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Mining   Views: 1670
J.R.Stone Collieries Coal Wagon   Comments: 47
Photo: RON HUNT   Item #: 29654  
J.R.Stone Collieries Coal Wagon

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 750px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Photograph of a fully laden coal wagon belonging to J.R.Stone Collieries Garswood.  

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Comments by Ray, 16th August 2017  
Hello Ron, What a great picture, but if you look at it closely, you can see that it is an 00 Gauge model railway
wagon, no longer than 3 inches.

Comments by Watcher, 16th August 2017  
Buy your own here

Comments by Dostaf, 16th August 2017  
Interesting couplers on that old wagon.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 16th August 2017  
Ray: Thank heavens you're onboard; I was sucked-in by this photo. I've since noticed other models e.g. Uncle Joe's, Wigan Hippodrome, at 'RMweb Wigan Wallgate'.

Comments by RON HUNT, 16th August 2017  
Well I'll go to foot of our stairs. Had me fooled<g>

Comments by David, 16th August 2017  
Grass looks realistic.

Comments by Joseph, 16th August 2017  
Says it all really.

Comments by GW., 16th August 2017  
Where's that Fat Controller from Garswood?

Comments by Kevan, 16th August 2017  
I don't know whose layout that is on but I wish mine was that advanced, any clues Ron? I have to admit first thought was ' Ah window detail of Fyffes followed by that's not Fyffes wharehouse, then, that's a model' . Philip the photos from RM Web are from my layout, you will find more or less the same on here in the Hobbies section in Message boards.
Kevan (taylork54)

Comments by Philip Gormley., 17th August 2017  
Kevan. Thanks for the lead: Home > Message Boards > Hobbies. You've created some 'mighty' pieces for your layout ~ ~ ~ I'm getting the aroma of freshly-cut timber.

Comments by irene roberts, 17th August 2017  
Philip, I know my friend Ron won't mind my going off the subject as he knows I have no other way of contacting you apart from looking out for a photo on which you have left a comment.....Thankyou so much for the very interesting letter and equally interesting envelope that you so kindly sent me. It is much appreciated, I assure you. x. Thanks to you too, Ron, for forwarding the letter to me. x. Gentlemen both!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 17th August 2017  
Irene: Many thanks for your kind reply. I'm really pleased that the envelope and letter have contributed towards your keen interest in the 1940s.
I spent a little time considering who the writer had been referring to when she mentioned 'Sir Henry in good form' and, also, 'plenty of hugs'. Having demolished the likelihood of a previously knighted serviceman being given to hugs, during the German onslaught, I then looked in the direction of Sir Henry Wood. Wikipedia's mention of Sir Henry being in good form, during one particular concert, gives credence. I couldn't find mention of The Vicarage Gate Murder either, in any of the book titles that I breezed through, but The Cornish Coast Murder might be worth further consideration; the fatal shots were fired from the driveway of the house. The only other pointer that I can offer you is that it could have been a term of reproach upon The Luftwaffe. My sincere regards to you, and my further thanks to Ron for his help in this particular correspondence.

Comments by GW., 18th August 2017  
Intrigue, mystery, murder and model wagons. What's not to like about Wiganworld.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 18th August 2017  
Dead right, GW. And the biggest mystery of all must surely be the disappearance of Ozy. Where the Dickens is he?

Comments by Veronica, 18th August 2017  
I suggest a posse of bikers (vintage) to find him. Perhaps Injuns have already scalped him! Sorry I can't join you I'm not confident on the road these days! Anyway my bike has a puncture. I'm almost sure he retires sometimes to an Anderson shelter. Anyway good hunting!

Comments by GW., 18th August 2017  
I think Albert's policing instincts may have him traced to taking sanctuary at the convent at bottom of Parbold hill. Just a hunch but as good a place to start as any.

Comments by Veronica, 18th August 2017  
What a brainwave GW you have nailed it. I dare say Ozy won't want to leave the sanctuary of the convent. He'll end up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame swinging from the chimneys and bell tower ....'the bells,the bells'!

Comments by Veronica, 18th August 2017  
I fear it may be too late GW/ Philip. He may have taken Holy Orders and does the good sister's shopping for them! He's probably puffing up Parbold Hill at this very moment on the bike with their orders.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 18th August 2017  
Veronica: I like that ... Holy Orders/Shopping. And having taken Holy Orders at the bottom of Parbold Hill, Ozy would than have to practice his scales again ... what's that song from The Sound of Music?

Comments by Veronica, 18th August 2017  
"The Hill is Alive" with the sound of Ozy puffing and out of breath peddling....he isn't getting any younger Philip!

Comments by GW., 18th August 2017  
It all depends on whether his bikes a Raliegh or a Velocette Veronica.

Comments by Veronica, 18th August 2017  
I recall him mentioning a Velocette lawnmower one time. Perhaps he's doing the shopping on that as well as the convent garden lawns. Other than that I can't help you. You might need the SAS to get at him or dress up as nuns yourselves! He may now be 'discalced' !

Comments by GW., 18th August 2017  
But dressing up as a nun could get me arrested [again] Veronica. Now back to the model wagon from Garswood.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 18th August 2017  
Please feel free to take the ' proverbial ' to your hearts' content my friends. Be assured, it's as water off a duck's back. But in passing, I thought I might mention that it is my avowed intention to partake of liquid sustenance at a certain hostelry in the locality this weekend , prior to my repast.....For weekend, please read Sunday... 1400, if I'm required to be specific...or thereabouts.......... always assuming of course that the words ' specific' and ' thereabouts ' can be legitimately employed in the same sentence. The hostelry in question being named for a long legged, wading, endothermic vertebrate. I say this in the hope that you may feel inclined to join me Philip, the Drambuie splits are on me. After all, you won't have far to stagger home will you? Furthermore, If GW, or DTease would care to join us, I would be more than willing stand each of them a half of mild....A Dimanche peut être.

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by Veronica, 18th August 2017  
Oh they have let him out then-perhaps Ozy can pick you up in the above wagon from Garswood.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 19th August 2017  
Ozy: Je suis sans voix!

Comments by Veronica, 19th August 2017  
Not for long Philip! Back to the wagon trail!

Comments by DTease, 19th August 2017  
Ozy, I doubt if Veronica would join us for that drink. Apparently she was last seen carrying a wooden bucket and a three legged stool towards the residence of a local Bull with a determined look in her eye.

Comments by GW., 19th August 2017  
How gracious Ozy. If the billabong in question is the 'haunted pub'then asked for the bloke with the Triumph and the Aussie flying jacket. He'll unlikely be there this Sunday, he's as fleeting as the ghosts but tell them i said you can all party in room 8 just don't play with my train set.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 19th August 2017  
Ozy: I'll put two knocks on the domino table, for the benefit of GW and Dtease - their arrival may be some time in coming. Regards.

Comments by Veronica, 19th August 2017  
'Fraid I shall be re-living the 40's tomorrow...somewhere by the sea. Have a glass of milk for me straight from the bull DeTease.

Comments by irene roberts, 20th August 2017  
Veronica, does that mean you were at Lytham 1940s? If so, I wish I'd known!! We had a fabulous weekend and I am just catching up on Wigan World.

Comments by Veronica, 20th August 2017  
I did go Irene it was great and I took my granddaughter with me. I wish I had booked for the weekend as there wasn't much time I will certainly do so next year. We went in the big tent and watched a fashion parade,jitterbugging and a lovely singer with all the old songs. I did look for you but it was very crowded wasn't it? Millie enjoyed it as well -there was a lot to see. Out numbered with the Yanks though! I recognised a lot of faces from the last time I went. That 'French Lady' is still going strong I noticed!

Comments by Veronica, 21st August 2017  
Apologies for 'losing' the thread in order 'find' the missing link Ozy who also didn't mind us taking the'proverbial ' ! Hahaha.....

Comments by irene roberts, 21st August 2017  
Yes, her name is Colleen and she's got more guts than me! She can carry it off though, even though she isn't a young lady. I was a French Resistance Lady, (Yvette), on Saturday but wore trousers and a jumper! Then I was an English Lady on Sunday. Would you have known me, Veronica?

Comments by DTease, 21st August 2017  
Veronica, did you go to the 1940s do at Upper Mill the other day? I happened to be passing through and the entire village was awash with Jeeps and American Soldiers. All the Pubs were spilling out on to the pavement and the road was blocked. They seemed to be having such a good time it made me feel like abandoning the car and joining in.

Comments by Veronica, 21st August 2017  
Guilty of looking for the basket,the fox fur and the pink dress Irene! Didn't realise you alternate - silly me! I gather it's all role play- no wonder everybody feels that they are actually there in the 40's

Comments by Veronica, 21st August 2017  
It was at Lytham Dtease and they are great so much to see. Irene is the regular as they are held up and down the country. You don't have to dress up. I wore my best floral dress which wasn't too much different to some of the outfits. I bet you could go as a 'spiv' like Pt Walker out of Dad's Army!

Comments by DTease, 21st August 2017  
Veronica, I do a very nice line in American Nylons, nudge nudge, wink wink say no more, know what I mean.

Comments by Veronica, 21st August 2017  
Somehow I thought you would Dtease!! :0))

Comments by Philip Gormley., 22nd August 2017  pg001g3340@blueyonder.co.uk 
Veronica: I'm getting rid of my Video player and 'all' video-tapes tomorrow, so if you want the seven original 'shop-bought' Dad's Army video-tapes (in v.good condition) that I have then let me know - yours buckshee. I Met Ozy for the first time, on Sunday, and found him to be very good company; I have him down as an outside-right, too. Regards.

Comments by Veronica, 22nd August 2017  
I've replied to you email Philip...regards

Comments by Philip Gormley., 22nd August 2017  
Veronica: Thanks for that.

Comments by irene roberts, 22nd August 2017  
I know Ozy too, Philip....lovely chap!

Comments by Veronica, 22nd August 2017  
We know where he retreats to now Irene and its not the Anderson shelter!

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