shops to have a conversation about..no doubt some won't agree,but I've loved all these photos that take us back to those lovely years.

Comments by Veronica, 9th July 2017  
I did Irene -Tom's another natural tale teller and his memory is superb.

Comments by A.W., 10th July 2017  
Tuddy, years ago I was told a tale about somebody visiting Sweaty Betty's kitchen and finding her husband's socks and underwear drying in the oven! lol.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 10th July 2017  
Bill Taylor, the chap that had the picture framing business next to Kaye's lived in Ashland avenue in Ashton. He was into sailing and had a large wooden butty boat dumped in the street outside his house. It lay there for years, slowly rotting away. Bill could often be found just up the road from his house, in the Jubilee Club on Wigan road with his pet beagle, Mitch. Every time the pair came in, Bill would order a pint at the bar, while Mitch would go behind the bar, jump on a stool and pinch a bag of Dolly Mixtures off the display card.

Comments by tuddy, 10th July 2017  
I'm not surprised at anything that went on in that kitchen, although, she must have fed a generation of late night revellers, and we all survived. Wasn't her husband called Ronnie? I seem to remember he worked in the restraint with her.

Comments by Owd Fossil, 10th July 2017  
Does anybody remember St Johns ambulance office just out of picture at the top of Darlington St.

Comments by Mick, 10th July 2017  
Tuddy - correct re Betty's husband. They were Ronnie and Betty Adikhury.
I remember chatting to Betty one night, and she started telling me about trouble they'd had with drunken customers over the years, in the different restaurants they'd owned in the town. I was nodding and shaking my head sympathetically at her tales of woe, until she said "I'll never forget the time I got kicked in the Koh-I-Noor", at which point I damn' nearly choked on my curry.

Comments by tuddy, 11th July 2017  
Mick, how many restaurants did she have, I can remember the one in Darlington Street, and then she moved to Market Street, I'm not sure if she opened a place in Dickinson Street later on.

Comments by DTease, 12th July 2017  
Mick, you wouldn't be the only one to choke on Betty's curry.
I once got kicked in the Plantations. My Plantations were sore for a week.

Comments by Mick, 12th July 2017  
Tuddy - she had four that I know of. Over forty years ago, she had the Koh-I-Noor which I seem to remember was all around where the Magistrates courts are now, then she had had the Delhi, which was across the road.
After these, she had the New Delhi in Market St, in what had been the Happy Palace Chinese restaurant. She moved into Market St, circa 1979/1980. Finally, circa 1985, she had a place in Upper Dicconson St, on the corner of Dicconson Terrace, in what had been Crockers Restaurant, and was later Gems, Barry Philbin's pub.
The last place on Upper Dicconson St was run by her and Ronnie's son, and didn't last long.

Comments by Veronica, 12th July 2017  
A kick in the Crockers wouldn't have been very pleasant either! It must have been a dangerous trade!

Comments by Mick, 12th July 2017  
"A kick in the Crockers"?
That's nowt, Veronica! I had a great uncle who was shot in the Dardanelles!

Comments by g p, 12th July 2017  
in the 70s i did some driving for grey cabs and at weekends once finished the koh-i-noor is where we would end up,i should thank Basil & Betty for getting me into indian food

Comments by Veronica, 12th July 2017  
That was really dangerous Mick ...my grandad was there as well!

Comments by DTease, 12th July 2017  
I think too many of us on here are spending our afternoons watching "Carry On" films.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 12th July 2017  
Mick - Could you let me have the name of the Indian restaurant that stood very close to the traffic lights at the lower end of Market Street, please? Considering the fact that we used to go there quite a lot - during the 70s, I've forgotten its name. Thanks.

Comments by Veronica, 12th July 2017  
I know but it's fun Dtease...as Doddy says 'work those chuckle muscles'!

Comments by Mick, 12th July 2017  
Philip - it was the Adjeer Manzil. I think it opened in 1976, and was two doors down from the Pacific Ocean Chinese Restaurant.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 12th July 2017  
Mick - You're a knockout! It was indeed, The Adjeer Manzil. Many thanks for your help.

Comments by Mick, 12th July 2017  
Glad to help, Philip.

Comments by Anne, 13th July 2017  
Many thanks for this. My Mum owned Norcliffes and when my grandmother Ida Norcliffe retired in 1965 Mum relocated to here. It brings back so many memories.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 13th July 2017  
I can't claim to have ever been kicked in the Crockers, or shot in the Dardanelles, but many years ago in France, I came off my bike and ended up with a severe case of gravel rash in the Arras region.

Comments by DTease, 13th July 2017  
Do you watch the "Carry On" films as well Ozy? I'm gabberflasted, my gabber as never been so flasted.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 13th July 2017  
I don't claim to be a massive fan of the ' Carry On ' films if I'm being perfectly honest DTease, although there are a couple of shots featuring Barbara Windsor that I find particularly outstanding.

Comments by irene roberts, 13th July 2017  
You little tinker, Ozzy! x.

Comments by DTease, 13th July 2017  
She does tend to catch the eye doesn't she? Sometimes she catches both eyes at once.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 14th July 2017  
Apparently, Sid James once told her that he'd dreamt about her the previous night. " Did you Sid ?" she asked. " No " replied Sid, " you wouldn't let me ".

Comments by Alan, 15th July 2017  
Hey up It's all about me me me again!!!

Comments by veronica, 15th July 2017  
There's 22 posters on this thread Alan so how can it be all about me me me?

Comments by Al, 15th July 2017  
I make it 57 comments and counting.

Comments by Veronica, 15th July 2017  
22 people who have posted not the actual comments -A

Comments by Alan, 15th July 2017  
After 10 July, then it's all about me me me!

Comments by Veronica, 15th July 2017  
Yes exactly you you you Alan ! It's almost a vendetta

Comments by Ron., 15th July 2017  
Does anyone know what the building, behind the sign with the two arrows, was? The one with the pitched roof, It looks like it was some kind of Chapel?

Comments by Alan, 16th July 2017  
It could have been a Bank or small Chapel Ron.
To be fair I've never noticed it before, good point.

Comments by Veronica, 16th July 2017  
Someone who actually lived or worked on Darlington St must know.... I know my dad would have known ....one of his regular sayings was 'we put gas in there' .....suppose he did after working for the Gas Board for 40 yrs!

Comments by Alan, 16th July 2017  
Good point Veronica X

Comments by Roger, 18th July 2017  
In the late sixties, I worked in a job that meant handling money, before cashing up, I'd check all the 1d coins for rare dates, once came across a 1953 penny, took it to Kays and got 12/6 for it.

Comments by Steve breheny, 19th July 2017  Steve@brehenycommercials.co.uk 
Later on but not in this picture to the right of the picture on the cross roads was the derby arms its was done up reopened by Norman Sedgwick and Jackie Mather and managed by chizzy gerrerd for a good while and facing that was the register office and for all of you sweaty Betty's husband was ronnie addocorie his restaurant

Comments by Albert., 20th July 2017  
The query regarding the unknown building. Could it be some sort of pumping station, with it being within the vicinity of the River Douglas?.

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