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Ince Central School   Views: 6996
Around 1958   Comments: 78
Photo: Irene Roberts   Item #: 9078  
Around 1958

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 679px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  A class photo of Ince Central School circa 1958  

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Comments by irene roberts, 5th February 2009  irene.roberts2@virgin.net 
this seems a mixture of two classes, as some of the children went through school with me but others were a year in front, and a lot of children who WERE in my class aren't on the photo. TOP ROW L-R: frank whittle;pauline brown;colin brown;linda mcguire;norman bevan; barbara metcalf;peter whittle......MIDDLE ROW L-R:brian almond;raymond daniels;william melling;paul faulkner;unknown;eric pendlebury;unknown;robert fox;unknown......BOTTOM ROW:anne heywood;valery heyes;jacqueline midgeley;mary hilton; june burrell;irene griffiths(that's me!);barbara bates;kathleen mcsorley;pauline flannery;ethel aldred......these may not all be correct as it was all a long time ago! I hope the photo brings back memories to all those children and hopefully some comments. I am currently in touch with "Miss Ashurst",(who later became Mrs. Johnson), and am happy to report that she's fine. Hello to all who went to Ince Central, and to all Incers, wherever you are today.

Comments by Dennis Miller, 7th February 2009  
Irene, I have long been a fan of your articles in Past Forward, I have also been thinking I know you? Did you once work at the Platt Bridge Inn? I used to go in every Thursday and spend the evening at the bar chatting to you I think?

Comments by irene roberts, 7th February 2009  
yes, I did work at the Platt Bridge Inn, Dennis,- it's hard to imagine it now on that derelict site. Thankyou for your kind comments on my Past Forward articles. I haven't sent any in for a long time, but am about to submit one for the next issue.all the best to you and yours for 2009.Irene.

Comments by Dennis Miller, 8th February 2009  
The same to you and yours.

I did wonder when I was reading the articles if it were you, but seeing the above photo kinda clinched it. You may not appreciate just how much your advice to me at a difficult time in my life helped me to move on. I also remember your mum and dad... two lovely people who always had a good word for me.

Comments by BRIAN ALMOND, 11th February 2009  almondbc@aol.com 
Norman Bevan on the top row telephone me about the photo brings back memories.If you see this Pauline Brown Christine says hi and hope you are well, lots of good memories

Comments by irene roberts, 12th February 2009  
puzzled as to why only a few of us on this photo went through the rest of our primary school days together, whilst the rest were a year in front. Girls in my class not on photo included Christine Shirley, Susan Grundy, Pat Orrell, Freda Ramsdale, Linda Fellowes, Sheila Shawcross, Susan Myers. Boys included Keith Johnson,Alan Mason, James Tonge,David Hodgekiss, Stephen Reeves, Billy Rhead, Roger Harris.....any photos of you lot out there?!

Comments by norman bevan, 12th February 2009  
Middle row between Paul Faulkner and Eric Pendlebury is Frank Wilford cannot confirm the other 2.

Comments by Dave McSorley, 10th April 2009  
hi Irene, what a great memory this picture is. I'm married to Pauline Flannery and she is amazed at seeing all her classmates again. She agrees with you that there are 2 different years mixed together, she was in the older year. Do you remember where the picture was taken, Pauline doesn't think it's in the school yard but maybe in the Methodist Hall Yard at Keble Street.

Comments by Kathleen Devine (McSorley), 10th April 2009  dark_voyager@hotmail.co.uk 
Hi Irene, can't say I remember you from school, did you move away after? I'm Kathleen McSorley. Third from right on front row. I have tried to print this pic off but I keep getting partial pictures. Can you e-mail it to my address so i can get a cipy? I don't have many photos of me when I was younger.

Comments by Kathleen Devine (McSorley), 10th April 2009  
It's okay Irene, I've managed to get a copy off. Thanks for the photo anyway.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 10th April 2009  
hello, Dave and Pauline.....how lovely to hear from you! I'm pretty certain the photo WAS taken in the old schoolyard, but will check with Mrs. Johnson, (formerly Miss Ashurst), with whom I am currently in touch. Pauline, I remember your parents' shop very well, and do you recall Miss Dunne's "socials" at St. William's Parochial Hall? They were held on one Wednesday a month, and it was a shilling to get in! Mr. Fairchild at Ince Central used to run "Party- Dances" one Friday every month, but these were at the heady price of 1/6d! Hope all is well with you and yours, Irene.x.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 10th April 2009  
Hello, Kathleen, and how lovely to hear from you. So glad you managed to get the photo.....I'm amazed I managed to send it.....I'm not the world's best with modern technology! Who'd have thought those little tots in Ince Central would have been "on t'internet"?!

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 10th April 2009  
hello again Kathleen, just realised I didn't answer your question.....no, I didn't move away, but went to Hindley Grammar instead of Rose Bridge, so lost contact with people. I think my Dad knew YOUR Dad, and, although I didn't know you well, I remember you as a pleasant, friendly girl. I live in Abram now, but often have a "reminisce" round Ince, and have a pen-pal there, Kath Meadwell,(nee Molloy), who may have been in your class. Isn't it lovely to see all these old photos, Kathleen?

Comments by kathleen mcsorley, 10th April 2009  
Kath Meadwell's youngest daughter and my daughter were great friends at school. (Deanery). I saw Kath only today.
Small world!!! Barbara (Metcalfe) and I have never parted as friends. We even married tow lads that were friends. Barbara went on to have five children and now has around 7 grandchildren. The eldest is 21 this December!!! Can you believe that. My two are 36 and 22. (I have been married twice). My son is married and lives in Leigh. Lindsay, my daughter is still at home with "mum". But both of them attended Central School.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 10th April 2009  
Kathleen, thankyou so much for your comments, and please pass on my best wishes to Barbara, although she may not remember me. Do you have children, Kathleen? I have a son , Jamie,(32), and a daughter, Ashley(27),.....oh, aren't we getting old, Kathleen?! we have a little grand-daughter,Edie,(isn't that a name from our childhood?), and a little grandson, Oliver, who was born only last Sunday.How lucky ARE WE?! Love from Irene.x.

Comments by Kathleen McSorley (Devine), 11th April 2009  
My son Paul (36) has three step-children. Michael is 25 in July, Tasha was 21 in Dec and Zoe was 20 in Feb. Michael has two children, Robin-Leigh (a girl) will be 6 in Oct and Michael jnr will be 4 on the same day. They live in Dundee so I don't get to see them often. Zoe had a little boy whom she named after my son Paul, but sadly babay Paul only lived nine weeks. He had problems before his birth. So we knew that if he survived he would be at a disadvantage. But you still want them to live don't you. I miss him so much. I only ever got to hold him once and I have a couple of photos of the event. It was just exactly seven days later that he passed. They are soooo precious. Still, we had that time with him, many do not, and for that I'm grateful. Hope your family are well, and congratualtions on the new grandchild xxxx Kath

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 11th April 2009  
Kathleen, just realised I asked if you had children when you'd just told me you had...what a wally!Yes, it's hard to believe Barbara has a grandchild of that age. I didn't know her well, but my mam knew hers, and I remember being taken to their house to play once when I was very young.Do you still live in Ince?

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 11th April 2009  
tried unsuccessfully to send you two photos taken in the old schoolyard, although I don't think you're on them.Can't put onto Wigan World as I promised Kath Meadwell I wouldn't,as she's on one and HATES it! I'm useless with modern technology! I'll try again, but may have to wait until our Jamie comes round to show me how to do it.Thanks for your message.....how very sad about the baby.

Comments by Kathleen McSorley, 11th April 2009  
I'd appreciate having a look at the pics when you've sussed things out. I promise, if I'm not on any I will delete them. Hope the family are well. Kathleen

Comments by irene roberts, 11th April 2009  
having no luck! could you send a quick e-mail...just "hello" will do, and I should be able to send by "reply". Modern Technology?...I's still at the carrier-pigeon stage! irene.roberts2@virgin.net

Comments by Kathleen McSorley, 11th April 2009  
Have sent you an e-mail.

Comments by Kathleen McSorley, 11th April 2009  
Thanks Irene, received pictures. There are a few I recognise but the memory's not too good on names. They'll come to me eventually. I'm sure Alan Sumner's on the classroom one. Also, one of the Metcalfe boys but don't know which one.

Comments by irene roberts, 11th April 2009  
I think photos went off successfully this time; haven't had a message to say otherwise, but please e-mail to confirm. If not, will copy and post them to you. Have really enjoyed "talking"to you.....please e-mail any time and I am interested in any old photos of Ince. Irene.x.

Comments by Stephen, 12th April 2009  
Hello to Brian Almond. Do you remember going fishing up to Loch Ken and Loch Foot (amongst others)with our dads many, many years ago. My dad was Tony Price and we also used to go with Bill Molineux and Colin Mawdsley. Hope you are well.

Comments by Christine Almond, 29th April 2009  
Hello Steven just seen your message will make Brian aware of it

Comments by irene roberts, 27th May 2009  
Kath Devine, I have accidentally deleted your e-mails and am unable to send directly via your e-mail address.....I can only send via "reply" if you send ME an e-mail.....I promise I haven't forgotten you!Irene.

Comments by carol togher nee hilton, 17th June 2009  
just spotted my older sister mary hilton i have printed photo off to show her i know most of girls on the photo i have also an older brother called alan and a younger brother ernie and younger sister elaine we all went to ince central mary & alan remember the old school but i started in the new school in mrs sandifords class then miss ashurts & miss glovers my teachers in the juniors were 1st class miss melling 2nd miss morgan she used to play the piano 3rd class miss melling again leaving class mr heaton i remember doing knitting with i think miss rigby i was hopless we had to knit a pair of mittens and bobhat mine never got finished they may still be there in a brown box in the cupboard at the back of the class thanks irene for the memories

Comments by Kathleen Devine (nee McSorley), 29th June 2009  
Carol, tell Mary I said Hello, I was in the same class as Mary at Central School. She'll know me better as Kathleen McSorley.

Comments by carol togher nee hilton, 1st July 2009  
hi kath i will pass on your message i gave her a copy of the photo thank

Comments by Kathleen (McSorley) Devine, 11th July 2009  
Saw Mary last week in Wigan, we had a chat about the photo, she said you'd spoken to her. Thanks.

Comments by halsall, 11th February 2010  
hi irene, you might not remember me, im Brenda Halsall, I went to primary school with you, but you might not think so as Im not on any photos so far, ozoyour keeping well, first time on here or anywere else realy, just got a computer!

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 13th February 2010  
Hello, Brenda!.....Of course I remember you, and you will love the Wigan World site.....so many memories.I am fine, thankyou. A lot of people who I went through school with are not on this photo,and some of the children on the photo were a year in front of me; no idea why. How are you, Brenda, and do you still live in Ince?

Comments by HALSALL, 14th February 2010  
Hi Irene, Im so glad you remember me. no left Ince and now live in Hindley. love seeing the pictures there great. I have no pictures of me at school but love remembering all the children there. I think you was a wigan little theatre once when we were there you certainly get around. x b.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 15th February 2010  irene.roberts2@virgin.net 
Hello again, Brenda! Thanks for replying.Do you have any old photos of Ince? I would be lovely to see them. Yes, I help out at the theatre and have been in two plays. (Fame at last!)If you see me again, please come and have a chat. Didn't you live in a street at the bottom of Belle Green Lane? Please keep in touch. Irene.

Comments by brenda halsall, 17th February 2010  
Hi again, no sorry irene have no pictures of Ince and yes I lived in Engineer street with my sister Anne, I can remember coming to play with you up Ince green lane somewere a few times, but then lost touch when you went to clever school! I remember us being ladys in waiting to Susan Grundy but again have no pictures, just seen the one of you the dresses were beautiful. nice to speak again.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 17th February 2010  
I remeber you had a sister but couldn't recall her name. Do you know, Brenda, when I went to Hindley Grammar, some of the girls from Ince Central used to turn their noses up at me in the street and call me a snob, when it was THEM who wouldn't speak to ME,not the other way round.....I just couldn't win! A few years ago, I had an article in Past Forward about our Ince Central schooldays, and Miss Ashurst, (later Mrs. Johnson), read it and contacted me, and writes to me now; (sadly, her husband recently died), and I also made another pen-friend through it in Ince, Kath Meadwell, (nee Molloy). If I'd gone to Rose Bridge, I'd probably have met her before, but we have become good friends now.It is so nice to talk to you again.Irene.x.

Comments by Brenda Halsall, 18th February 2010  
Hi again Irene, kids can be so mean cant they, kids were cruel at Rose Bridge too.My sister Anne worked in the post office a long time ago now though. Sorry about Mrs Ashursts husband, good that shes in touch with you. hope shes keeping well. I do remember her and Mrs. Robiliard she lived near me in careless lane. its funny how you remember things when you see pictures isnt it. I think its a sign of getting old, you want to recapture your youth. c.u.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 18th February 2010  irene.roberts2@virgin.net 
Hello again, Brenda. It never rains but it pours! My son has fallen downstairs carrying my grandson! Jamie is ok but baby Oliver has broken his leg! He is only ten months old and too young to operate so is in traction at Wigan Infirmary where he will be for six weeks.My daughter-in-law was due to go back to work next week, but can't leave him.My grand-daughter is at nursery in the week but we will have to have her a bit at weekends as our Jamie works for the Latics so has to attend matches.I have also had to take in Jamie's dog(in addition to my own) so it's all hands to the pump! As well as Jamie, I have a daughter, Ashley, but she has no children. Do you have a family, Brenda?

Comments by brenda, 19th February 2010  
oh Irene, so sorry the poor little lad hopfully he wont know whats happening. your going to have your hands full though. yes i have two children and four grandchildren its the best feeling in the world isnt it,although it makes you feel very old sometimes. its the grandkids that have persuaded me to get a lap top and eventualy i gave in. its sad though when they know what to do and i dont! keep well and keep busy Irene speak soon. x.b.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 23rd February 2010  
Haven't forgotten you, Brenda. It's a bit hectic at the moment. Beccy is staying with Oliver and I am going daily to give her a meal break.....I don't drive so it all takes time.I am also minding Edie at weekends and looking after Jamie's dog. To top it all, some long-lost cousins of mine have discovered pics I have uploaded of their Dad and other relatives, and have been in contact. I am so pleased about it, but can't give it the time I would like to at the moment. My email is irene.roberts2@virgin.net if, as I hope, you will keep in touch. I t will save you scrolling down the school photo comments, although I like to check on them now and again to see if anyone has added anything. Speak to you soon, Irene. x,

Comments by kerry bamber, 21st October 2010  kerrybamber@hotmail.co.uk 
does anyboby know how to contact the colin brown or family of colin brown,, had a daughter 1979 kerry {me) looking to find him.. last known living in ince makerfield.. would really appreciate if you can post on here if you know him.. he s in the picture above. thank you xx

Comments by josie, 29th May 2011  
hi kerry bamber,probably not same person but i know a colin brown from ince,only he went to st williams ince so might not be him he will be about 61 now , this colin brown lives on marlborough ave spring view, lower ince. but as i said it might not be him ?

Comments by William (Bill) Melling, 24th June 2011  billmelling@criminalrecordsservices.co.uk 
Hello everybody just been informed by my son that there is a photo of me on Wigan World, lots of memories even though I had fogotten one or two names,always wondered whether it was an option for a reunion of some sort either from Ince Central or Rose Bridge if anyone was interested.

Comments by Irene Roberts nee Griffiths, 26th June 2011  
Hello, William Melling! I remember you so well from the Infants, (where I once brought you a toy car I had got from a cereal packet!), and from the juniors. After that I went to Hindley Grammar along with Stephen Reeves and Roger Harris, so didn't go on to Rose Bridge. However, I have recently discovered that Stephen Reeves works for The Latics, as does my son Jamie, and I emailed him to see if he had more pics of us all at Ince Central, as I remember his Mum showing me some many years ago. Unfortunately, they are no more, otherwise I would have borrowed them and put them on here. Lovely to hear from you again, and all the best to you and yours.

Comments by irene roberts, 27th June 2011  
Bill, did you realise you are also on the next-but-one photo, showing Mrs. Hill's class? This was when we had moved across to the new school.

Comments by Bill Melling, 14th July 2011  billmelling@criminalrecordsservices.co.uk 
Hello Irene, Thanks for the info concerning the class picture hope you are keeping well, funny how the memories come running back. I didnt know that Steven Reeves worked at the latics as I am a long standing fan, I will introduce myself to him as I haven't seen him for at least 40 years like yourself and one or two others. I know I have a couple of other pictures around the same time if I can dig them out I will post them on Wigan World, Hope everybody is keeping fine as retirement looms in the not too distant future.

Comments by irene roberts, 15th July 2011  
Hello Bill,and thanks for replying. We are all well thankyou. My son Jamie, who works for the Latics, lives in Wigan with his wife Beccy and our grandhildren Edie and Oliver, Edie is 4 and goes to school this time, and Oliver is 2. We have a daughter Ashley who moved to the Isle of Lewis last year and we have just visited her. She has no children. I am still in touch with our "babies' class" teacher, Miss Ashurst, who contacted me following an article I wrote in "Past Forward" about Ince Central, and she supplied some of the pics I have put on. It would be wonderful if you could put some more pics on.....I knew there must be some more out there. Steve is involved with ticket-sales at the Latics and Jamie is the "Prozone Match Analyst", which is as clear as mud to me! All the best to you and yours, Irene.

Comments by james tonge, 4th May 2013  jwtonge@hotmail.co.uk 
I have just seen these. good to hear from you all. I have two photos of the old school,one a class photo with some of the missing names and one school band with red and gold paper hats!(I have a triangle. I will get my daughter to upload them soon as I can

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 9th May 2013  
Look forward to seeing those, James.

Comments by jim 12 hi irene, 4th August 2013  
iwas among the the last classes to walk across from the old ince national schoolto ince centrali was in missryders class upstairsi remember having to go to school in my sisters blouse no shirt it was summer but ikept my coat on until miss ryder made me remove it up popped my sleeves the horror floods backpi3t8

Comments by Derek Bullock, 9th December 2013  derekbullock52@btinternet.com 
Glad to see this photo-I am the one 3RD FROM THE RIGHT MIDDLE ROW-went on to Hindley Grammar School 1964.Lived in Keble st.-directly behind photo.Now live in Daisy Hill.

Comments by jim 12, 12th October 2014  
hello irene i dont know if you replied as to where the picture was taken the scene is burned into my memory that is in the infants playgrond jim

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 22nd November 2014  
Derek, was it not 1963 when you went to Hindley Grammar School? The above photo is of children from two different years. I went to Hindley Grammar in 1964, and there was just me and two boys, Stephen Reeves and Roger Harris, neither of who are on the photo. It has always puzzled me why there are children on the photo who were in my class whilst others were a year in front of me, and some children who WERE in my class all through school aren't on it. Thankyou so much for commenting.

Comments by irene robertsnee griffiths, 22nd November 2014  
Sorry, Jim, I have only just seen your comment......I had given up hope of any more comments and was really surprised to see yours and Derek's. Yes, it was taken in the Infants' schoolyard, (a lifetime ago, Jim!)

Comments by derekbullock52@btinternet.com, 29th March 2015  
You are right Irene I went to Hindley Grammar in 1963-best friend was Francis Wilford!

Comments by irene roberts nee griffiths, 28th April 2015  
William Melling, who last posted in 2011, this photo has recently been added to Facebook's "Characters of Ince" site, and your old school-friends Freda Ramsdale and myself would like to know how you are keeping? It would be lovely to hear your news either on here or on Facebook's "Characters of Ince". All the best to you and your family and hope to hear from you. To anyone who knows William, (Bill), please pass this on. Thankyou.

Comments by irene roberts nee griffithe, 29th April 2015  
Hello too to James Tonge.....did you manage to find the school photos, James? I think you and Bill would enjoy the Facebook "Characters of Ince" site. It is about Ince in general, not just the school. Hope all is well with you. x.

Comments by Pw i, 10th August 2015  
Irene.do you know if the lad on the top right P Whittle had a brother called Michael?They are my cousins and I am sure they lived in Ince about this time

Comments by irene roberts, 24th September 2016  
Pw I, Sorry, I've only just seen this. Yes, I'm almost certain he had a brother Michael.

Comments by stuart lucas, 2nd October 2016  
hi Irene michael whittle did live in ince in the late 1950s . He sat next to me in miss morgans class . He lived the houses next to the bird in ince green lan.

Comments by irene roberts, 7th October 2016  
Yes, Stuart, they did live down there in what we called "The Viredocks" which I realised in later years was actually "Viaducts". I passed the shop that was once The Bird i'th Hand a few years ago; it had been raining but the sun had come out and I suddenly got a whiff that took me straight back to childhood.....nothing unpleasant, just the drying of a damp wall, but it was "The Viredocks" smell of my childhood. I have been up past that spot many times over the years but that nostalgic smell only happened that once; the conditions must have been just right. I lived further up Ince Green Lane in a row of six houses that stood back behind St. William's Presbytery wall, but my schoolfriend Christine lived in Raven Street and we were up and down between our houses a dozen times a day! I was in Miss Morgan's class at one time. I went to the Christmas Fair at Ince Central last year, and ventured down the corridor to where Miss Morgan's classroom used to be, and I even sneaked up the stairs to what was Mr. Fairchild's class. I was like a naughty schoolgirl as I shouldn't have been there, but I did no harm, and it was lovely to walk along there after so many years.

Comments by stuartlucas, 9th October 2016  
hi Irene , I do remember the houses behind the wall at st. Williams church over looking the long neck. Are you aware that Mrs round also taught at Ince central school for 12 months before going back to st. Marys school. I am not hundred per cent sure on this next statement but i think Mrs hill got her position . I used to have my Sunday lunch with Mrs round & she reminded of this fact . So she never taught me at Ince central because she left before i was old enough to go into her class . I also remember her getting Maunday money at Liverpool cathedral.

Comments by irene roberts, 19th October 2016  
Hello again Stuart. I only found out that Mrs. Round had taught at Ince Central a few years ago. I knew Mrs. Round through Wigan Little Theatre, where I used to help out, and I remember her getting the Maundy Money. A few years ago I wrote an article for Past Forward about my time at Ince Central and Mrs. Johnson, (nee Miss Ashurst) read it and got in touch and we started writing to each other. It was a lovely correspondence that gave us both much pleasure, and it was when she sent me some photos,(which I put on here), that I realised one of the teachers was Mrs. Round. Mrs. Round was recognised by many of her old pupils when they bought ice-cream off her at WLT, and she would make them add up their purchases....I have watched many a grown-up man go red as he tried to add them up in his head in front of Mrs. Round! Sadly, I attended the funerals of both Mrs. Round and Mrs. Johnson at St. Mary's, but I have lovely memories of both. Mrs. Johnson later taught at Brittannia Bridge and told me of a little pupil who thought it was called "Pretend Your'e A Bridge" School! Mrs. Hill once invited me along with my friend from Raven Street to her house for tea, and she gave me a book which I still have.

Comments by stuart lucas, 20th October 2016  
Hi Irene, Sorry to here about Margaret Ashurst passing away .Her dad Jimmy worked with my dad at Ince council i think he was a plumber . I also did attend Mrs Rounds funeral at st. Marys church & also a surprise 90th birthday party at Wigan little Theatre. We must have attend Ince cental school at about the same time,i am not on this photo so you must have been in the year after me . James Tonge speaks of a photo in triangle band of which i should be on but cant find it on w w site .

Comments by irene roberts, 20th October 2016  
Stuart, if you read the comment at the top which I put on with the photo, you will see that the photo is a mixture of two classes. Some of the children went through school with me and others were in the next class up. I have no idea why it was done like that. James Tongue was in my class. I have two friends, Elizabeth Fairclough (nee Hurst) and Kath Meadwell, (nee Molloy). They were in the year above me, and aren't on the photo. Were they in your class? x.

Comments by irene roberts, 20th October 2016  
Stuart, something rang a bell with me when you mentioned the "triangle band", with you and James Tongue, that sent me scurrying upstairs to some photos which Miss Ashurst sent me when we were writing to each other, and I think I have the very one! She sent it to me as she had made the paper caps worn by the little lads. I'm not sure if I can pick out James Tongue or not, (it WAS a long time ago!). There are also a couple of class photos with Miss Oddie as the teacher, which I feel you may be on......difficult to say as I can't recall you.... and also a photo of the infants' teachers showing Mrs. Round. I no longer have a printer so can't upload them, and the quality isn't too good as two of the photos featured in a "Wigan Remembered" article in The Wigan Evening Post, so were only printed on newspaper. However, I would be happy to post them on to you, and for you to keep them, but I would need your postal address. I understand you may not want to give this, but if you are happy to do so, you can email me at tizziesgirl@gmail.com with your address and I will gladly send them on. I would never pass on your details, you have my word, and would delete the message if you wished after reading. I would love to know if you are on these photos! Also, when I used to write for Past Forward, which I did for a number of years, a gentleman by the name of Lucas used to write for the magazine as well. As I recall, he lived in Park Road in Hindley and sadly died of leiukaemia, (spelling?), but his correspondence with Past Forward seemed to give him much pleasure.....was he related to you?

Comments by stuart lucas, 21st October 2016  
Hi Irene , Thanks for the offer of the photo,s i will contact you in due course about these by e-mail . I do know Cath Meadwell & did Elizabeth Hurst dad have a shop on Manchester road just pass the wagon works on the other side of the road. They were both in my class at central school, as was Jean Ashurst & Brenda Prescott . I do see Brenda from time to time . Terry Lowe & Sid Winnard were also in my year at school. Do you know my cousin Susan Arrowsmith she was in the year below me at school . Do you know if miss Ashurst sister is still alive. If i recollect i think her name was Linda she would be about my age but went to st. Marys school .Thanks again for the offer of the photo,s .

Comments by irene roberts, 21st October 2016  
Hello Stuart. Please do contact me if you would like the photos; it's just that I have no way of uploading them so no other way of you seeing them. I vaguely remember Susan Arrowsmith but can't say I knew her well. Yes, Elizabeth's Dad DID have the shop you mention. The next bit is odd.....I have a friend, Neil Cain, whose Grandad kept Cain's cake-shop in Belle Green Lane, (later Ashurst's,, although no relation to Margaret Ashurst, but always known to one and all as Cain's). Neil was born and brought up in London but has always had a great love of Ince from his Dad and Grandad. We became penfriends through Past Forward, which is where I got to know Elizabeth and Kath from, and Neil moved here to Wigan two years ago. He knew of my friendship with Miss Ashurst, and his Dad's and Grandad's grave in Ince Cemetery is very near to hers. The year Miss Ashurst died, Neil went to the Remembrance Day Service in Standish as his Uncle Hance's name is on the cenotaph there. There were hundreds of people there, and he got chatting to a lady standing next to him. Out of all those people, she turned out to be Miss Ashurst's sister......what a coincidence! You couldn't make it up! I THINK he said she now lives abroad. I have just texted him to check up on this, and to check on her Christian name, but no reply yet. I know he is at an event at The History Shop tonight, (I refuse to call it Museum of Wigan Life!), so maybe he has his phone switched off. I will find out and get back to you. But it was definitely her sister. Things are MEANT to happen, I'm sure! x.

Comments by irene roberts, 22nd October 2016  
Yes, it was Linda, and Neil thinks she had lived abroad but was now back. You must be about a year older than me, Stuart, and if you were a friend of Linda's there must be quite a difference in age between her and Margaret, as your class was Margaret's first class after leaving teaching college. It happened with me too.....my brothers were 12 and 19 when I was born.

Comments by stuart lucas, 22nd October 2016  
Hi Irene , It is a great coincidence about the Standish remembrance day service.You would not believe it if you read it in a book . I would like to know if it was Linda & where she is living now, many thanks for texting Neil. I must admit i do have a photo of the triangle band it may be the same as yours , if it is i am 2rd from the lift on the photo. I am not sure how to get it on ww , but have a friend who i think may able to do this for me fingers crossed . If she can i will put it on site as i can only name about four boys on the photo so somebody may be able to put names to faces .The next time i am in Ince cemetery i will look for Margarets grave . Many thanks for your help .

Comments by irene roberts, 22nd October 2016  
Obviously our comments went on at the same time, Stuart! Yes, it was Linda but I doubt Neil will see her again; it was just on amazing coincidental meeting but at least you know she's okay. There are a row of graves right behind the wall opposite the Old Hall Hotel, (or whatever it's called these days), with the gravestones backing onto the wall and facing into the cemetery. My friend Neil's family's grave is black and shows the names James Cain and Jack Cain. If you turn left at that grave so that you are facing Warrington Road and walk a little way along, Mrs. Johnson's grave is on the left on the opposite side of the path to the Cain grave. The gravestone has the names Ashurst and Johnson on, and the grave has an ornamental open book on top. I usually put a little Christmas Pot on from myself and Kath Meadwell. We are at our caravan at the moment until Monday so I will have a look at the youthful Stuart in the triangle photo when I get home! x.

Comments by stuart lucas, 23rd October 2016  
Hi Irene , I have been to the cemetery today & found the Ashurst & Cain graves . Many thanks for your help & directions, did Margarets husband Harry come from Ince as you know of .They seem to have had another sister called Jean which i did not know about.I think everybody in Higher Ince knows of Cains pie shop, i know when my mother worked in the shop next to Robingsons on Manchester road we always had pies from Cains on Thursday dinner (lunch) .

Comments by stuart lucas, 24th October 2016  
Hi Irene , I agree with your remarks about dinner & tea should have miss the lunch part out .I do remember Marilyn Prescot & now you have mentioned it i do recollect somebody telling me she went missing but cant remember who. The shops on Manchester rd , Edie Traynor had it when my mother work in the shop Firstly then Robinsons took over . Traynors was the 1st shop then the shop my worked in was a cloths shop next Eric the Upolster ,Ben turners ,Mortons jimmy Entys newsagent, stuck after that i am afraid .Thanks to you & cath about the nice remarks about me , so it looks like Harry work with jimmy , Margarets dad in the plumbing dept. at Ince council . The man named Lucas from Hindley is no relation to me as far as i know.

Comments by irene roberts, 24th October 2016  
I remember Entwistle's Papershop, Ben Turner's Butchers, and Campbell's Chemists. I THINK there was a Dewhurst's Butchers as well. Later, one of the shops became a branch of Sarah Lynn's Bakers. At one time in the late 1960s, the shop on the end, corner of Manchester Road and Pickup Street became a café called The Ponderosa, but no-one except me seems to recall it! However, I remember it distinctly and know I am right. Happy memories, Stuart. x.

Comments by stuart lucas, 24th October 2016  
Hi Irene , You have jogged my memory i do remember the Ponderosa cafe & Dewhurst butchers ,because it had black & white checked tiles in front of the shop .Irene on one of the correspondence you had with some one you mention miss Ryder & news on her . A few years ago she open Ince central Christmas fair , she also lived in Standish near Mr Almond of said brewery . In class one day some one mention hops & she said i will get some from Mr Almond as live near him .I beleave he lived at what is now the beeches in Standish .

Comments by irene roberts, 25th October 2016  
Yes, I remember Miss Ryder. She had taught my eldest brother who was 19 years my senior, so she had been there a long time! I remember some of the little gipsy girls who lived in the caravans off Belle Green Lane bringing ribbons and lace to school for Miss Ryder. We seem to be taking over on here, Stuart!

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