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Ray Smyth Transport   Views: 1084
Heavy Goods Vehicle, Curtainsided.   Comments: 24
Photo: Ray   Item #: 29368  
Heavy Goods Vehicle, Curtainsided.
  This lorry,when it was new,was fitted with 24ft
van bodywork.When I bought it in 1986,it had been converted to Curtainsided specification by
Brandrick Trucks of Birmingham. This lorry is
not a "Tautliner" Regards, Ray.

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Comments by Bluesfan, 18th May 2017  
Think this website should be renamed "Wagon World"

Comments by Howard P, 19th May 2017  
I suspect you're right, bluesfan. I've started washing my hands in swarfega or maybe take a bath in it.

Comments by Ed, 19th May 2017  
Wigan world full of diesel and oil

Comments by AB, 19th May 2017  
Bluesfan and Howard Get with it. Submit your Tachograph for checking

Comments by Alan, 19th May 2017  
Are we bothered what it is!!

Comments by Lectriclegs, 19th May 2017  
Blusfan, if it bothers you, then you post something else......simples.

Comments by Ray, 19th May 2017  
Hello Howard, Please let me know what subjects are of interest to you,and I and a few others will endeavour to
post something interesting here on Wigan World Album.
Kind Regards, Ray.

Comments by Roy, 19th May 2017  
yuh right Ray it's not a Tautliner it's a Ford. They were rubbish trucks by the way.

Comments by Howard P, 19th May 2017  
Ray I suspect anything apart from boring HGV curtains.

Comments by Ste, 19th May 2017  
Full of diesel and oil...and scrap.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 19th May 2017  
Hiya Ray. I drove a D series artic with a 28' single axle trailer for Mabey & Johnson in the early 70's. For 12 months or more, I ran it between the various depots at Garswood, Hatfield, Dewsbury and Kirkintilloch, not to mention a lot more places in between and the thing never missed a beat. The cab in my opinion was ahead of its time, having a walk through floor and the heater was second to none. Also, in the days before sleeper cabs became ubiquitous, the combination of the deep driver's seat and the bench type passenger seat meant you could get a good night's kip in the thing. You may also be interested to learn, that's if you didn't already know of course, that Dennis Smith aka Bewick started off with a D series and has nothing but praise for them.

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by Barney, 19th May 2017  
Fred Flintstone had a walk-through-floor in his vehicle.

Comments by Arthur, 19th May 2017  
Bedford was a much better truck than a Ford.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 19th May 2017  
Like it Barny, a humorous comment finally.

Comments by Garry, 20th May 2017  
Yes I agree Bedford was a better lorrie than Ford.

Comments by Howard P, 21st May 2017  
Ray you asked me what interest me, well if you look at the photos Frank Orrell's put on, that's exactly the photos we want to see. Thanks for asking.

Comments by Ray, 21st May 2017  
Yes Howard, The pictures by Frank Orrell are excellent.
I like all of the photos on Wigan World,some more than
others. Of those that I am less keen about,I leave them be,
not wishing to upset people who are fond of them. Ray.

"Don't criticize what you cant understand"...Bob Dylan

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 21st May 2017  
I confidently calculate that the chances of finding a photograph submitted by Howard, or any other of the vacuous keyboard warriors on here, to be disagreeable, or otherwise, would be at best remote, if not non-existent.

Comments by Alan, 22nd May 2017  
Howard I fully agree with you.

Comments by Veronica, 24th May 2017  
Yes Alan you can always be relied on to agree with negative comments!!! Take a tip from me - don't click on photos of wagons,motor bikes, old cars or anything with wheels -that includes roller skates! :-)

Comments by Howard P, 24th May 2017  
Veronica, What about the rollers in your hair, I suspect you have them in right now!!

Comments by Veronica, 24th May 2017  
How interesting Howard that's just how I suspect you - and with a hairnet and pinny!

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 24th May 2017  
Do you suspect a floral print pattern pinny Veronica, or a Paisley pattern. Personally, I suspect Howard's personal pattern preference for a pinny would be a Paisley pattern. That would be mere conjecture on my part of course.

Comments by Veronica, 24th May 2017  
Not too sure about floral or paisley but surprised about the rollers as I thought they were obsolete!!!

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