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Photo: GE0FF GASKELL   Item #: 29693  

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Comments by Albert., 3rd September 2017  
Has Wigan, like it had in the past, as demonstrated here, still got a well structured, and sound engineering foundation?.

Comments by A.W., 3rd September 2017  
Looks like the sort of thing Walker Brothers would have made.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 3rd September 2017  
Interesting photo Geoff, I wasn't previously aware that William Heath Robinson had evidently honed his skills in the design room at Walkers. Every new day produces another little gem does it not?

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by Ray Smyth, 3rd September 2017  
This is a Pagefield Lorry, made by Walker Bros at Pagefield
Works, Wigan. The lorry is pictured in the Mersey Tunnel
entrance, opposite Old Haymarket in Liverpool. I hope there
are no comments regarding the picture not being of Wigan.

Comments by Roy, 4th September 2017  
Ray, it doesn't matter to me if the pic was taken in Timbuktu, if the subject was MADE in Wigan, that's enough.

Comments by Tony, 4th September 2017  
A valuable addition to this photo collection, showing the ingenuity and know-how of one of Wigan's (and the country's) finest engineering firms.

Comments by Albert., 4th September 2017  
I sincerely hope that the values of the past, in Wigan's workmanship, in engineering, will grow, as well as in science, technology in general, and in other essential manufacturing contributions. It will be sorely needed, with Brexit on the horizon.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th September 2017  
I shouldn't worry too much about brexit if I were you Albert, I can't see anything much changing in our time. One thing's for sure though, whatever goes wrong in the future will doubtless be blamed on brexit, just as any calamity that ensued had we elected to remain within the EU would have been blamed on staying in. Maybe I'm just a born sceptic, but we got along quite well before the EU, so what's to say we won't get along fine once more?

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by GW., 4th September 2017  
Terrific photo Geoff. Skeptic or optimist Ozzy? [Does Brussels have a tunnel?]

Comments by John G, 4th September 2017  
GW: Apparently we own half of one,so it must be are right to blow it up.

Comments by Ray Smyth, 4th September 2017  
Yes GW, Brussels does have a tunnel. Part of the Northern
section of the Brussels Inner Ring Road has a very long
tunnel directly beneath the original Ring Road.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th September 2017  
G'day mate, it's good to hear from you again cobber. A quick glance at Google maps ( I' nt milk brilliant ? ) would appear to indicate that Brussels, or Bruxelles, to give the dump its Sunday name, has no less than at least half a dozen tunnels, none of which fortunately emerge on the eastern shore of this sceptred isle. Blimey, how many blinking tunnels do we need? We already have at least two under the Mersey,( I just know that someone is poised to correct me ), one under the Tyne, another one ( or two if you count the pedestrian tunnel ),under the Clyde, several under the Thames, a railway tunnel under the Severn, and no doubt a lot more that I've either forgotten about, or am not even aware of. Oh yes and the one that everyone could have done without, although we never got a say in the matter, the tunnel sous la manche. I reckon this country is just about tunnelled out mate, so don't get me started on tunnels.

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by GW., 4th September 2017  
....and Wigan is full of tunnels Ozy.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th September 2017  
I think a certain shopkeeper's daughter from Grantham closed most of those down GW, along with pretty much everything else around here, which brings us nicely full circle back to Albert's original comment.

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