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Wm. Livesey. Builders merchants. Queen St.   Views: 1414
Livesey's yard. Year unknown.   Comments: 30
Photo: . Ozymandias .   Item #: 29960  
Livesey's yard. Year unknown.

Alert Image scaled down from 805px to 1000px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Another boring shot taken in Livesey's yard, this time looking towards the entrance on Queen St. What may be of interest though is the wall of North Western station. I'm sure it doesn't look quite like that nowadays. The scaffolding visible to the left of the shot would appear to indicate that the company is in the process of erecting the silos for their readymix concrete plant. This may help to date the picture.  

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Comments by Poet, 6th December 2017  
As Crocodile Dundee would have said
"Thems not ladders. THESE are ladders!

Comments by Howard P, 6th December 2017  
Yes I suspect quite boring!!!

Comments by Alan, 6th December 2017  
Those are ladders. Is the correct wording.

Comments by Poet, 6th December 2017  
Do you know the function of speech marks?

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 6th December 2017  
Well well well, if it isn't Howard and Alan again, the dynamic duo, or the gruesome twosome, as I've heard them alternatively described, what can I say ?, I'm inclined to think, that instead of spouting rubbish on here, your time could be spent far more profitably helping your great uncle Bulgaria and the rest of the family picking the stuff up on Wimbledon common.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 6th December 2017  
I can't imagine that a passing artist would have regarded this scene as being 'a bit of a bore' Ozy.
The shadows, builder's rubble, and stacked clay chimney pots, would have been an almost instant attraction for him, or her, despite the artist being faced with the rum prospect of grappling with 'terra cotta colour'.
I must admit, though, that just two judiciously placed workmen having their baggin beneath the canopy, would have created even more interest for the artist. A gradely photo nonetheless.
It's hard to imagine that after 40,000 years of colour-mixing no one, as far as I am aware, has produced a definitive terra cotta colour in tube form - modulation left to the artist's discretion.

Comments by Veronica, 6th December 2017  
It's amazing how the terrible twosome are always attracted to Ozy's photos! I can't think why...seeing as "they are boring"!

Comments by Poet, 6th December 2017  
"This is the type of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put".

Sir Winston Churchill.

Comments by DTease, 7th December 2017  
Poet, I'm useless at English. Can you tell me why we spell phonetics with a ph? Should it not be fonetics?

Comments by Poet, 7th December 2017  
I think we must blame 'them' Normans DTease. 1066 and all that!

Comments by Poet, 7th December 2017  
Or should that be the phrench?

Comments by GW., 7th December 2017  
I phind that phunny, poet.

Comments by GW., 7th December 2017  
What does Filip think?

Comments by Poe!, 7th December 2017  
I'm not phully inphormed oph the phacts but I'm phairly conphident filip will agree it was the phrench inphluence.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 7th December 2017  
Phil my rhyme with muffled words
Supply has soon dried up
Wordy chums they come down hard
Standing phut by phut ... Ouch!

Comments by DTease, 7th December 2017  
Phlippin' eck!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 7th December 2017  
Our Poet lad at fair rows built, is hampered by the dust
Then blows his nose to see the way, and soon not really phussed
The ladder long it holds his gaze, he shrugs-off first time freeze
He's sure to reach the top, let's see how pharisees
Poet's burgee's soon on high, he's back with Fritz allein
It takes a while to calm his nerves, even more to philistine.

Comments by Poet, 7th December 2017  
Bravo chief poet. Bravo.

Comments by GW., 7th December 2017  
As Mick Dundee would have said,
"Phair dinkum you phella's".

Comments by Veronica, 8th December 2017  
Phantastic fonetics!

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 8th December 2017  
I phancy that's about all pholks, as it phavvers the phearless phive have phinally phinished phaphing around.

Comments by Julie, 8th December 2017  
I wasnít we em your worship sir. I was only carrying spuds and
a climber jump on, I knew nowt about any others as I werenít we em...
Evidence suggests you are strongly connected to the five , and you are
indeed the sixth man , known as Ozy
Not me your worship sir, Iím a Godly man . I were not wee em . The only
GW I knew had a rent shop close to the shed. I did know a DTease but he got locked up, is he out is he? There was a Veronica , but she held a good
bar in Scholes. The only wrong she did was the music she played. She was I admit , close to dodgy Harry, who, it was known, was a seasoned , but apart from that I donít know em , wasnít me your worship .
So , what you are saying is , you are not only not the sixth man , you are an only man who knows nothing whatsoever of the other five. Is this a correct assumption? Yes your worship sir, I donít mix with bad uns !

We turn now to the contents of your lorry , carrying five individuals ,and a vast quantity of bags labelled...Veronica spuds!
Your Honour , May I request further confirmation from my client?
If you must .

Comments by GW., 9th December 2017  
Wasn't me your honour. I was laid up at home wif a phractured phunny bone. I blame Ozy and his phabulous foto's. He's the Ronnie Biggs of Wiganworld.

Comments by veronica, 9th December 2017  
I never had a pub in Scholes - but I did once have a chippy! I had nothing to do with 'them' philanderin' scoundrels!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 9th December 2017  
Seen on The Howphen Potato Seed Data Base, recently.
Veronica: Of oirish stock, strong resistance to Black Dot and Charcoal Rot.
Good with Admiral's Pie, but queue jumpers will need to fight off thora for its phritters.

Comments by Veronica, 9th December 2017  
Thats right Philip keep the Blight(ers) off my praties!

Comments by DTease, 9th December 2017  
Veronica, who is this Dodgy Harry? and what did you season him with? My head's hurting now.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 9th December 2017  
I certainly will fend them off, Veronica. Oh, by the way, the eponymous seed is a Main crop variety.

Comments by Veronica, 9th December 2017  
I wish I knew who dodgy Harry was I only knew a Dirty Harry - he used to supply the salt and vinegar for the chips!

Comments by Poet, 9th December 2017  
Wewees Wodewick!

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